Throw something at the user above you!

Yeah yeah yeah, got this from in-game. Joined and saw a spam load of people ‘throwing’ stuff at eachover, so why not make it a game? Anyways, here are the rules;

Make it sensible, so don’t make it bad like inappropriate words are rude objects and such.
Only make it so you throw whatever you want to through at the user above you. (which would be me at the moment because i’m the first poster.)

Erm, that’s it! Have fun!

[Agunimon threw a cake at TerrorVolt!]

throws a salad bomb at Aguni

throws a peanut at maraia

Throws water at Terror Volt.

Throws Apples at Agunimon.

throws a Spiked Hammer at Sharky

-throws a tuna fish at maraia- ovo

Throws a MICRO~RO~WAVE at Chesire :joy:

throws Slumber Ivy at Ezza

Throws a Bucket of Lava at Maraia.

throws a flame scroll at Sharky

Throws a Shuriken at Maraia.

Throws cheese at Sharky (Don’t ask lol)



throws a lightning scroll at Espee

-throws cheese at maraia-

Throws Pocky at Cheshire.

Throws a screaming mandrake at Terror Volt.

//throws england at tsu

lol :>:D: