This one time in PMU...

This is quite a simple game
Make a story about PMU, with each poster ONLY posting 3 words per post!

Here is an example:
Post 1: and he ran
Post 2: Into a Magikarp
Post 3: named Andy. After

Remember, punctuation doesn"t count as a word.

Without ado, I will start the game:

This one time in PMU,

i had travelled

and got killed…

then had respawned

inside WolfLink’s stomach

And smelled bad

This caused me

A big headache

. My hallucinations showed

no signs of

remembering how to

leave this place.

But I didn’t

So I took

a leap of

A nearby dungeon.

A pokemon attacked

, it was a

Wild Abomasnow that

was … really fat