Updates 3/4/2012

The latest server restart contained the following updates:

-A Spam filter is added to the chat. Trying to post too many things in a given amount of time will lead to temporary muting.

-The chat’s autoscrolling can be turned on or off.

IF YOU LOG IN AND FIND THAT YOUR CHATBOX DOES NOT SCROLL, CHANGE AUTOSCROLL USING THE OPTIONS MENU. This menu can be accessed by clicking on the button with the Message in a Bottle at the bottom right of the game, or by opening up the main menu using Esc and choosing “Others”.

-Mission descriptions now show a title and a picture of the reward to be received.

-The main menu is updated to show rank.

-The cause of a series of 100% errors that started appearing after the missions update should now be fixed.

-All guild options are removed from the game for the time being. We are currently setting up for a reconstruction of the guild system, so be patient. Guilds will probably start going on sale for a certain amount of money, and require a certain rank. When the new system is in place, all existing guilds will be wiped.

The next time the server updates on a restart, the changes will be detailed in a new thread.

Well, it is good to see some new patch notes! I am sure people will be looking forward to new guild features, may be a good time to find a team to join at that time. Thanks for the information, Sprinko.

What do you mean “Certain Rank”? As in like… Level or… like Mission Points?

Bah, I’ll miss Storm Squad but nevertheless, I look forward to these new updates!

Wonderful updates! I love the new mission system. Time to get Master rank >w<. I’ll miss the old guides but new ones will be just as good~

What is rank rewards?

So am i going to lose my “Guild Marshmallows”??? because there are many guys with the idea of Stealing it :(