What if ko-fi, but if it was for poke instead (comms open lol)

Hey, y’all. Since I was an absolute fool and spent 7 million dollars on a mixtape because I can’t count, I’d like to earn that money back. If you have some money you’re holding onto, feel free to send it on over to me for some sweet, sweet art.


  • art
  • memes
  • art of OCs, characters, misc. stuff that you want drawn.
  • digital art


  • complex backgrounds
  • backgrounds, as a rule of thumb
  • digital art (without crying)


  • 50k for basic sketch.
    This 50k encompasses 1 character, with shading in a semi-clean sketch format. If you’d like to buy more characters in an image, add +50k for each additional character.

  • 200k for colored piece.
    This 200k encompasses 1 character, with basic flat colors and a clean, transparent background. This is priced significantly more due to the fact that my sole means of digital art is a mouse, and although clean, it takes much, much longer. Add +100k for each additional character.

After regaining my former 7 mil. poke, I will possibly still keep this open. We’ll see how it goes.


  • Saoirse - Colored - Draft done, waiting on color.
  • Levy - Colored - Drafting process
  • Layanna - Colored - Not started
  • Ace0 - Sketch - Not started

Here’s a post to showcase completed pieces. I’ll probably cringe about my poor art form sometime in the very near future, we’ll see.

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so… you’re saying I need to get a ton more poke before I can commission you?

would I be able to put said commission on DeviantArt afterward?

you sure have to! this is a capitalist society and i am ever-unrelenting. i’d rather not have my work reposted, but if you must, feel free to credit me or link to my twitter lol

uh… okay. well… I guess I’ve got a lot of item farming to do later.
or tomorrow.

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Lumainous7#7777 is my discord ill legit order like 10000 pictures ur arts super nice xD

Wow Kek, now I really better start working on getting some more Poke. :P (Also, finally made a forum account… Only took me like… 3 months… xD)