Updates 6/25/2012

The latest server restart contained the following updates:

  • The auction house has been opened for all players
  • You can enter the Delite Plaza from anywhere in the overworld by using the /plaza command. When you leave, you will be returned to the place that you entered from.
  • A new introduction tutorial has been created for new players. If you already have an account and want to try it out, just create a new character.

The next time the server updates on a restart, the changes will be detailed in a new thread.

The new tutorial is amazing!
The staff outdone their selves this time!
This will be really helpful for the new people who join PMU, because we had to ask normal players about something.
The staff should keep up the good work as they started.

Hooray for updates! Hooray for tutorials! :'D

Good job! This set of update sure must have needed quite the effort,but again you have been able to help make PMU better,I already saw the tutorial, I think it’s very helpful and can make people more interested in staying with the game after they join ^-^

P.S.let us know if you believe something else was needed in the tutorial that was missed. We may be able to go back and tweak it. :)

I love the tutorial~! :>:D:

One thing I feel should be added to the tutorial is the usage of Sticks and other throwables/items, because I hear a lot of questions about them from the newer players.

UMM will the typhlosion spirit be fix also. because it really buggs me when i see two of them walking around.
thanks bye

Well, the machamp speaks about how to attack, but it dosn’t say anything about…well, how to attack.

Have some patience, it will be fixed eventually.

Just thought of something,the tutorial doesn’t explain how to pick up items,that might be a bit…important to know and the WASD+F move system.

Hm, that’s an idea. o: We’ll see about that.~

Both are actually explained in the Exbel Woods tutorial. :)

Yeah, he was going to explain how to attack at first, but after the 2nd half of the tutorial was made, it became redundant. We might change his dialogue, or just replace him. xD

Thank for your input guys. c:

Might be a bit late, but i made a new character, the staff did an awesome job on the new tutorial~

My Normal account

Dungeons Beat:
Mt Barricade
Pitch Black Abyss

Dungeons haven’t beaten:
Exbel Woods:


I made an account to test the tutorial at the start and I was really impressed,
and the mapping was great aswell!

Keep up the good work guys! :la:

The tutorial was outstanding ;o
The only thing that is weird that Joey can be a girl, too. o.o

Joey can be a girls name… ;P