The Original PMD Story: Explorers of Nature

So I decided to be creative and write my own PMD story similar to explorers of time (Excpet instead of Dialga it’s going to be Kyorgre/Groudon/Shaymin) This story is a Pokemon story and also a bit of a satire for PMD games.

Comment your critiques but please don’t be offensive after all I’m not a professional writer.

Once I start writing multiple chapters each chapter will be in a spoiler on this original post!


I don"t remember any day before today. I don"t remember any trace of my existance from a moment ago… but somehow I know I have lived a lifetime, or many lifetimes. All I see is the eternal darkness within me, I can"t even see my hand in front of me. Do i even have a hand? Maybe I have a paw? A stub? A claw?
My only companion is a tiny speck of light pouring from above. It is slowly spreading around me, pulsating with varying colors. Everytime I have blinked the color changed twenty times from a plethora of shades… Green, yellow, blue, purple, and red. Suddenly I have a strange feeling in what I think is my head… Thump, Thump. Thump, Thump. My head seems to pulsate at the same rhythm as the light. I hear a voice in the distance echoing and I can barely make out the words… “Destiny…weather…off balance.”
Destiny. The word rang in my eardrums for a while. The echoes kept coming closer untill I could hear everything. The mystical being that has been silent for several moments finally spoke.
“Are you ready to join the world inhabited only by pokemon?”
“It is time to assess what form you will take on your journey to restore balance to the weather and stop the disasters.”
I couldn"t say anything… It was like someone stole my voice.
“You seem to be the timid type. You never have outbursts of anger towards your peers, but you never express any emotions. You tend to let your shyness take over you and miss out on what you want to do. Life passes you by, yet you don"t seem to notice. You are the timid cyndaquil.”
“…I don"t… understand.”
“You will… in time. But right now, you are ready to join the world inhabited by pokemon.”