Trash's Story

just a draft of my pokesonas story that i might keep working on, added links to fitting music too. the chapters are really short. also a few hidden steven universe references if anyone can find them. was gonna finish more of it before i posted, but expect me to update at least once a week until it’s done.
[canceled for a number of reasons]

Chapter 1 - This abstract hell

“You did this.”

I felt a throbbing pain in my head and an absence in my mind. A voice rang in the back of my thoughts that tore through my subconscious like the claws of a starving animal.

“You did this…”

And soon, that voice broke into a scream. And yet, my alertness was drowned out by the haze that cast a heavy veil over my confusion. It was as though nothing made sense anymore. I felt like I was asleep, like I couldn’t wake up if I fought vigorously to.



A shock akin to a splash of freezing water violated the drowsiness. I bolted up, fighting to catch what little breath I had. I felt a stinging pain in my eyes as light flooded in. I squinted at the breathtaking flash before me, as if I’d never seen a light in my life until now. What stunned me the most was my surroundings. Everything felt so surreal that I felt dizzy just looking at it. The air around me felt so cold. I wanted to close my eyes. I wanted to wake up in my bed. I remembered exactly what it was like. The hum of the small electric fan, the festive lights strung over the shelf where there was no other place to put them, maybe my cat would even be there…


I opened my eyes again and shook my head, trying to rid myself of the drowsiness, and everything looked so different from a moment before. I couldn’t quite put a finger on it, but something wasn’t wrong. Everything looked so much darker, and yet so much more vibrant. My memories were fading faster than I could hold on, and the hazy colors swirling together in the depths of this abstract hell made me wish I were dead. I could hear that voice again, this time awfully stifled and static. The choking scent of what I could only assume to be fire drifting over the smoldering air overwhelmed me. The twisted amalgam of hues spun faster and faster, and it wasn’t long until the vibrant colors were swallowed up by a blackout.

Chapter 2 - Oxidize


The first thing I remember was hearing my own load groan as I drifted into consciousness. That and the excruciating taste of thick smoke and burning leaves in the air, though it somehow felt familiar. I felt my eyes watering. My vision was blurred. I could hardly breathe. And worst of all, an electric pain jumped up through every nerve in my body and I couldn’t even scream. I forced my eyes open through the murky air and saw a horror standing over me. An enormous serpentine with scales stained a musty green, russet red eyes flaming brighter than the blaze set over the dying flora all around it. It towered over me like a shadow and bared it’s fangs painted crimson.

“You’ve reigned hell down upon us, you arrogant hireling of corruption!” It’s scream rang violently in my ears as it raised it’s tail above me, “Look what you’ve done! Let this be a lesson to you and all of your kind!”

“Wha-whatd’ I do?” My voice was raspy and decrepit by the toxic smoke surrounding me. I heard a crackling noise and felt a warmth so close that I could’ve sworn I was on fire myself. And yet, that was the only place I felt no pain.

“You set fire to the woods!” It howled.

I could see malice in it’s eyes as it’s tail belted down on whatever gnarled, pathetic excuse I had left for a body. A body I hadn’t even realized wasn’t my own…

(to be continued)

It’s been a very long time since I last saw a story! Great job~
I like your drawings too, very creative!
Hope to see more, keep up the great work! :la: