Ultralia - a new space themed region

Hello Fellas! This is Missin here, and today I would like to discuss a 5th region for PMU. We currently have a plain-themed region in the form of Exbel, a snow-themed region in the form of Winden, a desert-themed region in the form of Tanren, and a tropical-themed region in the form of Archford. Given the Pokémon that are currently unreleased, I feel like a space-themed region would be the way to go. I call it, Ultralia! Let’s hopefully get this space filled in the sky!

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First things first, I would like to discuss how you could access the region. Second, I will discuss what the city of the region could have. Lastly, I will discuss the dungeons and what Pokémon could have a permanent release there.

How could we get to Ultralia?

When I was talking about a space-themed region in a group chat about pvp, one player recommended that the Archford dungeon, Mt. Moon could lead to this region. Personally, I don’t think that the main path should lead to Ultralia, as it would be too harsh for a dungeon that leads to a new region. The road to Ultralia I believe could be in Exbel like every other dungeon that leads to a new region, a dungeon in Winden that requires rock climb to get to, or it could be a brand new path in Mt moon. I will call this dungeon “Ultralia Road” for now. I’m personally going to lean on Exbel for now. There is an inaccessible building near Mt. Skylift that looks like it would be a good place for a future dungeon. However, this spot is mostly north of Grassroot town and it wouldn’t make Exbel feel very centered in PMU. The best spot for the connecting dungeon to this new region I believe could be this right here:

This area is west of grassroot town, which itself pretty much serves as the center of the PMU world. The little cave could possibly be given a rock climb segment in order to reach it. Inside the cave, there could be a fly spot. It could sort of simulate blasting off into space. Being able to go through these two spots will lead the player to the “Ultlaria Road” Dungeon. For this dungeon that serves as a connection to the highest level region, I beileve that it could have 35-40 floors and a level range of 50-65. I won’t go too into detail about the pokemon that would appear here, but I would assume that a dungeon the connects from the sky to space could have some Flying and Psychic types.

What could the city in Ultralia have?

First of all, every city in the PMU world should have a Kecleon shop, Kangaskhan Storage, Xatu Appraisal, Free Rest Stop, etc. Each region has a shop unique to them, however. Exbel has the event token shop among a few other unique shops, Winden has the egg move tutor, Tanren has the shard tutor, and Archford has the shard exchange.

To fit the idea that you’re no longer on earth, I’d like to see the Electivire and Breloom teach moves that are in the Pokémon’s generation 8 moveset. I personally feel like making Pokémon learn their Gen 8 movesets would make Holiday Cave events really stressful, since a good chunk of Pokémon get like 15 starting moves in their Gen 8 learnsets. You’d have to reroll many times to get the moves you want. Below is a comparison between Vileplume’s Gen 7 and Gen 8 learnsets.

Gen 7.

Gen 8. The chances of rolling Aromatherapy would be slim instead of guaranteed like Gen 7.

Additionally, some Gen 5-7 Pokémon don’t appear in a Gen 8 game at all, making Gen 8 level up more difficult to move to than the previous generations.

There could also be a tutor that teaches the Pokémon’s tutor moves for SwSh, since it would be difficult to change that Bronzong tutor to all Gen 8 in Tanren. I believe that this new tutor could use a new currency in Ultralia! To fit the theme of ultra space, it could be called ultra shards. I would also like to see a second shop that sells items using Ultra Shards as well. I would particularly like to see this shop selling a Golden Mask, as grinding for one is currently very tedious. Another thing could be a key to Cosmog, though it would be strange to have cover art legendaries sitting in your assembly. It would be a long way to get them however, since you’d pretty much have to babysit Cosmog with an exp all until level 53 due to the fact that it pretty much has no attacking moves.

What could Ultralia have in its dungeons?

Judging by the name I came up with, I feel like this region would be the perfect way to introduce the Ultra Beasts into PMU! There could be also be dungeons for Pokémon like Dialga and Palkia since they’re STILL not available in PMU. Each dungeon would most likely have a lv 70-90ish range, due to this region being late-game.

Because there is canonically more than one of each UB, I think that making them recruits would be fine. It would be odd to make them a recruit on a random dungeon floor, so I would like to see them drop heart slates. Unlike Legendary/Mythical heart slates, Ultra Beast slates can’t be fused to a Mystery Part. Instead, you can take them to an overworld location called the “Ultralia Lab”. The requirements for entering this area is having no more than one item in your inventory, and no more than 3 Pokémon. Using a Ultra Beast heart slate here will spawn a recruitable version of that ultra beast at level 40 with a 100% recruit rate.

The names of the dungeons are a story for another blog, as I really wanted to talk about the Pokémon that will be introduced to this region. For Pokémon other than the Ultra Beasts, I believe that Pokémon like Duraladon, Dreepy, and Hoopa could get a permanent release there as well.

Well fellas, thank you all for reading. For now, it is unknown if we are ever getting a 5th region in PMU. A sub-region like Tanren Undercity is most likely going to happen next. Considering that PMU didn’t get a brand-new permanent dungeon since January 2021, it may take a while before we even see a new region. These are just ideas from me, and it isn’t guaranteed to happen. Only time will tell. What do you think? Leave a comment below. See you all next time.

Missin out!

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