Warriors Roleplay (Erin Hunter)

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[b]EmberClan, BumbleClan, and SquirrelClan live around a lake in Southern Canada (The Twolegs know they live there, the cats don"t)

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    [i]"Wake up, Pondpaw" I said as I entered the apprentices[/i] den, filled with other cats. "You've got till sunrise before we train, and I brought you a leftover shrew from last night." I am soft of my apprentice, Pondpaw, a lot of times. I really love the little guy. He is my first apprentice sadly enough. There was a slight mistake when I was made deputy because the previous leader, Kindstar was very sick and about to die. I stepped outside, and had a word with the senior warriors. Pondpaw was near the apprentices eating area, the half-grown tree in the corner of the camp. I have my nest at the very top.
    I can be a bit shallow around cats I don't trust, and for some time I was afaraid of losing my 5th life. Now I have, and I've realized I'm still fine. About four mouse-lengths from my tree, theres a bush that conceals the warriors den.  On the other side of the camp there is a log with two hollow ends. One has a very small gap partially concealed by the camp wall. That's the medicine cat's den. Acrossed from that, on the other, more opened side of the log, is the elders den. We weaved our nursery right into the camp wall after the fire in the forest when I was just an apprentice. I'm proud of our progress, as a whole. We have several lovely kits that all get along, all apprentices have mentors that are fit, and we keep our fresh kill stocked daily.


        [i]I woke up and decided to go on a morning run,[/i] since I woke up early and had nothing to do. I carefully creeped past several sleeping warriors and headed out of the camp entrance. Another cat; the deputy, stopped me at the entrance. I notified the deputy I was going out to hunt. I'm not an apprentice anymore the deputy told me. I can eat now because I don't have the rule to hunt before I can eat. I just said plainly I'm anxious and would like to go for a walk. The deputy nodded slightly, and I left the camp. I stalked lightly through the forest, not sure if there was anything nearby. I heard a squirrel suddenly, but I could tell it was a few fox-lengths off. I stalked lightly towards the noise, and very quickly and lightly climbed its tree and dispatched it. I tossed it to the ground, kicked some dirt over it, and continued into the forest.

Also, Cloudz, You don’t have to make Pondpaw Shallowstar’s apprentice as well, I thought these might be nice ideas.

Plus, one more thing. I haven’t described SquirrelClan’s appearance, or EmberClan’s so make it up if you want, unless you have no creative ideas. c:

Edit: That whole “unless you have no creative ideas” was kind-of mean sounding, but I didn’t mean it that way.[/size]