Updates 3/28/2012

These are the updates from the last few server restarts we had over the week:

-Players will pause walking at important tiles such as traps or warps to ensure they don’t desynch from the server.
-A bug with stackable items has been fixed. Trying to pick up a quantity of stackable items that would overflow your inventory will result in being unable to pick it up. The same goes for buying, selling, depositing and withdrawing from the storage.
-The option to drop/sell/buy/etc. a quantity of 0 of any item is now impossible.
-A bug that prevented players from talking in local chat has been fixed.

Also, a number of accounts and characters have had their names changed. Reasons for these changes include the name being under 3 characters long, starting or ending with a space, or being the same name as another account/character, except for casing. If you have an account that got its name changed in this update, you can contact a staff member.

The next time the server updates, a new thread will be made detailing the changes.

last few server restarts over the week? seems like I havn’t missed much…

Anyway, good update i suppose, every update helps (still sort of miffed at that zoroark one though. Nyyeeeehhh…)

Ohh, I was wondering why I couldn’t move on the traps.

Cool~ This is why PMU is getting better~