Tips On Making Skins & Installation

This topic will be strictly for tips, since doing an actual tutorial requires me to show you how to put stuff togethor.

To start off, you should start with a base theme. I would suggest copying the main theme, and renaming it to whatever you want.

After you get everything copied, you should open the program that you best edit pictures in. I personally use GIMP, it’s like photoshop, only more free. And by more I mean completely free.

[spoilerSkin Installing:2fpor1ak]Extract the files to C:\Program Files\Pokemon Mystery Universe\Client\Skins and select the skin via the skin selector on the main menu. (Thanks to Andy for this, and his uneccesarily colored text.)


[spoilerSimple Skin:2fpor1ak]If you just want to change the background of the client, and that"s it, then go to “Skin Name/General/Backgrround/gui.png” Be sure to save it as a .png or it won"t work!


[spoilercolor tips:2fpor1ak]-R:0 G:0 B:0 Black turns white.
-Using Alpha on a picture like the Delete Account/gui.png will not make it transparent for some reason. Just try to fill everything with a color.
-Using 255 255 255 White on a button like the login.png (need confirmation for other buttons like New Account) will end up being alpha.


[spoilerFolder Specifications:2fpor1ak]These folders contain one graphic and are the easiest to edit. Just be careful of the text positions.
-Character Select
-Configuration (+ config.xml)
-Delete Account
-Loading Bar
-New Account

These folders contain some more folders, which contain more graphics. These are arguably the most tedius. You may want to start with these either first or last.
-Game Window (This one is for the in-game stuff.)
-General (Which contains Background, which is one file.)
-Login Menu (Pretty simple, not a whole bunch of graphics.)
-Main Menu (Simple, but more tedius. Lots of buttons.)
-Widgets (Scrollbars and the minimize/maximize/close etc. buttons.)

The rest of them have some pictures in them, but not too many.


[spoileruseless files:2fpor1ak]closebutton.pdn and closebutton-hover.pdn are useless. Delete them if you want. They hold no purpose appearnlty.

Game Window/game.png is unused. You can delete it.


[spoilerCustom Title Music:2fpor1ak]Add a “Music” folder to your skin, and put a song called Title.ogg or Title.mp3 for custom opening music.


[spoilertext:2fpor1ak]All of the text besides the Server Status will be black. Keep that in mind while making your skin.

Remember, the text goes over your buttons, so you may wish to just add text-space/button graphics where the text is. The position of the text does NOT change.

The bars in the Character Select screen overlap the area of the image it takes up.


[spoilerbigger images:2fpor1ak]The only thing I"ve noticed that seems useable is making the Loading Bar/gui.png bigger gives you more space to put graphics on, but the text appears only in a certain pixel from the top left. I"m not sure where this is, but you may have to play around with it.


[spoilerconfig.xml:2fpor1ak]This file can be opened in Notepad. All it contains is an author and a version number in HTML. You can change those if you want.


If you have any more tips, be sure to post them, please. I’m not the best graphics maker in the world, but I try.

well,I dont understand.O.O

i like to use paint…humm?How to make it transparent and all…??

Gimp :P
I use it sometimes too.

Don’t forget Photoshop, which I used to make my skin. But you have to pay for that. D:

Sorry to be so ignorant…but what is a skin?

EDIT: thanks Prinplup you were very helpful :3

A skin is…maybe…GUI? (Graphic User Interface.)
It’s like a layout that you can see.
If you do play PMU, the skin you currently see as is the Default/Main Skin. You can make a custom skin by following the steps above.



The best I can see…

I hope this helps. =3

Paint will not do the job.

Depending on what you’re specifically attempting to achieve, it may.

I tried adding title music and it dosn’t seem to be working. I created a Music folder and renamed the file ‘‘Title’’(its an mp3 file). Anything I coud do to try and fix it?

It needs to be .ogg I think.

It needs to be .ogg I think.[/quote]
Alright, i’ll try it.


lol XD

(sorry for revive)

I don’t get it. How do I get a new skin instead of the normal boring (no offense) skin you start with?

I think since this is stickied, its fine to revive it.

And you have to download the files for the skin you want, then extract it, because it’ll always be in a zipped file. Most people use WinRAR to extract it, since its free. Anyways, extract it to your Skins folder in the PMU folder (Wherever you saved PMU/PMU/Client/Skins). Then, start up the client, and there should be a button called Change Skins/Skins or something, click it. Then click on where it says Default Skin (I think. It basically has the title of the skin) and look around for the skin you want, click on its name, then OK. But if you want to make your own skin, well…prods guides

It wont let me switch skins and its difficult too send these “buttons” to the skins oparts!
its annoying >:( :evil: :( :x :x
in wuv spamming pointless smilies <3