Updates 9/12/2012 (More House stuff)

The last server restart…

…had only 8 people online. So I doubt many of you noticed there even was one.

But, there was also a client update to go along with it. These are the updates:

-Item descriptions will now tell whether you can drop and item or lose it when you’re defeated in dungeons. They also show their sell price for Kecleon stores.
-When setting down sound tiles with /housesound, you will hear a preview of each sound when you click on it in the list of choices.
-When setting down notice tiles with /housenotice, you will hear the same preview sound as mentioned above. Additionally, you can choose to play no sound when your tile is stepped on.
-You can open your house to the outdoors with /houseroof. When opened, house maps will get weather and time changes. Price is 500.
-You can set the weather of your house using /houseweather. Make sure you’ve opened the roof of your house first! Price is 300.
-You can set the lighting of your house using /houselight. It’s basically the same as the darkness you see in some dungeons. Price is 400.
-You can expand your own house now with /houseexpand. The more you expand it, the more it will cost. IF you make it smaller, however, it won’t cost a thing.

The next time the server updates on restart, a new thread will be posted. Enjoy your houses!


Thanks for the updates Sprinko!

Yay for house stuff <33

ohmaigurd so many new stuff~ excited to use dem~
mostly da expandhouse thingo
thanks sprinko :D


Amazing!! Thanks :D

Wait so, you could make your house a 50 dimension house?
Just tried it out, costs a lot of money.
Trying the stuff now :D

Yeah a expansion from 20x15 (19x14) (( Default house size)) to 50x50 costs 1,100,000 Poké

This awesome, you guys must be working really hard. Keep it up. :joy:


Best update i have ever seen . . :heart:

YAY~! Thank You Sprinko! <3

Muhaha I shall now make the greatest house in the universe, but first if my house is already somewhat expanded [I got second in a contest] can I expand it a little more without having to pay for the parts that have already been expanded?

It’s calculated in Tiles, what expansion did you get?, I can say it will not be 1.1million Poke for you but cheaper but still pricey.
For example if you had a 30x30 house which is worth ‘450,000’, Houses all start with a value of 150,000.
50x50 from 0 would be 1,250,000 But since we start with 20x15 (19x14) It costs 1,100,000 If you work it out, 1,250,000 - 150,000 = 1,100,000

so from 30x30 to get to 50x50 it will cost: 1,250,000 - 450,000 = 800,000.
Just find out your house size, Times the two numbers together then times that by 500, Take what ever you get away from 1,250,000 to get your price. OR you could try it and it will tell you.

Can we just expand it a little, not the whole 50x50?

Yes, but it rises in cost the more closer to 50x50

I sees, I shall try making it 2 tiles bigger on Friday

I’m not expanding my house YET, considering its so expensive. Once I have around 50k or more, I’ll start…

I think that expanding is too cheap…
Before this came expanding was only availible for staff or contest winners…
Now i think its pretty unfair for those who won it and now you can simply buy it…
I think it should cost much more atliest.
Like 100k for the first time.

You want my money to die x.x

Free house expansions?
This is just horrible I think, and not just because I’ve won a house extension.

But I bet Sprinko made this because of the video contest winners, (House extension prizes) They wouldn’t enter the veteran mapping contest because they haven’t won a contest, but they have an extension…

Sorry if someone’s already mentioned this.