~The =Official= Happy Birthday Thread~

Wish your fellow forum/in-game players a Happy Birthday in this thread! I noticed a thread such as this one was lacking here, so I decided to create one. Members who have a birthday this day will be listed on the bottom of the index page. If someone plays PMU and it’s their birthday, but they haven’t entered their birthday on the forums, you are still free to post here! Anyone who was congratulated is free to make a ‘Thank you’ post. Please remain on topic.

Along with the creation of this thread, I’d like to wish Candroo a happy 18th birthday. ^^

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Yay, Happy Birthday Candro. *thows around some colorful confetti~:.’ *

Now you officially part of the old trainer club o3o

Go Candrooo! Share some Cake with us and half a good time! Throws Candroo a Slice of Cake

Sets up Food Table

-Loooong Time later-
…Check, We got everything!


Blows Tongue thingy

here, have a oreo. (hands candroo a oreo and milk)
have fun today~

I wonder why I completely missed this thread on my usual forum sweep?

Anyway, thanks! I wasn’t expecting this kind of reception at all on my 18th birthday. I don’t really see my birthday as a big deal, but meh.

well, it is.

anyway, i see it’s kayokens B-day today now. :D

Happy late birthday candroo and happy birth day kayoken (hands both a piece of cake)

Yep, a happy happy B-day for you Kayoken!

… and oddly enough I don’t have much more to say than that.

Have a Happy 14th Birthday, pedro sa. ^^

Go Pedro sa! Sings Go pedro X99999…
Hands some blizzard cake



LIEZ!! PAI IS SO MUCH BETTER! here ya go gives pai to everyone

Happy birthday to Pedro sa Candroo and the other peoplz i missed (sorry if i forgot you)

Have a Happy Birthday, haya! Enjoy it~ ^^

Shoves cake into everyones faces
And Pai
Maybe some Cookais too

Happy 17th birthday, Kronic~

Happy bithday Andy P:

Caaaaaake! :D Splats a bunch of Cookie Blizzard cakes in Andys face :D
Preeesents! Chucks boxes at Andy :D

1 Hour later

Boy that was a awesome par- BLURRRP

Happy birthday Andy… I remembered it I just didn’t have access to a pc.

HAPPY DATE OF BIRTH ANDY! I hope you have a wonderful day full of awesomeness! :D

sings happy birthday song

AND that it was full of loads of pai, cake and deliciousness haha

Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys! You guys are great. ^^

@Chris - It’s alright, chris. Glad you remembered. I would’ve understood if you couldn’t access a computer to post this. It’s someone else I’m rather disappointed with, though… Eh.

:O I never knew but…happy b-day!