Valhala's Drawing Nook (Updated 4/27/2020)

Welcome to my drawing nook! This is where I will post my drawings/art and tell you the status of my commissions. This may be a bit messy and disorganized at first, but nothing is perfect the first time, right? :buiwave:


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[Last Updated 4/26/2020]
:umbrella: April 2020 Artwork:

Art of my starter, Valhala, before he evolved.

Portrait art of my Buizel, Baywatch.

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[Updated 4/30/2020]

:moneybag: Commissions Prices

  • 5,000 poké for portraits

:timer_clock: Commissions Status

  • Open! | Taking Requests

:question:Current Requests

  • None | Not finished
  • None | Not finished
  • None | Not finished

:exclamation: Finished Commissions


MY COMMISSIONS ARE NOW OPEN! Comment below to reserve a spot! Will only be taking 3 at once.

Be sure to tell me about the character you want me to draw and I’ll add you to the list.

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Please draw my shiny Spinda <:)
Nothing special or extra, just a shiny Spinda :fwohohoho:


Here you go!


Thank you ma’a’a’a’a’a’a’a’a’a’a’a’am :wigglyjoy:
Your payment will be given whenever I see you online and am not busy screwing around doing something non-productive


Edited the price of Portraits. Instead of 1k, it’s now 5k.

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