What's Your Fav Sonic Game!

Hiya, it’s me again! With another Sonic Question, What is your fav Sonic Game that u played! I Love Sonic Unleashed, Colors, and Rush Those are my Favs! :D :joy:

This is tough because I love so many Sonic games, but Sonic Heroes will always have a really special place in my heart as it was my first Sonic game so probably either that or Sonic Adventures 2 :la:

Sonic adventures 1 and 2…


Probably Sonic Adventure 2

Since it was the very first video game ive ever played in my life

Hey, I agree with you the Sonic Adventures is really awesome game. I usually play Sonic Adventures 2, the characters are very interesting in it, I have also developed a keen interest in some of the new games like the Playerunknown’s battlegrounds and Call of Duty World War 2 since my brother got them from the online store at best deals. We both enjoy the gaming sessions together, everytime new updates come and make these games more interesting.

Sonic Riders! It was my first sonic game ever, good times. So much fun

Sonic Adventure 2, literally because of the Chao’s. I still play it now - I love it. <3