The Phione From The Central Seafloor Ruins

So the Temples may be no longer there, but at least I can write about my daring adventures. This is based on that one run into Central Seafloor Ruins where I got the Seafloor Secret Chamber after many runs. So, here I go.

The Phione From The Central Seafloor Ruins

As I approached the Central Seafloor Ruins, I gazed at the Sea Dew and the Wonder Egg I had in my bag. These were the only two worth taking. And for a special reason alone. Recently, I decided to run Seafloor Ruins and do some stuff. However, at the end, I was surprised to find a Sea Dew in the box. That meant gaining access to Central. I went there and got this Wonder Egg after two runs. I nicknamed this Wonder Egg “Crystalon” because of the crystal in the center of it. I also heard that a Phione hatched from the egg. Although I tried to search for a Seafloor Secret Chamber, I had no luck. When I decided to find out if it really was a Secret Room, I decided to take it to voice chat. I eventually learned from a certain Dragonite and a certain Flygon that the room itself was hard to find, but it relied on luck to find it. This certain room reminded me of the Red Moon Spring, but in Archford form. Remembering this, I realized that simply giving up was not an option. Looking at the two important items I had in my hand, I went into Central.


At long last, I was once again on floor 51. Now to search to see if any hidden stairs opened up from the ground. I began to step on every tile I can think of. “It has to be here, I just know it.” I thought. Just then, some Pokemon attacked me to prevent me from going further. Luckily, I was able to KO them with my Petal Dance. Moving on, I stepped on an unusually unstable tile on the floor. It shifted, and then broke away to reveal some secret stairs. I did not sure if this would be just some Deluxe Boxes or the Seafloor Secret Chamber. So far, all I found was Deluxe Boxes. But maybe this can be my lucky day. So I stepped in.

Unlike most Secret Rooms, this one was certainly not leading anywhere. Just then, light came up. I followed it, thinking that it was just a normal Secret Room. But it turned out, there was no treasure or anything. No, it was some hidden ruins, with statues resembling a certain Pokemon. At this point, I knew that it was not a Secret Room at all; it was the Secret Chambers of the Central Seafloor Ruins. I had finally done it. I found the chamber to use the Wonder Egg. I approached the lock that the Sea Dew was required to be used on. It crumbled. I went inside and found some pillars. In the middle there was a small light glowing from it. I used my Wonder Egg (still Crystalon who was not hatched yet) and out came a Phione. Crystalon was going to join my team at long last. Just then, Crystalon angrily shot a Bubble in my direction. I knew what that meant; Crystalon saw me as a threat to him, and not a friendly Meganium. I attempted a Petal Dance to calm Crystalon down, but he retreated back to the stairs. I was horrified. Was it all for nothing? Did I miss my chance? Disappointed, I went to go to the stairs…and then the floor collapsed as I fell.

It went on for a while…

And after another long while, I blacked out.


I awoke in some other area. This area had more pillars, but some were crumbled. I glanced up and noticed the light from a hole I fell in. Suddenly, a loud mechanical roar came from behind. I spun around to face something more dangerous than Team Razor Shell or even Kyogre. It was a giant robot Primal Kyogre. It looked like the actual thing, except it had a glass cockpit and some missiles that shot from the robot Primal Kyogre’s mouth. I then heard a soft voice of a Phione. Looking closer, I noticed something. Crystalon was piloting the robot Primal Kyogre. I knew that if I defeated it, Crystalon may or may not ask to be recruited, but it was the best I can managed. I tried an Earthquake, but Crystalon shifted into rocket booster mode and dodged the Earthquake. Crystalon giggled at me. I was absolutely furious. Not even Outrage or Petal Dance left a scratch on that thing. “Just what was this thing weak to?” I said to myself. Then I glanced down in my bag. Then I remembered. The Corsola Twigs! My one method of dealing any damage to that thing.

“Alright, want to fight? Come at me!” I said to Crystalon. Crystalon began by making the robot Primal Kyogre shoot missiles out of its mouth. I dodged them and threw the first Corsola Twig. BAM! A hit. I threw two more. BAM! BAM! Two direct hits. Crystalon was shocked; the young Phione had thought that the robot Primal Kyogre could resist any damage from moves. Not wanting to give up, Crystalon pressed a button for Origin Pulse. I took the hit just fine due to my Grass typing. I threw two more, and both hit. Crystalon had the robot Primal Kyogre charge at me. I jumped onto the left wing. Crystalon proceeded to trigger some electricity that were more threatening than electric type moves. I was steady though, and I finally reached the cockpit and used Earthquake. The force hit the robot Primal Kyogre. “ERROR! ERROR! MALFUNCTION! MALFUNCTION!” blared some speakers. “SELF-DESTRUCT ACTIVATED.” I jumped off the robot Primal Kyogre and watched as it exploded.

Out fell Crystalon, with his face completely covered in soot from the explosion. The Phione glanced up at me, a bit apologetically for attacking. I forgave the young Phione and welcomed him onto my team. The Phione was so happy that it carried me out of the hole and into the stairs. I used an Escape Orb to escape the dungeon with my newly recruited Phione.


In the inn, Crystalon was asleep next to me. I looked at the Sea Dew again, realizing that after all of that hard work, I had finally succeeded in getting a Phione. I knew that these adventures in the Seafloor Ruins were worth everything that Archford had to offer. It was an adventure I would never forget.

And that’s that. I know it was short, but it was all I can manage. Despite that, hope you enjoyed it.