What kinds of music are you into?

Well, music is a really big thing in my life, and what I listen to can make or break the mood.
So I was curious what do you, players of PMU, like to listen to ? Have a favorite band/artist/genre ? Or even a favorite song ? Tell me about it !
My favorite things to listen to are Twenty One Pilots, Passion Pit, Make Acid, Owl City, Crywank, Anamanaguchi, Neon Indian, Vocaloid, and i’m super into the Electro Swing genre lately. :la:
So what do you like PMU ? :joy:

I am so bad at listing what music I listen to. Half the time I don’t even know what I’m listening to, it just sort of happens.

Like a big ol’ nub, I find myself listening to the Top 100s in the car, if I forgot my aux, which I don’t mind 70% of the time! :D

It really depends on what I’m doing though. If I’m doing serious hw or writing, I listen to songs without words, like Jazz, Celtic, Tribal, Classical, Video Game music.

If I’m just hanging, anything really, everything but Country/Screamo basically. I will honestly have to go through my music library to find out the band names ^^;;; Couple years back my fav band was Imagine Dragons though, don’t really have one this year.

When I’m in my house on my laptop, ALWAYS the soundtrack from Xenoblade. Always, haha. Occasionally I like to listen to ORAS soundtrack too, same goes for the Tales of series.

When I’m outside say in the car, I usually like to sing along to bands / Artists like The Script, Robbie Williams, Rihanna, Eminem, Sam Smith, etc.

There’s a lot more but my mind is just blank at the moment, haha. xD

Something I need to listen to, lol!

As for me, I usually listen to Eminem a lot, I’d say daily and I usually choose his music over someone’s else. I do like rap a lot, but he’s my favorite artist for far.

I like country a lot too, especially Johny Cash. I’m not sure where “The tallest man on earth” will fit but I like his calm music a lot too.

Then I listen to national rock bands I’m not going to mention because I’m sure you haven’t heard of them, lol.

I typically listen to a ridiculous amount of K-Pop (everything from BTS and U-KISS to SNSD and AkMu). Festivo knows.

Outside of that, I like Rise Against, I Fight Dragons, Sum 41, and Thousand Foot Krutch. :)

Pretty sure you could name every single genre and there’s something I like about it, always used to hate seeing “everything except jazz” online since jazz is a personal favourite. Had to name a few particular favourites… AWOLNATION, Twin Shadow, Bossfight, Moby & Gorillaz.

I am a music major, so…
ALL the musics! (almost).

I’m down with orchestral primarily. Think Joe Hisaishi. Another example is Austin Wintory’s Journey - Apotheosis. Some of the most beautiful and touching stuff is from newer forms of media I believe.

If you want to get down to the more traditional chops, I go with Ravel/impressionists and the likes of Samuel Barber (Adagio for Strings), but at this point I’m really just nerding out because most other people will be like “omg pop, rock, etc,” and here I am listing a guy from 1800s France. ;)


Hype is just too good for me, no specific artist, just songs I pick up.

You’re the first person I’ve talked to that also likes them xD

Apart from Thousand Foot Krutch I also really like Breaking Benjamin and Skillet. There’s also things I pick up from animes or just plain radio music at times.

You’re the first person I’ve talked to that also likes them xD[/quote]

Dausk got me into them waaay back in the day. x)

Lately I’ve been listening to the OST of Undertale and Animal Crossing: New Leaf!
Although my favourite singers I guess are Avril Lavigne, Beyonce, Katy Perry.
Although I really am enjoying Dead by April and Fall out Boy. B)

Everyone has really cool musical interests, I’ll be sure to check some of these out that you guys mentioned ! It’s always cool to hear new things :la:

the types of music i listen to are classic rock, rap music, 80’s new wave, some old school hip hop, dubstep, electronica. they really get me in the mood! ?? you can suggest me any other types of music, i don’t mind at all.