The Story of my Adventure into the Holiday Palace

Another sequel, another adventure. This time, it’s about the Holiday Palace that I went to last night. It is run by, you guessed it, Flurry. Note that I will have information about the permanent releases of the Fire and Ice temples thrown in. Here we go! (Oh, and take caution that there will be spoilers ahead. Please be careful.)

The Journey into the Holiday Palace: The Great Escape

The breeze was more cold than Winden and the Ice Temple combined. Once again, I had Bun with me for backup into a palace built by Flurry. It was the Holiday Palace. I was warned about a Pikachu that I met. A Pikachu named Neo. He is said to be created by Flurry himself. He is a Pikachu that is more brutal than any other Pikachu. I met him once before. Twice actually.


I started my trek into the Fire Temple again. Neo introduced himself to me, and warned me not to get in his way. I was attacked by Neo after I beat Kyurem in the Ice Temple again. He had Gliscor and Klinklang with him. After a few tries, I managed to beat him with my Overgrow-Leaf Guard combo. He is also shown to be hanging in Grassroot.


And now, from the looks of it, Neo will strike again.

“I have a bad feeling about this,” I said to Bun.

“Hey, you always have me for backup,” replied Bun.

All of a sudden, the snowballs melted, and I went in. Unfortunately, I was rudely greeted by the cage opening up on me. After a long while, I blacked out.

A short while later, I felt something nudging me. I woke up. It was Bun who was nudging me.

“Oh, good. You’re awake,” said Bun with a sigh of relief.

“What just happened?” I asked.

“Well, it looks like we are in some kind of jail,” said Bun. Suddenly, her ears perked up. “Shhhh! I hear footsteps,” Bun whispered. We kept low and listened.

Apparently, Neo was talking to Camerupt of Team Toxic. Camerupt suggested evolving into a Raichu, but Neo refused because he was perfectly strong with two new moves. Then, Camerupt left to guard the palace.

“You will regret crossing my path, Adam and Bun.” said Neo. He looked at us because apparently he automatically knows who is in the dungeon. Neo then left.

“That Neo! He beat me once!” roared Bun. “But that won’t happen again! If I could, I could just Ice Punch him right in the… face. IF I COULD, I COULD EASILY GET PAYBACK FOR WHAT HE DID TO MY FLUFFY (and beautiful) FUR!”

“Not to worry, I don’t think you need to fight Neo again,” I said. “I have a Pokemon with Dig.”

Bun huffed. “Well, don’t expect something to work out. Now we need to get out of this dump dungeon.”

Then, after some time, we met an Eevee named Sally. She said that she was trapped, and the key was gone, so she is basically stuck here forever. She then left. But then, I noticed something sparkly. It was the dungeon key! I called Sally back, and I unlocked the gates.

“Oh thank you,” said Sally. “Here, take these Revival Herbs.”

“Thanks,” I said.

We have escaped! Now we are free! Or were we? First, more puzzles.

“Oh no no no no no not again, Adam, why must EVERYTHING that Flurry makes have puzzles,” Bun asked in disbelief.

“That’s how everything works,” I replied. “Now let’s go to the first puzzle. Surely, it can’t be that bad.”

I was dead wrong.

Everything was pitch black. I couldn’t see anything. I kept running into dead ends.

“Bad idea, let’s go to the next puzzle,” I said.

Then I did the puzzle with the Frosty Maze. I had to go to several trees. At one point however, I began to realize something.

“Hey, Bun, now that I think of it, these puzzles were well made,” I said.

“Well, they get harder,” said Bun. “I can’t wait to get my hands on Neo, but of course, with your Dig Pokemon, that would be unlikely, but at least I will try.”

“Yep,” I replied.

“And another thing,” Bun continued. “We have been through this together for the past few temples. No matter what happens, I will always come to your assistance whether the situation.”

“Thanks,” I said.

But little did I know, Neo was watching this very moment. He pounded on his chair in anger.

“SON OF A-” Neo began to yell, but then glanced around, noticing that he was about to curse, so he cleared his throat and began again, pounding on his chair again. “DRAT! How did these two manage to escape?!” Then he realized. “SHOOT! I forgot I left the sparkles on that key! Guess if one has to do it himself, then a rematch it will be. Isn’t that right, Kyurem and Heatran?”

“YEAH!” said Heatran. “With our powers combined, we can beat Adam.”

“And freeze him.” said Kyurem.

“No, let’s set him ablaze instead,” said Heatran

“WE CAN DO BOTH!” yelled Neo, and then laughed.

Back at the palace, I got the key from the fourth puzzle. Now to do the second puzzle.

The second puzzle was not that bad. I found the second key in the water. I then had to bust some tree trucks with a key. Of course, the trees were fake except one. I found the real tree. I then had to go to some switches. At one point, Flurry must have learned that we might get stuck, so he had the heart to make some switches next to warps. Eventually, I came across other trees. All were fake. Then, I noticed the wall was torn open. It opened the switch, which netted me my second key. It was back to the first puzzle for me.

This time, I kept moving, despite the walls. From just feeling the walls. I was able to choose the right path, and it lead me to the first secret key, as well as my third key. I now had to go to the third puzzle. Though it seemed easy, I fell into a hole. I landed on solid ground, but Bun landed on my back just as I was getting up, taking me longer for me to get up.

“Hm… This layout seems familiar…” I said.

“Maybe I can use my notepad,” Bun said.

“No, that will take long. Instead how about I do something different,” I said as I picked a key up from my bag.

“No, wait!” Bun yelled, but I threw it. It sailed through the air as I watched. I directed Bun’s attention to the key. Then, the key hit a barrier, and it remained on the ground.

“You see?” I said.

“How… did you figure that out?” asked Bun.

“It was very simple, Bun.” I said, as I told her about my run in the Ice Temple again.


“While I was in the Ice Temple, I came across the puzzle again. I tried to use Cutie, but she ran out of Volt Switches. I tried to look up a guide, but unlike the strategy we used before, it was much more confusing. Then, just for the heck of it, I threw a key I picked up in the Ice Temple. It served as a very important marker as to where the right path was, and it helped a lot. Now I knew where to go, so I did not have to remember where the path was.”


“Why did I not think of this before?” Bun said.

“Now come. We must escape this fail puzzle,” I said.

We escaped the fail puzzle, and I tried to find the correct way. Then, I noticed that the hole was a bit open. I pressed it and the portion of a wall blew up. I went through it. I got the third secret key. Then I fell into the third fail puzzle. I was stuck there. There seemed to be no way out. But I just kept throwing my key, and eventually, the paths became more clear, but there were many turns. Unbeknownst to me, Flurry happened to be in the same room as I was.

“I still think you throwing the key is cute,” said Flurry.

“Thank you,” I said.

“Wait, Flurry is in the same room as we are?” asked Bun.

Flurry realized he got carried away with the key throwing. “I’m sorry. Carry on, sir,” he said.

After this turn of events, I was able to find a pathway to the stairs by just throwing the key. I was able to figure this out when I fell on the same section. However, I went through a wall on the right and got the last key I needed. I cleared the third fail puzzle again and went out. Now I needed to find the secret key. The fourth one. It was not in the fourth puzzle, however. But I noticed a flower and used one of the keys from before. I got the fourth secret key. I went back to the main hall and got the boss key and the Holiday Key. I found a path, and I used the boss key on it.

I walked into the throne room where Kyurem and Heatran awaited.

“YOU AND US NOW, ADAM!” yelled Heatran.

“This time, we will beat you,” said Kyurem.

“Well, look who it is,” said another voice. It was Neo. “Welcome to my palace, Adam. You are a guest of honor. LOL JK! I rule this castle. I am tired of your face. You even escaped my dungeon. But now we will beat you. With that said, say goodnight… or goodbye, whichever that is.”

I used my Dig Pokemon, a Graveler, to beat Kyurem and Heatran. But now I had to deal with Neo again. But my Graveler had to retreat. Then Spiralspot went up, but he too was defeated.

“Sorry, guys, I will just watch from the side,” Spiralspot said as he slowly edged up to the wall.

“OH NO YOU DON’T,” roared Heatran.

“Let him go to the wall,” said Neo. “My main goal is to not beat Spiralspot, but Adam and Bun, starting with Bun.”

“I had enough! I WILL GET MY PAYBACK!” yelled Bun. She lunged at Neo.

“Bun! NO!” I yelled. I tried to run up to her.

“Ha ha!” said Neo, as he threw a box. Suddenly, chains came from the box. They latched to my arms and pinned me against the wall.

“Let me go!” I yelled.

Neo laughed. “I will never let you go,” he said. “I always knew you get lucky every time. But this is my battle against Bun now!” He turned to Bun. “Now then! If you don’t want to battle, give up. Otherwise, you might as well get beaten up by me, while your poor friend watches as you get thrashed and electrocuted.”

“I will fight!” Bun declared. She was not going to give up now.

“Very good indeed. But why this castle arena? This is BORING. Instead, let’s try something a bit different,” said Neo. Neo snapped his fingers. Suddenly, a portion of the throne room rose up with Neo and Bun on it. “That’s more like it,” said Neo. “What do you think? This is where we fight. If it’s a rematch you want, a battle it will be.”

And the battle began. Bun and Neo began attacking each other. Bun attempted to use Dizzy Punch to confuse Neo, but while Neo felt the punch, he did not become confused.

“That won’t work,” said Neo.

“But this will!” said Bun, as she used Ice Punch. Neo created some electric waves. The Static ability. As the waves touched Bun, she did not feel the paralysis. He tried again, but no success.

“Dang,” said Neo. “I did not know that Lopunnies can have Limber.”

“THIS SELFISH EXCUSE FOR A BATTLE ENDS NOW!!!” Bun yelled. With one Ice Punch to the jaw, Neo fell from the castle arena’s middle section.

“AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! …With style.” Neo yelled as he fell. He landed on the ground, unable to battle. The castle’s middle section came back down. I was suddenly free from my chains, and collapsed.

“This fight was pointless. Come on, Kyurem, let’s go to Archford and get some Apples,” said Heatran.

“Only if you’re buying.” replied Kyurem, and the two walked out.

“Dang it! Oh well, I did not need Kyurem and Heatran anyway,” said Neo. “I hope you’re satisfied that you got payback.”

“I am,” replied Bun.

“Well, I have to leave now. Until we meet again, Adam and Bun,” said Neo. He walked out. “I will have to beat you one way or another,” Neo finished.

“Are you alright, Adam,” asked Bun.

“Thanks for the assistance back there,” I replied. “Now let’s get out of here.”

So we left the palace, but not before taking the Palace boxes, event tokens, and a crown. We then opened the boxes and I got a Sail Fossil from one of the boxes.

“Oh boy. Another fossil,” I said. “Let’s wait until night to revive the fossil.”

“I am looking forward to a new fossil Pokemon member,” said Bun.

So, after another adventure, it was time to rest for our next adventure. But Neo might fight us again, so I need to be cautious about it. However, I had strategies, and it will be certain that I will not rest until Neo is defeated.

And that’s all. Thanks once again, Flurry, for another exciting challenge in the form of the Holiday Palace. I enjoyed the Holiday Palace. I am looking forward to the other temples.

Woah! Great story Adam, also I love how you show us the tricks in those puzzles. XD and that Dig pokemon sure is handy in the last showdown. :heart: :3 Thanks for your great story, looking forward to more from you!

Omg! This story is extremely good and creative xD tho much of the spoilers are in there, but it still good, very good indeed. I hope to see more of your stories like this in the future

yay another story!

[spoilerDON"T OPEN IF YOU DON"T WANNA GET SPOILED:3t3qu1gs]My child! Neo will come back soon and fight you in another temple. >:D