The pokemons i hatch are dissapearing and i cannot see the easter treats

Hi, sorry if this problem was solved on other thread and i didn´t saw it but im kind of worried.
I have two problems, the first one is that the image of the easter treats and the easter chests doesn´t appear on my game, originally i thought that the treats where dissabled because some bug or something but when i went to the last floor of HC the chests wheren´t there too so i clicked on the floor and they were invisible.
The other thing is that i was hatching eggs and i got a rowlet, i selected that i wanted to recruit it but then ididn´t appear, the egg dissapeared and i didn´t got the rowlet and im sure i choosed to recruit it; this also happened to a skitty egg and a fennekin egg, i hatched this two more to see if maybe i selected to not recruit by accident but i clearly selected the right option and the eggs dissapeared but i didn´t got the pokemons.
Also i don´t know if this is related but when i was walking on the plaza i had a visual bug where the textures went kind of crazy even with the refresh command (i fix it using the give up command a couple of times) but i thought that it was because lag or something. So please i need help im kind of worried that my game got some bug and maybe they´re other invisible items also i want that rowlet and im really worried if this thing of the dissapearing eggs keeps happening.

Byw i restarted the game when the skitty dissapeared to see if this bug was restored but after closing and re-opening the game the fennekin i hatched dissapeared so restarting the game didn´t help.

Sorry for the long post and also sorry if my english was kind of bad :c

did you get the most recent Graphics Update?

If not then you need to get it from the discord or I think the forums here now has a proper download with the Update included.

This most recent update added the sprites for a few new pokemon including the Rowlet you mentioned which would explain why you can’t see it. Same can be said for the Easter Chests. They exists but your current GFX folder does not have the sprites for the new stuff from this event.

Hi there! You need to download the manual update here:

or you can just redownload the entire game from the downloads page.

Hmm i changed the folder and now i can see the sprites for the easter treats and the sprites of litten and popplio but the pokemons i hatch keep dissapearing, i hatched a foongus and it dissapeared like the other 3, the egg dissapeared, the pokemon it´s neither on my team nor chimeco´s, it´s not invisible or has some visual bug it really dissapeared.

Hmm looks like i was on the limit of pokemons to have so everything that i recruited dissapeared because there was no mor room for them, well that´s new xD
sorry for bothering and thanks for all the help guys :D im glad my accound didn´t got bugged or something