Chapter One: Learning the basics

Adam, wanting to be a Pokemon Trainer, woke up from his slumber full of excitement. As he chose to skip his morning routine, he ran to Professor Zeke’s Laboratory to pick his first pokemon. Thoughts ran through his head, “I’ve always wanted a Totodile or Chikorita! Cyndaquil stinks! I’m so not picking a Cyndaquil!”

As he charged through the door, there was only one Pokeball left on the table. Without thinking, he chose that one. He sent the Pokeball in the air to release the Pokemon inside. Adam was not happy with what he got. He stared, at the Pokemon he thought he would never choose.

As he thought, he must’ve overslept, Professor Zeke handed him a Pokedex and mentioned a few words. Adam thought about the words carefully, as he chose to take the Cyndaquil and leave.

Adam examined the Cyndaquil using the Pokedex, identifying it’s moves.

As he was about to leave the town he was raised as, Professor Zeke called him into the tall grass to learn basics.
The young voice began to speak, “First, when you run into a Pokemon, weaken it. Watch this!”
The wild Patrat was caught
“See? Just like that! Here are your Pokeballs, enjoy your journey!” Professor Zeke finished as he went back to the laboratory.

Adam went to have a go for himself, he encountered a Pokemon! He sent out Cyndaquil to battle.


Adam commanded the Cyndaquil to use Ember, burning the Scyther, it attacked with Wing Attack.
Adam used the Pokeball, hoping to catch his first Pokemon.
The Scyther was caught
As Adam began to trust the Cyndaquil, the Scyther was too stubborn to listen to Adam.

Chapter Two: The first Gym Leader!

Adam wandered into Shallau Town, a kid, came up to him and offered a trade. “I’ll give you, a rare, shiny Pokemon, for a Scyther! Is that a deal?” The kid said as he snickered.

“Sure!” Adam said without any thought.

They wandered to the Pokemon Centre, to use the Trade Machine. He noticed the kid, placing a Pokeball down, he did the same. Both Pokemon, switched Pokeball in a split second. Adam sent out the new, rare shiny Pokemon that the kid stated.

The kid was shocked. “What!? What!? Give me back my Pokemon! I gave you the wrong Pokeball!”

“Well, a trade is a trade. Your fault you placed the wrong one down!” Adam teased as he sent out Cyndaquil to meet it’s new addition to the team.

Cyndaquil eyes glittered, as if it knew the Aipom beforehand.

He wandered into a building that had said “The Bug Type Gym! Come battle!”

The Gym Leader introduced herself. “I’m Carly, the Bug type expert! Here to battle? Heheh you won’t do a bit of damage on my Pokemon!”

-Cyndaquil used Ember.
Swadloon got burnt
-Swadloon used Tackle
Critical Hit
-Cyndaquil used Ember
Swadloon fainted
-Cyndaquil began to evolve-

Adam began to smile, as he won his first Gym Badge.

“By official league rules, I must give you a Pokemon that gives you an advantage at the next Gym. But, it won’t be that easy to beat him! Here is your Pokemon,” Carly sighed with sadness.

Adam got a Luvdisc

Reserved for team/Gym Badge and Trainer update

The Team:

Gym Trainer
Shallau Town//Carly-Bug Type Expert

Alliwasi Town//Jonathon-Rock Type Expert

Fuego Town//Flash-Fire Type Expert

Chapter Three: An unexpected friend

Adam wandered through Route 192A. He had trained a bit so his Aipom learnt new moves, same with Luvdisc and Quilava.
He bumped into a a stranger, while speaking to Aipom. This guy was a handsome one, in an army-like suit. “Sorry about that. Here, let me help!” Adam spoke and offered.
“No, no. It’s fine,” the stranger spoke, “I’m Jonathon. Gym Leader for the next city, Alliwasi Town. I guess, if you’re going, I’ll meet you there.”

Adam was shocked, he bumped into a Gym Leader, that stated he is the next leader.

As he entered Alliwasi Town, he went straight to the Gym.

He met with Jonathon, once again. “Hello again! I’m Jonathon, Rock leader. Let’s battle!”

Cranidos used Rock Smash
Aipom used Drain Punch
Super effective, Cranidos survived!
Cranidos used Zen Headbutt
Aipom fainted

Luvdisc used Water Gun
Cranidos fainted

“Bah! I forfeit, you win,” Jonathon stated.

Here, is your badge.

As Adam left the Gym, Jonathon tapped him on the shoulder. “You seem like a great trainer, may I join the journey with you? My sister Jessa will watch the gym,” Jonathon said.

Adam replied, "Sure! The more the merrier!

Both trainers set out, on a journey together.

Wow, this is a really great story! I liked the way you showed the Pokemon as well, by showing the sprites, etc. Love the context, the grammar, etc. Great job! Hope you make more!

Chapter Four: A loss

As Adam and Jonathon, continued in Illusion Forest, Adam decided to take a rest. As he let his Pokemon out, only two of his Pokemon was there.

Depressed over the loss of this Luvdisc, he failed to look for it, considering the forest plays tricks on you. They finished up in Illusion Forest as Jonathon said he was going to buy Adam a new Pokemon.

“Jonathon?” Adam mumbled, “You don’t have to do this…it’s my fault Luvdisc is gone.”

Jonathon replied, as he ran off, “I insist.”

After fifteen minutes, Jonathon returned with a new Pokemon. Knowing it wouldn’t be the same, Adam accepted it politely and released it to see what it was.

Personally, Adam thought it was quite cute. The Flabebe really appreciated Adam being her trainer. She ate the Rare Candy that she came with, and evolved into a Floette!

Chapter 5: Fuego Town

“Yes! Yes!” Adam screamed as he made it to the Gym Leader of Fuego town at last after all those Gym Trainers.
Aipom evolved

Quilava evolved

“Floette? You’re turn?” Adam cheered
Floette received the Shiny Stone and evolved

“Let’s go beat Flash the Fire Gym Leader!!” Adam cheered, as his Pokemon cheered with him.

Flash snickered, “Haha, you’ll never beat me! Over my dead body you will!”

-Typlhosion used Lava Plume
-Ambipom used Double Hit
Critical Hit!
-Typlhosion used Lava Plume
Ambipom received a burn!
-Ambipom used Double Hit
Typlhosion fainted

Flash almost fainted, “Pure luck, noob! You won’t beat my ace!”

-Ambipom used Facade
-Charizard used Flamethrower
Ambipom received a burn, just surviving from it’s damage
-Ambipom used Facade
Direct hit
Ambipom fainted

-Typlhosion used Rollout
Super effective!
Charizard fainted

“Wow, you must’ve cheated! Well, a win is a win,” Flash broke into tears as he said that, “My fire has been put out.”

“Yeah! Good game, man,” Adam replied cheerfully.

“By official league rules, here is your Molten Badge,” Flash replied as he felt better.