Updates 3/2/2012

For the past day the server experienced some downtime in order to re-tune the mission system. Here are some of the changes that have been made:

-The mission board and job list can both hold 8 missions. Whenever players check the mission board, they will be presented with all available missions instead of a randomly selected one.
-The mission board will update in real time. One new mission will appear on each player’s mission boards every time it changes to day (4 hours), to dusk (2 hours), to night (4 hours), or to dawn (2 hours). This means that a mission board will completely regenerate its 8 missions once every 24 hours.
-Players can take up multiple jobs in one dungeon run, and finish all of them in that same run.
-If an escorted Pokemon is sent home in an escorted mission, the player will NOT have a defeat counted against him or her and will not drop items. This also holds true if the escorted Pokemon is defeated.
-Players can send missions as Wonder Mail to each other. This can be done once for each mission.
-The variety of Pokemon requesting help and the types of rewards has been changed, with the pool of possibilities still expanding from developer work. No more missions that request 100 Poke and give 100 Poke as reward…

With the mission system set up as something reasonable now, expect Explorer Rank to become more relevant to the game, such as giving the ability to buy or expand houses, or to make guilds.

The next time the server has a sizeable update on a restart, a new thread will be posted detailing the changes.

you never fail to amaze me…nice job i love the new update and the ideas your having with explorer rank rewards!

Makes Sense. I like it and I can’t wait to try out the new system.

Great work Sprinko! This will make missions much more enjoyable, not to mention motivate people to do them!! Thank you!~ :D

Now this is a cool update. Makes me want to do missions again. :D

So are we avilable to expand our houses?

When I completed a mission, I went back to the mission board, but nothing happened …