Updates 3/22/2012

This update actually happened a day or two ago, but is now completely stable.

-Bugs involving what pokemon get targeted by what move are fixed.
-There is an item cap to various stack-able items now, such as the Sticks or Geo Pebbles. Currency like Poke is generally unaffected.
-Guilds have been released! You can register a guild if you your explorer rank is Master Rank or higher by going to the housing center.
*You need to pay 100,000 Poke in order to make the guild, or 100,000 Poke per party member if you want to make a guild with several leaders. Keep in mind that more leaders cannot be added after a guild is made.
*There are 3 ranks to guilds: Founder, Admin, and Member.
*Members don’t have any special privileges outside of being recognized as part of the guild.
*Admins can add or remove members. The price to add a member increases depending on the number of members already in the guild.
*Founders can add, remove, promote, and demote members. The price to promote a member increases depending on the number of admins already in the guild.
*If a founder steps down and there are no more founders in a guild, the guild will be disbanded.
*Guild members are able to meet each other in randomly generated dungeons, even if they aren’t in a party. The maximum number of people that a single dungeon floor can take is 8.

The next time the server gets an update, the details will be posted in a new thread. Have fun!

Ooh. Amazing :D

Ah hah! knew that last part would eventualy get in! And you all doubted me,…and sannom.

Well then, there are a few things that i kinda dislike about this update (a few others know about this…heck, i think everyone does. :/)

Anyway, every update has its ups and downs, dosnt it? (remember that zoroark sprit update?..heh.)

Nice job Sprinko…I love you!