What starter did you choose?

Just curious which starters were popular and if people still use them.

Personally I picked Togepi because it’s my fav pokemon. I’m using it as my main (as Togekiss).

I chose Abra as mine. Biggest mistake of my PMU experience, tbh.

My first account i picked Raichu! But on this one i picked Skitty :'D

Soon, fire type’s gonna dominate ):

Here come all the Charizard mains

I picked Treecko, as it’s one of my favorite starters.

I chose Rhyhorn because Rhydon is my favorite non-legendary Pokemon.

Was a bit of a pain to train in order to reach evolution with a gen 4 moveset but it was absolutely worth it for the eventual Earthquake.

I picked Shinx because Shinx and Luxio are adorable. Never actually use them though.

I started with cyndaquill 'coz typhlosion is my favorite pokemon. But later I registered and picked mudkip.

Cyndaquil because I never got a Gen 2 game so I never used it as a main.

I picked Pika-Pikachu which is now a Raichu!

I picked a mareep :>