What challenges does this project face?


Sorry if this gets close and personal, but I’m curious. =P

I come from another MMO, as a staff member there. I tried hopping back onto PMU while my own game was facing some downtime/trying to take a break, only to discover I had forgotten my password…and there is no password recovery option.

Now, that is not my discussion at hand, but it does bring up a question. If there are no recovery options, is it because this project faces similar issues to the one I’m helping out? Is there a logistical reason I am not aware of? I would think that having to PM a staff member to recover a password would be horrifically annoying and time consuming for the staff here to sift through those PMs. So, there has to be something keeping features from getting in.

If such a staple option isn’t here, what other common features is this game missing, and why? I’m sure these answers are somewhere, but my apologies because I couldn’t find them. xP Also note I’m not complaining, so please do not respond as if I am.

So, sorry for the unusual and potentially personal question, but…I can’t help but be curious about it. I like learning about environments and the challenges people face as well as how they overcome them. I am kind of new here, so what may be obvious to you is not to me.


I believe there is a .txt file in the PMUniverse folder that contains your password in it. However, if you can prove you’re the owner of the claimed account then you can contact the admins. I think your IP or relevant screenshots count as proof. It might be time consuming but if you really want to play the game then this shouldn’t really be a hassle. :p

Back to what things this game has and doesn’t have… well, one could argue its a game still in development so the features at the moment aren’t completed/limited.