What Are Your Favorite Video Game Music Tracks?

The title says it all. What are your favorite tracks from the various video games you’ve played?

Some of My Picks


Second Dark Matter Battle (PSMD)
Tree of Life: Roots (PSMD)
Second Bittercold Battle (GtI)
Sky Tower (RT)

Canalave City (Diamond and Pearl)
Route 203 (Diamond and Pearl)
Route 209 (Diamond and Pearl)
Route 10 (Black and White)
Aspertia City (Black 2 / White 2)


City of Tears (Hollow Knight)
This track actually causes me to tear up sometimes. Quite fitting given its name.

Truth, Beauty and Hatred (Hollow Knight)
For a joke bossfight, the music SLAPS.

Gusty Garden Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)
Very original, I know

Purple Coins (Super Mario Galaxy)
Yes, it’s a remix of the above track. I am not ashamed.

The Ultimate Show (Super Paper Mario)
This entire game is super underrated.

Autumn Mountain (Paper Mario: The Origami King)
The soundtrack in this game is hit-or-miss, but when the music is good, its REALLY good.

Battle Against a True Hero (Undertale)
Undertale (Undertale)
Ruins (Undertale)
Undertale’s OST is phenominal. I could really put any track from that game here.

Field of Hopes and Dreams (Deltarune)
The World Revolving (Deltarune)
A Cyber’s World (Deltarune)
Same as above. Toby Fox is a musical genius.


Peak naming

There was a time I almost exclusively listened to video game music, but my horizons are much more broad now that I don’t as much In comparison. None of them feel like definitive favorites anymore like they used to


  • ORAS Sealed Chamber. Always loved this track
  • ORAS Dive original I know
  • BDSP Lake original I know
  • The tutorial music from Pokken slaps harder than It should
  • PLA Jubilife Village. I haven’t played this yet ( I have eShop giftcards but no space on my Switch :intkermitlol: ) but I like It a lot. Heard It through Easter HC


  • Touhou Last Occultism ~ Esoterist of the Present World original I know
  • I always was fond of Octarmaments ( Phase 2 ), Deluge Dirge, and Deepsea Metro from Splatoon 2. I love the Tentakeel Outpost theme for something relaxing
  • You In Wonderland from Persona Q Is god
  • Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Digital Laboratory
  • I’ve been playing Xenoblode ( the first one I know I’m late ) and I love the…field music? It’s really catchy… Idk what It’s actually called I need to google It but I’m trying to avoid spoilers
Some others I don't listen to as much but still really like for one reason or another
  • Splatoon 2 regret. Seriously this song hits hard If you played Octo Expansion, which was Insane back then. I liked this so much I made a poem after It. Such a sad song. I’m already sad enough which Is why I stopped listening :)
  • ORAS Hall of Fame
  • SwSh Boutique. Really fire for the clothes shop theme
  • SuMo Salon
  • SuMo Have a Break Have a Kitkat at the Cafe
  • XY Anistar City. It’s literally In my house, but also the way It goes from one side to the other If you use headphones was always cool, and the town Itself Is pretty cause of the giant sundial
  • XY Game Sync
  • XY Gate. Most people only heard the first 4 seconds of this song Including me, but It’s actually pretty good, somewhat melancholic
  • Smash Melee All Star Rest Stop. If heaven exists this Is probably what It sounds like
  • Kirby Star Allies Title Theme. Cures depression
  • BW Dreamyard. Iconic theme In my onion
  • BW Ferris Wheel. I only knew what this Is because of HT but It’s really nice and has a nostalgic tone
  • BW Dragonspiral Tower. This song made me sad back then. I like It
  • BW Victory Road
  • BW Battle Colress
  • BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Blue Beating. I’ve only played this game once but this Is literally the character select theme and It goes pretty hard for no reason
  • Let’s Go Cerulean City. Why Is this so happy sounding? I first heard It In PMU and It was such a joyful time. /mapmusic didn’t exist at the time and I didn’t ever figure out what It was called before It was changed so I went crazy trying to find It at one point
  • Shantae Pirate’s Curse File Select. ??? I’m not even kidding this Is actually a really great theme
  • DPPt Route 225. Good when It picks up


-second dark matter battle (psmd)
-Defy the legends (pmd sky)
-battle!champion (hgss)
-battle!team rocket (hgss)


-BIG SHOT (deltarune)
-Bergentruckung, ASGORE (undertale)
Technically speaking two tracks, but they are connected
-Abnormality second warning (library of ruina)

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon:

PMD 1/DX: Sky Tower.
PMD 2: Dialga’s Fight to the Finish.
GTI: Great Glacier.
PSMD: Tree of Life - Roots.

Mainline Pokémon games:

Kalos Power Plant (XY)
PWT Finals (B2W2)
Stow-on-Side (SwSh)
Champion theme (HGSS)
Coronet Highlands (PLA)

Other games:

Moonlight Canyon (Kirby and the Forgotten Land)
Life Will Change (Persona 5)
In the Final (Bowser’s Inside Story)
Gaur Plains (Xenoblade Chronicles, although I haven’t played the game but heard it through Smash 4.)
Rainbow Road (Super Mario Kart)

Based Undertale/Deltarune picks

Honestly, half the soundtrack in those games could be on my list haha

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Stow-on-side is super underrated ;)