Updates 4/22/2012 [Lag, Lag, Go Away...]

All updates to the game up to now include:

-Various lag-inducing bugs have been fixed, mostly from combat.
-Fixes have been made to prevent the “flashing missingno” glitch, in which missingno appears on a player’s screen, makes it daytime, and prevents the player from moving. General “flashing” glitches should also be gone too. If you still see any of these bugs after updating, please make a post on it. (Missingno glitches in which the player has no Pokemon in the team are a separate glitch; do not report those)
-The option to check your Ping to the server is available by typing in the command “/ping”. Be warned, if you try to do things while you have this ping check on, you may slow your own game. Ping is most accurate when you’re not doing anything at all. If you want to go lag-hunting, this is the command to use.
-The option to check your FPS is available, by typing in the command “/fps”.
-The bug that allows players to pick up items in mid-warp should be fixed. If anyone finds a persisting version of this bug, please report it to an admin in private.

Also, our server has been upgraded to sustain a heavier strain from having lots of players online. We hope you enjoy the new speeds, and thank all of you who donated to make PMU enjoyable and lag-free!

Too bad it didn’t go away during HC, but I still had a blast! Thanks for the updates.

/ping … <3 'Tis been very long, and we finally have it now. Nice update Sprinko.

Absolutely love the server update, even with 100 people online, not even a sign of lag.

Perfectly done.

Thank you! I have to dump my bank account because of a problem so after I figure out how much is in it ill donate everything(its problaly something under $20) but one question, whats FPS? The command isnt working for me says its not valid.

It means ‘Frames Per Second’

My PMU usually stacks around 30 FPS. which is fine x3

lol I thought FPS was “first person shooter”
and The update is great!
now the only lag I am getting is from whirlwind in skylift… :mad:

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