Updates 8/5/2012

In the server downtime today the following updates were added:

-A bug was fixed that kept people in the house editor when not in their house.
-Enemies will spawn randomly without regard to players’ sight range if players cover too much of the dungeon.
-Recruiting and Move-learning questions will cause the player to flash, preventing the situation of getting defeated while making a choice.
-Support for Emoticons is added.
-Experience given out in a party is managed differently:
Whenever a party member defeats a Pokemon, he gets 100% of the EXP.
All other party members of lower level get a smaller portion of the EXP, depending on how far lower they are. This starts from 80% and goes down from there.
All other party members of the same level get 80% of the experience.
All other party members of higher level get a slight boost to the 80% leak. This caps out at 100%.

The next time the server updates on a restart, the changes will be detailed in a new thread.

Depending how far they are from the kill or the person killing? (In AoE usage for instance)

Tested a bit with Tuoko. Based on just a little bit of data (one kill from my 20 Natu and his 37 Staraptor getting exp), here is what I concluded:

I got 90 exp (full) and he got 87 exp. 90-87=3, 3/90 = 1/30 = 3% loss, or in other words, 97% of full exp.

97%… hmm… 80%… lvl 37… lvl 20… shouldn’t take too long to figure that the +n levels of the pokemon receiving party exp should correspond to 80+n (up to 100) percent of the personal exp. Next I think we should test the -n drop.

I’ll test this some more later–gotta go eat dinner now. Seeyall!

EDIT: no, it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with that, Zarato.

EDIT2: and obviously we killed other stuff too but i didn’t pay exact attention to the %drop. This one stuck out because the math was easy, didn’t need a calculator for that.

I like the updates but the look of them and i see many of them are some of the suggestions given on the forums.
This is a good example how players and staff cant improve the game together.
Sadly i cant test the new updates because of my password but i hope there are no bugs or glitches along with them~

Further testing:

-1 lvl receiver: 79% of full exp.
-2 lvl receiver: 79% of full exp.
-6 lvl receiver: 66% of full exp.
-10 lvl receiver: 17% of full exp.
-13 or more: 1 exp.

and to clarify above post:
+1 lvl receiver: 81% of full exp
+5 lvl receiver: 85% of full exp
+10 lvl receiver: 90% of full exp (and so on until…)
+20 or more: 100% of full exp


Thanks for the safe move learning and recruiting.

I have a question about the new party feature… If you’re a lower enough level, does the EXP ever reach 0%(the minimum is not stated)?

Also, a new command such as/commandlist may be useful to show all the commands especially with this new addition of commands(I asked and was told there was no such command).

Looking at the updates, some of these would require some getting used to. (haven’t tested the exp system yet…) Very interesting updates. PMU just keeps getting better and better!

Oh yay! Didn’t see that! YAYY safe learning!

We have seen a drop to 1exp (not 0%, but as close as possible) with levels like -13 and -14, but have yet to test -11. I’d guess that -11 or more is an auto-1-exp.

Generally, a good rule of thumb is this:

If the entire party wants to get the most EXP, the person of the LOWEST level should do all of the knockouts.

Brings back memories of some training method…
I’d suggest using DEF/SP.DEF boosting moves, using psych up on the one that does so, then baton pass to the lower level’d user so they can kill without taking too much damage and hits, if any at all.

Nice updates!
Wow, you used my suggestion! :O

I really like the new update sprinko. That’s really clever of you. Firstly player’s who leech will not be able to leech and player’s going in part-format will not be able to gain too many levels too fast. Secondly people will want to go with other people more or less the same lvl.
So thanks for these updates.

Er, I think it’d be nice to have that flashing for recruiting Pokemon as well. You can’t move while a Pokemon suddenly decides to join…

It’s been included - you quoted that fact yourself.

Nice idea. I was also thinking that False Swipe could be used to help lower-leveled pokes to get the kill.

Nice idea. I was also thinking that False Swipe could be used to help lower-leveled pokes to get the kill.[/quote]

Yes. These strategies will net you pretty much the same about of EXP distribution as it had before PMU updated.

Except this time people are actually pulling their weight as team members.

I gotta admit that i dont like the new Exp system.
I mean everyone used to train their lvl 1 egg pokemon so easy to lvl 20, now its like i started the game again, like i never trained a started hard to that lvl.
Just made the game harder and i think it was simply good the way it was.

^^^^^ I agree. I dislike the new EXP system. (IMO) But even if it did stop leechers from leeching, but i liked it when level ones and 23’s would get to high levels. But it would be very hard like starting at level 50, at least.

dont like the exp system either, we need something innovative, i got bored of training pokes from lvl 1 it does stop leeching…but D:, lvl 1 pokes cant do really well alone…so…they die and its very annoying

I like the new Exp system,
besides, the staffs job isn’t to make the game easy, it’s to make it more fair.