✨ the ultimate shiny hunter and pmu meta guide 2021 ✨


|| Intro: So you wanna shiny hunt, huh?

(get ready to shed a lot of blood, sweat, and tears for something that gives you 0 mechanical advantage, though im sure you’re aware of that)

if youve ever shiny hunted in any pokemon game before, youre probably well initiated to how much effort it takes to get one of these stupid things. and if you aren’t, welcome! get ready to suffer!
…this is a joke, obviously. shiny hunting in pmu really isnt that bad if you’re well prepared and know what you’re doing. HOWEVER, in order to comfortably and seriously do so, you need a lot of resources and prepwork, but i want to try and make it as easy as possible to understand by breaking down all of the factors that go into shiny hunting on Pokemon Mystery Universe

through this guide (if i do my job properly), you will learn:

  • The fundamentals of how shinies spawn
  • How to set up the optimal shiny-hunter team, and what Pokemon are best for the job
  • Basics of the PMU speedrunning meta (this isnt as scary as it sounds, i swear)
  • Useful items for both shiny hunting and general exploration
  • How to optimize your runs
  • How to multitask and make big $$$
  • How to hate the process less
  • Other fun tips the pros use

…let’s get started!

| Part 1: How Shinies Work

(what even ARE shinies anyway)

shiny pokemon are weird miscolored pokemon. it bears repeating: they do not give you any intrinstic benefits and are only for your own self-satisfaction and for bragging rights. a cosmetic, if you will.
shiny pokemon work similarly to the mainline games, but due to the nature of pokemon mystery universe essentially giving a large quantity of pokemon spawns at a time via dungeon floors, and not having wait times inherent to turn-based gameplay, PMU actually has much higher shiny rates than probably any official pokemon game. lucky you!

| F.A.Q. About Shinies

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✨ Frequently Asked Questions about the mechanics of Shiny Pokemon ✨

Q: How rare are shinies/What are the spawn chances?

A: all shinies have a unique rate of appearance assigned on a case by case basis in order to keep things fair. basically, these are the rules of shiny spawn rates:

  1. Dungeon Difficulty: harder (higher levelled dungeons) typically have higher rates than lower ones.
    example: tanren mansion (lv 50-60, tanren) will have a higher shiny chance than fruity grotto (lv 10-15, exbel.).
  2. Rarity of Spawn: rarer pokemon have higher shiny chances compared to common spawns.
    example: beldum in mt moon, a very rare pokemon, has a higher rate of being shiny than jigglypuff in the same dungeons
  3. Summon Pokemon: some pokemon have a much greater chance of being shiny due to being tied to item-based summons. these are:

FOSSIL POKEMON (5% or 1/20)
3ani_-S_140__xy 3ani_-S_138__xy 3ani_-S_347__xy 3ani_-S_345__xy 3ani_-S_408__xy
3ani_-S_410__xy 3ani_-S_564__xy 3ani_-S_566__xy 3ani_-S_698__xy 3ani_-S_696__xy
REQUIRES: Fossil items from various locations
SUMMONED: Loch Lenile Cavern secret rooms 11-20F (Red Moon Spring)

SPIRITOMB (5% or 1/20)
REQUIRES: Odd Keystones dropped by Spiritomb in Tanren Mansion Basement (needs Mansion Key from Mansion endboxes or One-Room Orbs to enter)
SUMMONED: Tanren Courtyard 11-15f secret rooms (also requires Mansion Key/One-Room Orb)

PHIONE (10% or 1/10)
REQUIRES: Sea Dew from Seafloor Ruins East/West endboxes to enter Central Seafloor Ruins, Wonder Egg from Central endboxes
SUMMONED: Central Seafloor Ruins 51-59f Secret Rooms

  1. Event Pokemon: sometimes PMU has special yearly events. typically, these events have heavily buffed shiny rates. keep an eye out!
  2. Overworld Pokemon.: very rarely, pokemon can spawn shiny in the overworld rather than within dungeons, provided theyre recruitable. consider being vigilant when exploring so you don’t miss one!

Q: How can I tell if a shiny has spawned, and what do they look like?

A: shiny pokemon will play a loud noise when spawning in. [may not play in all browsers] they will also have an asterisk (*) in front of their name within the Battle Log (viewable through the menu or at the bottom of the screen).

Q: Do shinies have buffed recruitment rates?

A: NO. shinies have the same recruit rate as any other pokemon. it is highly reccomended you carry recruitment-boosting items for this reason. this will be covered in more detail later on in the guide.

Q: What Pokemon can be shiny?

A: as of the time of writing this post (jan 2021), all Pokemon from Kanto through Unova (1-5), all starters, all fossil Pokemon, and a miscellanious few gen 6+ pokemon, which as far as I can tell are: Phantump line, Pumpkaboo line, Pancham line, Noibat line, Carbink, Furfrou, Yungoos, Drampa, and all Alolan forms.

Q: Are there any ways to boost spawn chances for shinies?

A: no. you cannot influence shiny rates in any way yourself. shiny rates are “maximized” via keeping a constant rate of pokemon spawning.

Q: Can shinies hatch from eggs?

A: as of the time of writing this post (jan 2021), no. it is a planned feature.

Q: I keep hearing about something called a “Shiny Token.” Where can I get one?

A: these are obtainable through various events. they are seldom given out, and only distributed (in recent times) via Auctions, a type of weekly event that can occur at staff’s discretion. HOWEVER, these are highly valued and will cost you tens of millions of poke. dont bank on ever obtaining one.

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// have further questions? ask them below, and maybe ill add them here! //

| Part 2: What Pokemon To Use For Shiny Hunting

(forming the ultimate shiny-murdering squad)

the basics of a good shiny hunting pokemon can be summed up in 4 simple qualities:

  1. The Pokemon is capable of reaching 4x speed, without set-up, through use bag items and/or abilities. ALL POKEMON are capable of reaching 2x speed, but only some can reach 4x speed!
  2. The Pokemon has access to a non-offensive health-recovery move. good examples include recover and synthesis. bad examples include giga drain or drain punch.
  3. The Pokemon does not rely on a weather condition that is unable to set up manually. rain, sun, and clear weather are the way to go. sandstorm and hail arent viable, and i'll explain why in a second...
  4. The Pokemon has access, ideally, to strong Area of Effect moves. this one isn't necessarily mandatory, but its HIGHLY reccomended.

so… what are the pokemon for which this applies? here’s the full list:

✨Full List of Viable Speedrunning Pokemon ✨

tumblr_inline_mljkl1wLHk1qz4rgp540 CLEAR WEATHER tumblr_inline_mljkl1wLHk1qz4rgp540

butterfree Butterfree Bug/Flying (2 Crystals) [Morning Sun: Base 60 HP]
scyther Scyther Bug/Flying (2 Crystals) [Roost: Base 70 HP]
dragonite Dragonite Dragon/Flying (2 Crystals) [Roost: Base 91 HP]
ledian Ledian Bug/Flying (2 Crystals or Family Item) [Roost: Base 55 HP]
beautifly Beautifly Bug/Flying (2 Crystals) [Morning Sun: Base 60 HP]
masquerain Masquerain Bug/Flying (2 Crystals) [Roost: Base 70 HP]
ninjask Ninjask Bug/Flying (Ability+Crystal) [Roost: Base 61 HP]
altaria :star: Altaria Dragon/Flying (2 Crystals) [Roost: Base 75 HP]
salamence Salamence Dragon/Flying (2 Crystals) [Roost: 95 HP]
mothim Mothim Bug/Flying (2 Crystals) [Roost: Base 70 HP]
vespiquen Vespiquen Bug/Flying (2 Crystals) [Heal Order: Base 70 HP]
yanmega :star: Yanmega Bug/Flying (Ability+Crystal) [Roost: Base 76 HP]
vivillon Vivillon Bug/Flying (2 Crystals) [Roost: Base 80 HP]
hawlucha Hawlucha Fighting/Flying (2 Crystals) [Roost: Base 78 HP]
noivern :star: Noivern Dragon/Flying (2 Crystals) [Moonlight: Base 85 HP]

tumblr_inline_mljkldXc481qz4rgp540 RAINY WEATHER tumblr_inline_mljkldXc481qz4rgp540

gastrodon :star: Gastrodon Water/Ground (Crystal+Family Item) [Recover: Base 111 HP]
swanna Swanna Water/Flying (Crystal+Family Item) [Rest(Hydration): Base 75 HP]

tumblr_inline_mljkl1FYXw1qz4rgp540 SUNNY WEATHER tumblr_inline_mljkl1FYXw1qz4rgp540

charizard Charizard Fire/Flying (Crystal+Family Item) [Roost: Base 78 HP] <CAUTION!> HAS SOLAR POWER! (HP DRAIN IN SUNLIGHT)
rapidash Rapidash Fire (Crystal+Family Item) [Morning Sun: Base 65 HP]
shroomish Shroomish Grass (Ability+Crystal) [Synthesis: Base 60 HP]
infernape Infernape Fire/Fighting (Crystal+Family item) [Slack Off: Base 76 HP]
florges Florges Fairy (Crystal+Family Item) [Synthesis: Base 78 HP]
shiinotic Shiinotic Grass/Fairy (2 Crystals) [Moonlight: Base 60 HP]

HAIL has no viable pokemon. SANDSTORM has gliscor, but this is considered unviable due to how much sandstorm impedes vision.

but we can go further than that!!! some of these options are far better than others, of course. there are four TOP TIER picks for speedrunning pokemon, and i will provide sets for them now!

:star: YANMEGA (BUG/FLYING) :star:


ABILITIES: Frisk, Speed Boost, Tinted Lens
SUGGESTED MOVESET: Roost, Bug Buzz/Silver Wind, Air Slash, Giga Drain/Psychic
ASSOCIATED ITEMS: Mobile Scarf (held), Clear Rock (team held) Sky/Guard Crystal (either), Sky/Guard Gem (either), Yanmega Bow (Rock HP absorption family item), [Optional: Sky Dust, Wonder Dust, Green Silk, Sky Silk]
OBTAINED: Happiness Lake (B1-5F) (Dawn/Day/Dusk only), Boggy Wastes (B1-29F) (Egg B25-48F), Voltaic Rainforest (Egg 30-50F), evolves when knowing Ancient Power (lv. 33)

yanmega is a great, easy to obtain option! you only need one crystal to get it up and running due to its innate speed boost ability, and frisk uncovers hidden items, which are usually highly valued and you can passively collect as you shiny hunt to farm money at the same time. however, it is slightly frail, its moves are a bit shorter range than the other options, and roost doesn’t work in walls. otherwise, its a solid option that’s easy to get and inexpensive!



ABILITIES: Natural Cure, Cloud Nine
SUGGESTED MOVESET: Roost, Outrage/Draco Meteor, Haze/Fly, Heat Wave/Earthquake/Dazzling Gleam/misc. (Refresh and/or Safeguard if you’d also like Altaria to be a support during normal dungeon runs)
ASSOCIATED ITEMS: Mobile Scarf (held), Sky and Dragon Crystal (both), Sky/Dragon Gem (either), Cloud Ruff (Ice HP absorption family item), [Optional: Sky Dust, Dragon Dust, Royal Silk, Sky Silk,]
OBTAINED: Mt. Skylift (11-25F), Archford (Overworld), Harmonic Tower (Egg 75-99F), Sky Fortress/Dragon Path (Egg All floors)

altaria is AMAZING and one of the best pokemon in PMU, even outside of shiny hunting! you can build yours specifically for speedrunning, or keep status moves like refresh, safeguard, and haze to make it a multi purpose support! it has an insane movepool, and cloud nine means you dont need clear rock! (however, id still reccomend it as weather-affecting pokemon can still spawn in such as pelipper or ninetails.) its dragon typing also gives it a lot of bulk. its drawbacks are that roost cant be used in walls or over water, and its dual-crystal requirement makes it expensive to obtain 4x speed. however, the investment is greatly worth it!



ABILITIES: Frisk, Infiltrator, Telepathy
SUGGESTED MOVESET: Moonlight, Outrage/Draco Meteor, Boomburst, Heatwave/Fly
ASSOCIATED ITEMS: Mobile Scarf (held), Clear Rock (team held), Sky and Dragon Crystal (both), Sky/Dragon Gem (either), Boom Scarf (Ice HP absorption family item), [Optional: Sky Dust, Dragon Dust, Royal Silk, Sky Silk,]
OBTAINED: Sky Fortress/Dragon Path (Egg and recruit, All floors)

noivern combines a lot of the great parts about altaria and yanmega. it has altarias great typing, bulk, and move choices, as well as yanmega’s ability to frisk. what it has over the other two, however, is that moonlight can be used while in walls and over water, making it a very safe option if you find you’re going through reviver items too quickly as a result. however, it has the issue altaria has in that it is more expensive than yanmega, as well as the fact that it’s obtained in one of the game’s latest dungeons. it’s well worth it, however, and is a great choice for blasting through dungeons quickly


3ani_-S_423-west__xy 3ani_-S_423-east__xy

ABILITIES: Storm Drain, Sticky Hold, Sand Force
SUGGESTED MOVESET: Recover, Rain Dance, Surf, Earth Power/Clear Smog
ASSOCIATED ITEMS: Mobile Scarf (held), Damp Rock (team held), Aqua Crystal, Aqua Gem, Gastro-Torc (Grass HP absorption family item), Awake Bow (Shellos) [Optional: Water Dust, Ground Dust, Blue Silk, Brown Silk]
OBTAINED: [West Sea] Mineral Cavern (All floors), Western Seafloor Ruins (22-30F)
[East Sea] Boggy Wastes (B30-48F), Eastern Seafloor Ruins (22-30F)

time to shill for my favoritest pokemon!! while gastrodon might initially seem like a lesser pick due to the fact that it relies on rain rather than overriding weather with clear rock, don’t be fooled! gastrodon in pmu effectively has no weaknesses with its family item, and has great hp and sp.def bulk! sticky hold makes it so you will never lose your mobile scarf, and its moves are incredibly powerful! it’s also easy to get, recover works in walls and over water, and requires only one crystal due to its family item! it doesnt have frisk, but its so cute you cant stay mad at it for that!!!

while of course these aren’t your only options (and you can even pick 2x speed pokemon with recovery moves), these are the ones i most reccomend!

these pokemon shouldn’t need any sort of support, and will work fine on their own with little assistance. however, if you want to use something else, you might need some extra help!


in case you run into a situation where you accidentally get status-effected, its a good idea to carry a pocket support. AKA, a pokemon that has Refresh, and optionally, Safeguard and Rain Dance/Sunny Day. these pokemon are good for all situations too, and its highly reccomended you have one at all times even if you don’t have one!

eevee blissey corsola altaria milotic lickilicki audino
(Level Up: eevee family, happiny family, corsola, swablu family, feebas family, lickitung family, audino)
blastoise golduck poliwhirl meganium xatu azumarill swampert
swellow clamperl seismitoadalomomola furfrouaromatisse
(Egg Move: squirtle family, psyduck family, poliwag family, chikorita family, natu family, azurill family, mudkip family, taillow family, clamperl family, tympole family, alomomola, furfrou, spritzee family)


besides these two, it’s a good idea to have a pokemon that knows U-Turn, because it allows you to move more quickly on the overworld, which may help optimize repeated runs. many pokemon can learn this move!


many dungeons need HMs to access, including ones you plan to hunt in. you should already have a dedicated HM user by this point, but if the dungeon calls for it, you may need to take it with you!
the best HM user in the game is Bibarel. it can learn cut, rock smash, surf, dive, and rock climb, and you can obtain it from the very start of the game.
there are a few other options, but they aren’t as versatile (youll also need dive or rock climb on a seperate pokemon, as well as fly, for general play)


since recruitment chance is maxed at lv 100, it’s a good idea to have a pokemon to be your “recruiter.” this isn’t strictly necessary, but i like having my “runner” pokemon under level 100 so it’s able to gain exp while i run, where i have a lv 100 in my pocket when i see a shiny. this is up to you though, but i highly reccomend having atleast one lv 100 in general!

…now that you’ve hopefully picked a pokemon you’d like to build, a good support if need be, and your ideal team set-up, let’s talk about what items you’ll need:


| Part 3: Your Items, Setup, and Checklist

(get stacked!!!)

you may have noticed that during the pokemon section, i listed off a lot of items associated with the pokemon you want to use for speedrunning. there are 4 components to setting up your exploration bag. NOTE: ideally, you should have 6 bag pages. this is obtained through reaching Master * rank, which requires 17000 points.

  1. Your 4 held items: Mobile Scarf, No-Stick Cap, Weather Rock of Choice, 4th Item of Choice
    22 20 dsffds
✨ Explanation of Held Items ✨

:star:MOBILE SCARF:star:

“A hold item that enables the wearer to move through any dungeon terrain, including walls.”
OBTAINED: Cryptic Chasm (End boxes), Mt. Moon (End boxes), Starlit Lagoon (End boxes), Tanren Mansion (Walls)

the mobile scarf item is pretty critical to speedrunning! your first instinct might be to say, “but isn’t this item pretty bad? you’ll just run out of belly immediately!” BUT! if you recall from part 2, i made a note that it’s very important to have a HP recovery move. this is because you can essentially bypass the need to eat apples by recovering your empty belly HP constantly! in this way, you will only need to occasionally drink ethers, which most dungeons supply you with in spades. travelling though walls greatly reduces the time it takes to clear floors as well. THIS MUST BE HELD BY THE MAIN RUNNER.

NOTE: i highly reccomend running with a pokemon with access to HP recovery for this reason. even if it can’t get 4x speed!! your other option if you don’t for optimal speedrunning is a tight belt or stamina band, but this is less than desirable.

:star:NO-STICK CAP:star:

“Prevents the wearer’s items from becoming sticky.”
OBTAINED: Dream Grove, Loch Lenile Cavern

its of utmost importance that your bag items dont get sticky from sticky traps. with the recovery move strat, you don’t need to worry about grimy foods, but sticky traps are still a problem, especially with how item-reliant speedrunning is. thankfully, this item is quite easy to get. take it with you everywhere! (also, its very cute)

:star:WEATHER ROCK:star:

Dream_Heat_Rock_Sprite Dream_Damp_Rock_Sprite Dream_Icy_Rock_Sprite_png Dream_Smooth_Rock_Sprite_png
“A held item that gives the effects of [WEATHER] weather to the holder. It only works if the weather is Clear in the surrounding area.”
“An item that gives the effects of Clear weather to the team when held.”
OBTAINED: Dark Market (Allotrope’s Shop), Various Sources (Click, check “Rock” entries)

bug, flying, dragon, and fighting types get a leg up on other types since clear rock will override any other weather present on the map. however, heat and damp rocks are also handy for grass/fire/fairy and water builds.these are what will enable your crystals and gems to give you the tasty speed boost and status-prevention benefits, respectively.

4TH ITEM SLOT IDEAS: Miracle/Wonder Chest, Eviolite (if using a pre-volution), Exp. All, X-Ray Charm. (See Held Item wiki page for more details)

  1. Your bag items: Crystal(s), Gem, Family Items, (optionally) Dusts and Silks
    gdfg , cv , 16 sdfdsffds , safad 10 , srdf gd
✨ Explanation of Bag Items ✨


18 18(4) 18(1) 18(3) 18(5) 18(2)
OBTAINED: Spinda’s Cafe (40 Event Tokens)

crystals multiply your movement speed (different from attack speed) by 2. having two crystals, or a single crystal with an ability or family item that also multiplies speed, will cap your speed at 4x. certain moves (agility, rock polish, automotize, etc) can be used to achieve a similar effect, but this can be cumbersome and draining on your pp.


dfdsf ccxz jh cv wqeq ed
OBTAINED: Spinda’s Cafe (40 Event Tokens)

gems essentially work like a bag-item Safeguard. being able to not have to refresh every time you get status’d cuts a lot of time from your runs. additionally, refresh doesn’t protect against most volatile status effects, while gems protect against almost anything. you only need one for the efforts to take effect.

:star:FAMILY ITEMS:star:

12 16(1) 16(2) 16(3) 16(4) 12(1)
OBTAINED: Boxes (Rarity 1 and 2), Swapping Rarity 1 and 2 Items at Croagunk’s Swap Shop.

most common family items like the torchic hair or the buizel fang only raise stats for a chosen pokemon’s evolutionary family, but did you know family items can give extremely beneficial effects? for example, altaria’s cloud ruff absorbs ice type moves and heals HP instead, fully eliminating its 4x weakness. shellos’s awake bow boosts movement speed in rain, allowing it to reach 4x movement speed! see here for a more detailed explaination of all the family items, and the nuances to obtaining them.

:star:DUSTS AND SILKS:star:

10 10(1) 10(2) 16(5) 16(8) 16(10)
OBTAINED: Various. See here for more details.

these items will boost two chosen stats (always between atk, spatk, def, or spdef) by 20 each. this means, with 2 silks and 2 dusts, on a dual-type pokemon, you will get an accumulative 160 points (80 on monotype pokemon) added to your stats. if you can, i highly reccomend getting these for yourself. dusts are very easy to come by, silks, not so much.

  1. Your recruitment-booster items: Friend Bow, and then in order of quality, Soothe Bell < Affinity Pendant < Amber Tear < Golden Mask
    latest || 15 < dsfsdfsdfsdfsdf < jkghjh < Golden_Mask
✨ Recruitment Booster Reference Sheet ✨



Dream_Soothe_Bell_Sprite_png < Best_Friends_Ribbon_VIII_png < 100px-RG_Old_Amber_png < 161115177272034329

  1. Consumables: Ethers and Revive Items
    gffghfghfhh fdgfd

| Part 4: Picking a Spot


| Part 5: Alternative Options/Advanced Tips


| Part 6: Misc. Advice


| Part 7: Shiny Bounties and How to Join the Fray


|| Conclusion: Prepare for Pain

(oh god what have i done undertaking this project for the love of god help me)

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One year later… Jk.

The parts of the posts that were already made really helped me understand a bit more the PMU meta, even though I play it since the start of last year. Also, Gastrodon cute, I agree.

no problem

tbh despite planning to do more with this guide i dont really play pmu anymore and quit playing regularly shortly after posting that and im not really into the community anymore

i wasnt a fan of the obfuscation of the “optimal” method to do dungeon runs in pmu across discord channels and chat messages so i tried to compile the most important things

this guides semi outdated but still pretty accurate. hope it continues to help people even if i cant be bothered to continue it

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