The Story of my Adventure into the Ice Temple

This is it; the sequel to my Forest Temple story. Once again run by Flurry, I managed to beat the Ice Temple event. Another awesome event indeed. So, here we go.


The Journey into the Ice Temple: Freezing Encounters

It was a cold, stormy winter blizzard. I had Bun with me once again, as well as my Heat Rotom. The blizzard was still going, and it was hitting hard. It reminded me of the time I went to fight Articuno at the Ice Sky Fortress. The winds were also chilly, but not as chilly as this one. In fact, the Ice Temple, said to have been once a iceberg connected to Winden, sat at the middle, with the gates shut.

“Man, what a blizzard,” said the Dratini. “Why did I even bother coming here?”

“At least there was no evil team trying to beat us to the treasure,” I said.

“Well, don’t get too hyped up,” warned Bun. “The Ice Temple is said to hold the Frozen Ribbon, and under conditions like this, you might freeze.” She held me tightly. “But don’t you worry, Adam. You can always snuggle under my fluffy coat.”

“Thanks,” I replied. Suddenly, the gates opened. We went inside, with my Heat Rotom following.

The Ice Temple’s middle room was secured by three locks. Knowing that there are puzzles to solve, I decided to go into the first puzzle.

“Here we are,” I said. “Nothing is going to be hard here. I mean, if we can go to the key, we might as well jusWHOAWHATTHEHECK?!” No sooner as I said that, I slid into a wall.

“Ohh, that must hurt,” said Bun.

“No problem at all,” I said, despite the fact I was stuck to the wall because of my Grass-type. “As soon as we can get to the key, it should be a cakewalk. I mean, what could go wrong? Now please, heal me, Bun.”

So there I was, continuously sliding on the ice floor. I was getting nowhere. After a few tries, I sighed. “Maybe if I go slowly…” I thought to myself. So, I started to walk slowly. I felt a chill go up my back, due to me being a Grass-type, but I did not slide. I walked up to the key. “I got it,” I said, the first Ice Temple Key now in my hands.

Bun had warned me that the second puzzle was nothing new, so I decided to do the third puzzle second. When I stepped on the icy floor, it cracked.

“What do we do?” asked Bun.

“Leave it to me,” I said. I started to run across the edges of the sections of the third puzzle, with each of my steps breaking the blocks. I was able to get to the second section easily, but the second section was nothing to smile about. I was blazing through the edges, hoping not to fall. Then, I somehow made a path to the key. The second Ice Temple Key. “Success!” I yelled. “Now onto the final puzzle that we need to do.”

The second puzzle was the same as the other temples; a simple-looking scenery that sent me back to where I started if I stepped in the wrong place. Regardless of my frustration, I was able to clear the first section, but the second section gave me trouble.

“No matter what I do, I might forget everything I was trying to do,” I said.

“Maybe we can try to write everything down,” said Bun, grabbing a notepad from my bag.

“What the-? WHERE DID YOU GET A NOTEPAD?!” I yelled in shock.

“I managed to pick one up from Dratini as a spare that guy had. And he gave me a pencil too,” Bun explained. “That way, we can remember where to go.”

“An excellent idea,” I said.

“Oh, but, on one condition; you have to fall into the wrong spots so I can properly keep track,” Bun warned.

“Well, can’t argue with that,” I replied.

It turned out, Bun’s idea worked perfectly. Every time I fell, Bun would write stuff down on her notepad, and the path will be even more clear. After much memorization, I had the third key. Now to go to the middle section.

As soon as I arrived, Bun had to wait outside due to her not wanting to go down easily to an Ice-type, as she had no Fire-type attacks. I couldn’t argue with her; she only had Ice Punch, Dizzy Punch, and Thunderbolt, but it was okay.


“No,” I replied.

“THEN PREPARE TO FREEZE!” roared the voice.

A mysterious figure appeared in front of me. It was an ice dragon with a scary face. It had two ice spike-like things and what it appeared to be a yellow diamond on its head.

“I am Kyurem,” said the ice dragon. “This is my domain that you just entered. Now, are you sure you are ready to freeze?!”

“I will fight,” I replied.

“Get ready to lose,” roared Kyurem.

I sent in my Heat Rotom, but Kyurem beat it down and forced my Heat Rotom to retreat.

“That was my only hope of victory!” I yelled in horror.

“That was too easy,” Kyurem laughed. “You lost, and now you freeze! Glaciate!” Suddenly, I felt my legs beginning to freeze solid. It was Glaciate, a move that was so cold. Once the ice reached my legs, I tried a Bulldoze. Kyurem laughed again. “Having your feet frozen will make it impossible for you to use Bulldoze! Now die!” Kyurem roared. He charged at me. I closed my eyes tight, waiting for impact.

…It never came…

…I opened my eyes, and in front of me was…

“BUN!” I yelled in surprise.

Yes, Bun had punched Kyurem in the face, thus preventing him from getting close.

“You fool! To think you would come here,” Kyurem roared, getting back up. “Do you dare to save your friend?!”

“I do,” replied Bun.

“Bun, don’t try it! You don’t have any Fire-type moves!” I said.

“I need to try anyway,” Bun replied. “If I lose here, my efforts will not be in vain. I will be the second one to fight.”

“Well, then,” said Kyurem. “I will make you join your friend! Engarde!”

And so, the battle began. Bun kept using Dizzy Punch and Ice Punch and Thunderbolt, but Kyurem came in even harder. He lunged at Bun, but she dodged swiftly. Both Bun and Kyurem clashed, until Bun fell to her knees tired.

“NOW YOU WILL FREEZE!” Kyurem yelled, and unleased Blizzard. Kyurem laughed again. He laughed for a while, before, in horror, he found Bun still standing, and Bun slowly got back up.

“WHAT?!” Kyurem roared. “WHY WON’T YOU JUST DIE ALREADY?!”

“I can fight more,” Bun replied. “I can’t fail Adam now.”

“Very well then, but you die for real this time,” Kyurem said.

So, they clashed some more. Kyurem tried to pin Bun down, but she dodged. When Kyurem charged at Bun again, she ducked, and then, without warning, prepared to unleash an uppercut. Her fist glowed blue, and I knew that she was about to use Ice Punch in a whole new way. Kyurem could not react in time, as the blue first connected with Kyurem, and Bun leaped into the air.

“ICE PUNCH SHORYUKEN!!!” Bun yelled out as she leaped, striking Kyurem very hard. With that hard hit, Kyurem fell, and the ice melted from my legs. Bun collapsed. I ran up to Bun.

“Bun, are you alright?” I asked.

“I’m fine, Adam,” Bun replied. “Good thing you brought me along with you. Otherwise, you would have froze.”

I smiled. Kyurem got back up.

“You wretched rabbit,” Kyurem growled. “I guard this treasure here!” Kyurem then pointed a claw at me. “So, what motivates you to enter my domain, you thief?!”

“I just wanted to explore,” I replied. “I journeyed through many dungeons so far. I fought many Legendary Pokemon during my adventures. The Ice Temple was an opportunity I could not pass up.”

“Take the Frozen Ribbon,” Kyurem said. “I did not want it anyway. You might go through the other temples, but perhaps you will see me again.”

Bun lunged at Kyurem, but I held her back. “Just let Kyurem leave in peace,” I told Bun. “Besides, we need to get you to the inn.”

Kyurem looked pleased at this, though I did not see it, as he left. I picked up the Frozen Ribbon and headed back to Grassroot.

Back at Grassroot, I served Bun some hot chocolate in my cafe. She had a warm blanket wrapped around her due to her taking a Blizzard attack head on. “Thanks for saving me earlier,” I told Bun. “Now we have three ribbons from the Temples and the three keys, plus some Frozen Orans that I can eat to my content.” I ate a Frozen Oran. Bun smiled at me. She knew that I could count on her to explore dungeons with me. I looked forward to what exciting adventures awaited me. Even in Winden.


And that was the end. Man, it took long to write. Again, Flurry, thanks for the Ice Temple event. I enjoyed it.

this is really great! :D
i love your writing style!

Cool story.

Nice job! :P