[Update] 4-14-2017, Client Updates - Staff Restructure, Bug fixes!

Client Update for 4/14/2017!

Here are some notes from the Staff Team regarding the update.

The PMU Staff Ranks have been restructured!

-The previous “Moderator” Rank has been split into two new ranks! Junior Moderators and Senior Moderators. Junior Moderators are new additions to the Staff Team, and therefore will have limited permissions in-game. Senior Moderators have full Moderation privileges in-game.
-Designers. They are your Mappers, with added permissions for them to fully execute their abilities to put the team’s ideas in-game.
-Developers are basically Coders - they have access to everything Designer and below, including the script editor.
-Administrators have no rank change.

[b][u]Bug Fixes!

[/u][/b]The infamous “Destination Array” error that caused the client to crash has been fixed. Players should no longer see this error occur any further.

Finally, small optimizations and improvements have been added into the game.

That’s all for our update today, enjoy!

This is going to make a huge game changer to the whole PMD world of PMU.