What Pokemon are useful in PMU that aren't very good in main series games?

One thing I appreciate about mystery dungeon games how it changes viability. Pokemon I would never use in the main series games are really useful in dungeons. I’ve been reading through new player guides and notice Altaria is highly recommended, where in the core games it’s always overshadowed by stronger dragons. What mons are really good in PMU that don’t see much use in the main series?

Also feel free to drop any general recruit recommendations, I’ve just reached level 30 and I’m looking to build up my team more.

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There is a few things reguarding as useful in the game, and there’s section.

For support, the most go-to are probably altaria, with blissey/lickilicky following. Altaria is good due to c9(cloud nine) and refresh/safeguard, with 4x speed as a backup runner as well. Lickilicky is just a worser altaria due to no 4x speed. Blissey is also just a very good overall support.

As for speedrunning, most dragon flying types are the way to go. Noivern is usually the most popular, with 4x speed during clear weather (clear rock) and gets access to moonlight. Yanmega is also a really popular early game option due to speed boost.

Weather based mon is also a really big part. In sun weather, whimsicott is usually one of the more used pokemons. Gastrodon and Lumineon in rain due to 4x speed and swift swim. A-tales/Vanilluxe are also good mons to provide hail weather.

You can also refer to this Shiny hunting + PMU meta guild to learn more!

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Oh… you’re looking for recommendations. I was just going to use this to ramble about mons I like
The thing Is, It’s like you said. PMD changes viability so you can pretty much use whatever.

About the utility from main series to PMD, I like the Drifblim line which has one of the worst movepools ever, but still manages to be a good support In terms of PMU. People like to have a Fly user for overworld travel but It can also be used to move around In dungeons without getting hit. Clear Smog Is useful for bosses as It resets stat changes, and Recycle can fix Grimy Food. It’s actually a pretty common mon from what I’ve seen but not really “recommended” because Drifloon Is mid-late game.

They aren’t really “useful” but baby Pokemon ( that actually learn moves ) or really anything unevolved become useable easily with all the boosting Items you can get and being able to use Eviolite 100% of the time. Teddiursa Is something people would rather want evolved asap If they’re looking to use It In the main series, but It’s actually pretty strong by Itself because of this. In PMU It’s used mostly used for Honey Gather as It loses that Ability after evolving. The same applies to Combee too.

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