Updates 3/18/2012

The latest server restart was for a few bugfixes:

-The friendly fire bug is fixed. Players using Line-until-hit moves like Bullet Seed, or Throw moves like Barrage, will not have their attacks blocked by other players.
-Attacks made by players outside an arena will not affect those inside the arena. This also goes for abilities such as LightningRod.
-BBCode has been temporarily disabled until a fix for its crash bug is implemented.
-You can refresh the game with one button using the END Key.

Guilds have also been wiped in preparation of the new Guild system. We will be testing that system for a few days before releasing it.

The next time we update the server, the changes will be detailed in a new thread.

Can i be One of the first testers?? PLZ

What’s BBCode…? :3

it makes your text look different, the three which were on PMU were

[i ]Texthere[ /i] (Without the spaces)

Outcome : Ino it italicizes.

[b ]Texthere[/ b]

Outcome : Ino It bolds.

[u ]Texthere[/ u]

Outcome : Ino Obviously, it underlines. Hoped that helped!~

+Im excited for the new guild system. c:

I’m looking forward to this new Guild system and I will continue to support the PMU Staff. I feel like you guys get no credit at times. Thanks alot!

Why don’t you become a Mod? Your always helping and you know so much, your pretty high level, too right…?
…You too, Ino 8D