Traps can spawn next to Secret Room stairs

Summary of Bug: Traps can spawn next to secret stairs
What you were doing at the time: Entering a secret room in SF Dark
Where you were in the game/menus: Sky Fortress (Cannot remember exact floor)
What happened: Trip trap spawned directly next to the secret stairs

OS/Version: Windows 10

Expected Result: No traps spawning next to any type of stairs

Actual Result: Trip trap spawned next to secret stairs

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Enter a dungeon with secret rooms
  2. Scour applicable floors until secret stairs appear
  3. Check all 8 tiles around the set of secret stairs and hope you get “lucky”

Visual Proof (screenshots, videos, logs) - attached below: Unfortunately, I was in the secret roon before I had time to press F11

Hope you didn’t lose any valuable items, that sucks to hear.

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‘Secret’ Stairs don’t work the same way as regular stairs ‘Secret’ Stairs are infact Traps them selves. They also have a Prompt unlike regular stairs.
Because of this I think it may be more difficult to stop traps spawning next to them. It’s not really a bug, but an issue I guess.

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