Trying To Install

So… This is the first time I play the game. When I finished download the setup and when I update the game, it crash.
Idk how can I describe it, can I send a gyazo link?

have you made sure your antivirus didnt quarantine anything pmu related? i know that used to be an issue with people downloading the game

It was in quarantine, but. Is that normal?

Sometimes Anti-Virus flag the game, it’s a false positive.
Best to remove it from Quarantine and add it to ignores so you can install properly

Ok, I got it
Ty for all the support
Btw, I have read the rules from the discord server, Who need to pm?

Glad you got it to work, hope you have a great time. c:
Message a member of staff either in game of DM one of them through discord and they should be able to give you a player role.