Wear a scarf or bow when your holding it.

I know that the title sounds odd, but if you ever realized, in artwork, if a pokemon is holding a scarf or bow, it actually shows that the pokemon is wearing it. I’m okay if you don’t like this idea, but I was thinking if you holding a scarf or bow, in a dungeon/the overworld, it actually shows you wearing the item. And if this still doesn’t make sense, here is what I mean.
scarf chickorita wearing scarf . So think of this chikorita in the overworld, wearing a scarf.

I know that this might take a lot of work to do, but it sounds like a good idea, right? And it’s okay if you disagree with me If you like it, like this topic please!

Doing this requires having to make each and every sprite for each and every item on each and every Pokémon, which at the end of the day is way too much work. :(


Yeah your right. But it’s a good thought right!?

And I get why you wouldn’t want to do that. I mean every pokemon gets like, 16 new sprites? That’s bizarre! And that’s not including the shinies :frowning: :exploding_head: