My dad, who knows a lot about viruses, did a scan on the Music Player and possibly the Map Editor (not sure if he did this one, but he deleted both) and found viruses. We use Microsoft Security Essentials (though he might have scanned with Malwarebytes) and do not have Norton. This could be bad…

I’m a computer nerd myself and I have found NOTHING wrong with any of PMU’s software. In addition I have been a dedicated player for over a year and a half now with no apparent side affects. In fact my computer has almost no security what-so-ever so if PMU had viruses I would be the first to know. I do have a theory however, since PMU isn’t an average download it might have be wrongfully identified as a virus.

If you need further reassurance, look at all the people who play PMU, if there was a virus wouldn’t one of us have found it by now?

When Anti-Virus softwares find a file they cannot recognize, they seem to label it as a Virus. Many PMU players have had their files deleted this way in the past. As you can see from the vast majority of the community, no one has gotten a Virus from PMU. From personal experience, this game is completely safe to play.

As one of the programmers of this game, I can assure you that there are no viruses. All of our code is 100% virus free. If you do find a virus in one of the programs, please send it to me so I can do a full analysis on that program.

Sorry, but the music player and map editor, the supposedly infected files, were already deleted by my dad. Also, perhaps a virus could have infected them after I got them?

I had an incident yesterday where my Thirty-seven4 antivirus software deleted PMU, because it was infected. Every time I tried to re install, it would freeze due to my antivirus thinking PMU was a virus. I did end up fixing it after disabling the antivirus.

can you explain the file named Trojen.GenericKD36240532? my antivirus detected it as a threat and deleted it