The Story of my Adventure into the Forest Temple

Okay, so this is the sequel to the Fire Temple adventure. So, with introductions out of the way, since the Forest Temple took me a while to beat, here we go.

The Journey into the Forest Temple: Team Toxic Strikes

Everyone is once again waiting at the Forest Temple, awaiting for a new adventure. However, there was a Gliscor, a Camerupt, and a Klingklang. “Move it,” said Gliscor, “We are getting that treasure first.”

“We will see about that,” I said.

And so, the Forest Temple started. After I explored the rooms, I was able to enter the first puzzle. It was a bunch of warps. So, I had to scan the room, testing out each one. I eventually teleported to the First Forest Temple Key. And so, the adventure continued.

The second puzzle, however, was no easy task. Eventually, I found out that the wall had an opening. So, I went in, and no surprise, here was the same Fire Temple puzzle recycled into the Forest Temple. So, I carefully watched my steps, and eventually, I was at the third section. However, something opened. I entered the warp, and it sent me to the beginning.

After backtracking, I eventually spotted another opening. I went in, and I pressed more switches. Spiralspot seemed interested in this, and I got the Second Forest Temple Key. So, it was off to the third room.

And it was yet another recycled Fire Temple puzzle. I had to press switches quickly. So, one by one, the switches were pressed. “Door closing in a few seconds,” said a voice that is robotlike. I screamed as I ran through the doors. I had to do this quickly. No sooner had I done this, the final key was mine. I got the Boss Orb after I got two Nature Keys and went in.


No sooner had I entered, Gliscor and his army were waiting for me.

“Heh, that treasure is mine. I, as a leader of Team Toxic, had scheduled the treasure to be ours. Turn back now,” he said.

“NO! I will fight you!” I yelled.

“Okay, but prepare to lose,” said Gliscor.

“Let me handle this,” said Spiralspot.

“Okay then,” I said.

It was not to be expected!

No sooner had I started timing the fight, Spiralspot Dizzy Punched and Rock Slid his way through Team Toxic. Even after Spiralspot’s HP was low, he still beat them.

“Curses!” yelled Gliscor.

“Uh, we better run,” said Camerupt. “That Spinda is not playing around. His punches hurt more than your sting.”

“You may have a point,” said Gliscor. “Let’s move.”

As they left, Gliscor suddenly stopped in his tracks. “Adam,” he said. “You were lucky this time. I will leave you to the other temples. But we will be back! Just you wait! GAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

As Gliscor left with evil laughter, I got the Nature Ribbon and some event tokens. Two temples have been struck down, and the many adventures would soon continue.

And that was that. Nice job, Flurry, for making another fun temple. It really tested my speed.

This was alright.

I must ask, who is Spiralspot?

it’s the nickname of his Spidna he uses! :D

This was a nice read. Too bad I was at a water park while this event was going on. :[ Hope you had fun!!

I mean apart from the cringe here and there it was an alright read.
Good job!

that was awesome adam i hope i read more of your stories :D memories …