What's your favorite Pokemon of each Type?

Normal: Purugly
This pokemon is cute and funny. Love it too much <3 Pfft, the word “ugly” in its name doesn’t make the pokemon ugly at all :c

Fight: Mienshao
A very interesting pokemon. Love it’s shiny form too, literally the only fighting-type that I actually like. lol

Flying: Mandibuzz
This pokemon is not used as often, but I mostly use it in a lot of the games I play. I really love it’s design <3 I don’t really like Vullaby though… :@~@:

Poison: Foongus
This pokemon is just soooo cute! :heart:

Ground: Flygon
An amazing pokemon that I adore so much :heart: (I like Trapinch too)

Rock: Relicanth
Relicanth is so beautiful to be honest. I don’t use rock-types as often, but I guess relicanth will have to do.

Bug: Vespiquen
The Queen.

Ghost: Cofagrigus
This thing can swallow the souls of pokemon. I like using it. Psst, it’s Mummy ability is lit

Steel: Probopass

Fire: Rapidash
A fabulous fire horse. :heart: :heart:

Water: Mantine
Beautiful pokemon, really loved using it since gen 4 :heart: :heart:

Grass: Shiinotic
A gen 7 pokemon that I love so much. LOOK AT IT’S DESIGN. What a cutie

Eletric: Zebstrika
because gen 5

Psychic: Beheeyem

Ice: Lapras

Dragon: Drampa
Honestly my favorite gen 7 there is.

Dark: Cacturne
This scarecrow is so cool. I love how it’s a scarecrow and it’s weak to birds :cry:

Fairy: Carbink

Normal: Ditto
Fire: Volcanion
Water: Spheal
Grass: Chespin
Rock: Amaura
Electric: Zekrom
Poison: Trubbish
Psychic: Espurr
Ground: Phanpy
Flying: Altaria
Bug: Masquerain
Ghost: Rotom
Fighting: Kommo-o
Steel: Shieldon
Ice: Froslass
Dragon: Goomy
Dark: Greninja
Fairy: Swirlix


Oh jeez where the heck do I even begin…? :@~@:

ah here :D
Grass: Grovyle: Because of PMD2 Sky, duh.
Ghost: Dusknoir: because it has a nice design and it is a very good Pokemon in battle.
Fairy: Gardevoir: Same as Dusknoir
Psychic: Celebi: Because The Movie Pokemon 4ever, PMD2 and because of how cute it is :heart:
Ice: Glaceon? Because of design idk I wasn’t really into Ice Types
Dragon: Dialga: because of My first Pokemon game Pokemon Diamond
Fighting: Lucario: do I need a reason?
Water: Piplup Line: because of I used Piplup in PMD
Fire: Houndoom: Because of Design
Normal: Meloetta: It so cute in the anime
Electric: Pikachu…jk Luxray: because of design
Poison: Crobat: because it’s use in battle
Ground: Flygon: DESIGN!!!
Flying: Starptor or Chatot: because of Pokemon Diamond
Bug: Shedinja: because of nice ability
Rock: Diancie: it’s very pretty
Dark: Darkrai: Because of Movie and How it is in battle
Steel: Aggron: It is very powerful

I hope these are good reasons. :D


Alright, my turn.

Normal: Zangoose. I guess I just haven’t really gotten attached to any of the other Normal-types.

Fire: Magmortar. A personal favorite of mine, as far as fire-types go, but I haven’t actually used it in a main game. Probably because I have no friends. :cry:

Fighting: Heracross. I find it to be kinda cute, actually.

Water: Slowbro. My Pokémon Sun playthrough gave me a new appreciation for it.

Flying: Skarmory. It has blades for wings, need I say more?

Grass: Lurantis. Probably my favorite gen 7 Pokémon of all time. It proved to be really useful during my Pokémon Sun playthrough, but I kinda wish it was faster.

Poison: Seviper. Because its eternal feud with Zangoose will never die.

Electric: Either Electivire or Eelektross. Can’t really decide between the two, they’re both cool imo.

Ground: Krookodile. It just is. No real reason why.

Psychic: Metagross. Mostly because there aren’t a whole lot of Psychic-types I actually like, and saying Slowbro twice would be unfair.

Rock: Gigalith. This thing basically carried me through the entire Pokémon League in my Pokémon Black playthrough.

Ice: Abomasnow. See Krookodile’s reason.

Bug: Escavalier. Nice physical attacker, and can take all sorts of hits, provided that they’re not Fire-type moves. Besides, it’s a knight.

Dragon: Dragalge. Say all you want, you won’t change my mind.

Ghost: Dhelmise. My other favorite from gen 7. I like how it essentially has 3 types without having any of the weaknesses associated with the Steel type.

Dark: Bisharp. If I’m being blunt, it’s my absolute favorite Pokémon.

Steel: Genesect. I could’ve swapped its position on this list with that of Escavalier, and it wouldn’t have really made a difference. But I just find it to be really awesome, and like it better as a Steel-type than as a Bug-type, if that makes sense.

Fairy: I’ll have to go with… Mawile, on this one, even though its stats aren’t that good outside of its mega evolution. It’s a fine example of how looks can be deceiving, at least when viewed from the front, where its huge jaw isn’t as immediately obvious.

Oh you poor soul. :sad:

this seems fun so why not :3

Normal: Audino
Fire: Litten
Water: Oshawott
Grass: Shaymin
Rock: Lileep
Electric: Pichu
Poison: Budew
Psychic: Espeon
Ground: Cubone
Flying: Starly
Bug: Swadloon
Ghost: Drifloon
Fighting: Stufful
Steel: Jirachi
Ice: Froslass
Dragon: Dialga
Dark: Zorua
Fairy: Mimikyu

I have too many favorites to just choose one for each but oh well </3

Normal: Exploud is pretty cool, even if I never use it :{

Fire: Turtornator~

Fighting: Kommo-o, maybe

Water: I love too many ;_; Wishiwashi is a recent fav though, so

Flying: Sigilyph~

Grass: Maractus!

Poison: Scolipede~

Electric: Xurkitree~

Ground: Claydol!

Psychic: Reuniclus is shaped like a friend

Rock: Minior is also shaped like a friend

Ice: Avalugg~

Bug: Golisopod!

Dragon: Girantina o:

Ghost: A-Marowak~

Dark: Bisharp

Steel: A-Sandslash

Fairy: Comfey~

Normal: Zigzagoon / Furret (I mean, it’s kinda obvious)

Fire: Turtonator. Go turtlez, woo !

Water: Wishiwashi

Grass: Tropius / Sceptile

Rock: Tyrantrum (giant rock dino, dinosaurs are so nice)

Electric: Oricorio Pom-Pom Style / Jolteon so fabulous

Poison: Drapion

Psychic: Mew !

Ground: Krookodile (No explanation needed :’ D )

Flying: There are a lot of flying types I like, but Archen is probably my favourite one.

Bug: Armaldo. Never really used bug types much, but I’ve always found this pokemon interesting o:

Ghost: Mimikyu. Once again, quite an interesting pokemon

Fighting: Kommo-o, maybe…

Steel: Escavalier, probably

Ice: Avalugg ice table /okno

Dragon: Dragonite has been always my favourite dragon type ever since I first saw it. It’s pretty cool and also somewhat cute !

Dark: Darkrai 2spooky

Fairy: Azurill (Don’t ask :’ D )

Normal: Furret

Grass: Sceptile

Rock: Aurorus

Electric: You know what I mean. Pikachu

Poison: oboi I liek Drapion

Psychic: Alolan Raichu

Ground: Krookodile

Flying: Shaymin-Sky

Bug: Larvesta

Ghost: The Almighty Decidueye

Fire: Camerupt

Fighting: Keldeo

Steel: Excadrill or Cobalion

Ice: Alolan Sandshrew

Dragon: Flygon/Noivern

Dark: Zorua

Water: Starmie the MiMi!

Fairy: Ribombee

Electric: Raichu, I caught a Pikachu as my 2nd Pokemon in X and Y and evolved it, and it’s grown on me since. It was even my first level 100 in XY, actually! It always disappoints me how Pikachu always gets the spotlight over Raichu, though.

Rock: Tyranitar, for a similar reason to Raichu, but later in the game. I still use this one in competitive, too. That, and it’s generally just cool.

Fairy: Sylveon. It was actually one of my least favorite eeveelutions at first because I thought it was too pink and dainty, but I was definitely wrong about the dainty part. This thing’s definitely a special wall! It has pretty good special attack, too. Anyway, I was breeding all of the eeveelutions at one point and wanted to rush this one, and I dunno if it was Pokemon Amie or what, but it grew on me.

Ground: Sandile (or any of its family members, too) Not only does this evolve into something pretty cool and have a pretty cool hidden ability, believe it or not, despite playing every game in the series previous to BW, this was also my first wild encounter shiny. Therefore, it does kind of have a special place to me.

Normal: Starbu- I mean, Sawsbuck. This one’s kind of an inside joke, and I have a competitive team kind of based around it. Chlorophyll and some other stat boosters aren’t bad, I just wish that Sawsbuck’s typing wasn’t so vulnerable :c

Grass: Venusaur. This one’s also grown on me; at first it was even my least favorite starter, although now I’d even go as far as to say it’s my favorite. I’ve got a Sap Sipper Goodra team with a physical Venusaur that has Petal Blizzard, and it’s pretty OP.

Bug: Masquerain’s grown on me as a part of my story team in ORAS, and it always reminds me of Navi, thanks to PMU.

Water: Vaporeon; I got one as a gift from Foxie and I still use it in my main team. It’s really grown on me a lot, actually!

Ice: Glaceon’s grown on me a lot, for obvious reasons. x3

Ghost: Froslass! It’s part of my main PMU team. It’s grown on me, and everything about it to me is cool (pun intended), from its typing and design to its Pokedex entry.

Steel: I’d have to say Lucario, it’s also part of my main team on ORAS/XY.

Fighting: Tsareena, it’s pretty OP /shot

Dragon: Salamence, yet another that’s grown on me. I have three different teams that use Salamence actually, and not giving away my secret tactic, but the latest one’s had some pretty good results owo /shot

Dark: It’d be a crime if I didn’t say Umbreon, wouldn’t it? /shot But as a second, I’d say Purrloin, since it reminds me of my mischievous black cat, Dan. He even steals my stuff, as Purrloin is said to do. ewe;

Flying: Talonflame. To be honest, I don’t like too many Flying types, and I’m gonna be fair and not put Masquerain or Salamence twice, so Talonflame it is. I mainly like it for Flame Body + Fly when hatching eggs.

Fire: Arcanine, actually. It just looks so fluffy and I remember thinking it was really cool when I was little, especially after seeing Pokemon: The First Movie.

Psychic: It’d be cheating if I said Alolan Raichu, I feel like, so… Delphox it is /shot

Poison: Salandit, I guess. I’ve actually never really used many poison types. o:


I feel sorry for Porygon. If only that episode didn’t cause the seizures.

Zigzagoon has always been cute.

Special mentions goes to Type: Null and Silvally.


The Houndour line is great. I’d rank Houndoom as #2 of my top 10.


Ash’s Hawlucha is great.

Special mentions goes to Machoke and Lucario.


I somewhat remember the Pikablu thing back when I was little, and Tracey’s Marill caught my eye back then.

I remember back when people were picking on it. I chose it because I related to it because of that. Samurott was great, but I’m unsure about Dewott still.


Noivern is great, and aside from its pre-evolution, it’s the only dual-type that has Flying as its first type.


Sawsbuck is pretty nice. Its a shame the season gimmick got dropped in Gens 6 and 7, though. Hopefully it’ll return at some point so the newer players would have an easier time getting its Summer, Autumn, and Winter forms.



Rotom has always interested me ever since it got the forms in Pokemon Platinum. I also remember being so happy when Rotom Pokedex was revealed for Sun/Moon.

Dedenne is one of my favorite Pika-clones, aside from Marill (if you count that) and Mimikyu.

Special mention goes to Xurkitree.



The forms for Unown always interested me.

Blame Team Rocket.

Sun lion is pretty great.


Rockruff line is great. I’d rank either Lycanroc as #3.




Zygarde 10% is my favorite form of Zygarde, aside from the Cores.


I remember doodling Litwick a lot a few years back.

Hoopa is one of my favorite Mythicals.


It’d be a lie if I said Mightyena isn’t my #1 favorite. Poochyena is also pretty nice.


Jirachi is probably my #1 favorite Mythical.


The ending for the Klefki mini-movie was so adorable.

Mimikyu was a great addition to my team in Sun.

And last, but not least…


Here goes nothing XD:-

Water : swampert . . . my fav ever pokemon ? :3

grass : shaymin . . . one of my favourite legendaries , also ADORABLE

fire : ninetails . . . well i am not a fire type fan , but i always admired ninetails’s design :3

rock : Tyranitar . . . extremely cool XD

ground : Nidoking . . . such awesome design !

poison : Arbok . . . one of the only poison types i have ever played with XD

Normal : blissey . . . EGGcllent :3

fighting : lucario . . . No comment :P

psychic : gardevoir . . . one of my best pokemon ever :3

fairy : togekiss . . . I just feel so happy when i see it ^^

steel : jirachi . . . aka my fav legendar :3

bug : shedinja . . . spooopy and cool !

electric : lanturn . . . i just like it OwO

Flying : Altaria . . . so soft

dragon : dragonite . . . cool but kind !

Ice : Lapras . . . so cool , so intelligent , so amazing , so chilled

Ghost : cofagrigus . . . Personal info :3

Dark : absol . . . the sword of justice


Normal: Eevee. It’s just so cute and fluffy, and the evolutions are awesome. :p

Fire: There’s a few Fire types that I like, so it’s hard to choose. But I think I’ll go with Typhlosion, since I have a soft spot for it ever since my first playthrough of Crystal (didn’t get Gold or Silver) and having him destroy everything. :p (I miss the Thunderpunch TM)

Fighting: Kommo-o. It just looks great, and the typing is fun.

Water: Wishiwashi. I randomly caught on a whim one of those that appear before you fight the Totem, and boy did I not regret it. I just love how much of a tank it can be. :D

Flying: Altaria. A cute floof cloud, what is there to not love? :p

Grass: Snivy, hands down. It just looks so smug, and the fact that, if I recall correctly, the line is based on French royalty.

Poison: Dragalge. Mainly because of its role as a fairy killer, and it looks pretty cool.

Electric: Tynamo. It’s just so adorable. n.n

Ground: Flygon. I loved using it on my first run through Sapphire. n.n

Psychic: Latias. I could gush so much about why Latias, but I won’t. xD

Rock: Tyrantrum. Finally, a Pokemon based on my favorite dinosaur. :D

Ice: Kyurem. I love the lore about how its the shell of the Original Dragon from which Reshiram and Zekrom came from, and I really wish they had done more with it.

Bug: Volcarona. I just remember getting a Larvesta in Black and going through the pain of evolving it before going to fight the Elite 4. It was so worth it.

Dragon: Dragonair. It looks so elegant.

Ghost: Giratina. I love the Distortion World and the Origin Form.

Dark: Hydreigon. My first ever level 100 in the main games and PMU.

Steel: Aegislash. After I saw Honedge, I just knew I had to use one in Y. I have no regrets.

Fairy: Sylveon. Just like Honedge, I just had to use one in Y. It’s also really adorable, and the first shiny I’ve been able to get by myself. (with a little assistance from my girlfriend lending me her whole National Dex so I could get the Shiny Charm xD)

Normal: Eevee. I don’t really like normal types but eevee is cute and gets me one of my favorites, Vaporeon!

Fire: Salandit! Even though their first type is Poison, they are still a fire type. Such a cutie! I haven’t really used one yet? And I hope to use them in PMU very soon!

Fighting: Croagunk/Toxicroak. Out of all my Pokemon plushies and stuffed animal, I mostly have Croagunks. They’re always on my team in every game! Such cuties. Probably one of my #1 favorites, too.

Water: Vaporeon of course! Next to the mountains of Pokemon plushies I have of Croagunk, Vaporeon is also taking over my room and closet! Always have one on my teams in all games. Used competitively as my support <3.

Flying: Togekiss. After looking through the flying types list, I actually don’t ever use them like ever in any game. Togekiss is cute though so while not at all a favorite type, it’s cool!

Grass: Pumpkaboo!!! My boyfriend doesn’t call me pumpkin for no reason! I love pumpkins and Pumpkaboo is fricken cute as heck<3. I really wish I got one in Halloween HC… Always next year.

Poison: Drapion. I would choose Croagunk/Toxicroak again but gotta give the spotlight to someone else! I love Drapion. I use them in my teams a lot AND I love scorpions irl- I have owned quite a few!

Electric: Blitzle. Again, I don’t use the Electric type as many of the Pokemon don’t appeal to me but physically I do like the look of Bliztle and their

Ground: Krookodile. Another type that doesn’t appeal to me but Krookodile is fricken cute! I love alligators and crocodiles!

Psychic: Gardevoir! I didn’t use this type until recently. Gardevoir is a nice competitive Pokemon with the right build and pretty fricken cute, too!

Rock: Lycanroc easily! I love wolves and I didn’t know that Lycanroc was a rock type let alone a PURE rock type? Looking forward to using this Pokemon in the games and PMU eventually hopefully!

Ice: Froslass. There was no need to look through all the Ice types! I love Froslass. Along with her, Gengar, Croagunk, and Vaporeon she is one of my favorites EVER! I must get a stuffed animal of her sometime soon.

Bug: Masquerain. Never have I ever used Bug types in my Pokemon journeys. Only chose Masquerain due to their somewhat appealing physical appearance.

Dragon: Dragonite… BUT THIS WAS SO HARD! Hydreigon, Salamence, Goodra, Garchomp are all so fricken good I love them all almost equally!

Ghost: Gengar. My heart and soul- has been my favorite since I can remember. Or one of them, at least. I love Gengar’s and always use them on my competitive teams in the Pokemon games!

Dark: Hydreigon. Since they aren’t primarily Dragon type, they can be my favorite here! Of course… right next to my beloved Zoroark and Bisharp.

Steel: Metagross! Not only are they physically appealing, but they’re pretty nice to use as well. I also love me some Aggron!

Fairy: Sylveon. I’m sure like many people, I loved Sylveon from day one! Shes a cutie!

Normal: Eevee

Fire: Typhlosion

Fighting: Mienshao

Water: Swampert

Flying: Gliscor

Grass: Rowlet

Poison: Nidoking

Electric: Jolteon

Ground: Cubone

Psychic: Mew

Rock: Rampardos

Ice: Glaceon

Bug: Cutiefly

Dragon: Garchomp

Ghost: Banette

Dark: Weavile

Steel: Aggron

Fairy: Sylveon

Normal: Zangoose
Water: Sharpedo or Samurott
Fire: Houndoom and Mega Houndoom are pretty cool.
Fighting: Mienshao
Flying: Staraptor
Ground: Sandslash. I don’t even know why.
Rock: Aerodactyl
Grass: Venusaur
Poison: Erm, Arbok, cause it can get pretty strong by certain moves.
Ice: Kyurem
Electric: Manectric
Psychic: Swoobat or Mewtwo
Fairy: Mawile, because it’s the less girly one.
Steel: Skarmory
Bug: Totally Yanma and Yanmega.
Ghost: Chandelure
Dark: Absol or Zoroark.
Dragon: Noivern

Normal : Eevee - This little one has been my favorite for a long time

Water : Azumarill - It’s an aqua rabbit, that grew on me in X/Y and onwards. Especially in the Amie.

Fire : Fennekin - Tiny Fox~

Flying : Altaria - It’s a fluffy pillow. <3

Fighting : Marshadow - After it’s trailer reveal, it was hard not to say no.

Ground : Sandshrew - Not much to say here. ^^

Rock : Rockruff - It’s a puppy! And I love puppies.

Grass : Whimsicott - After using it in the Amie, it was adorable and it was huge help in the main games.

Poison : Venusaur - Been my partner since the old days of Gen 1.

Ice : Alolan Vulpix - Same reason as Fennekin, but an ice type~

Electric : Plusle - Has that happy personality, since cheering is one of the things it does.

Psychic : Jirachi - Honestly this was a tough choice, because I love both this mon and Alolan Raichu equally.

Steel : Mawile - I know it’s part fairy now, but back in Gen 3 it was the very first Pokes I tried and liked.

Bug : Vivillon - The patterns. So many patterns!

Ghost : Chandelure - The ghost powerhouse of my team that I grew to love, and not be afraid of.

Dark : Umbreon - My first Dark type that I used a long time ago. I didn’t even know its stats were nice at the time.

Dragon : Latias - My first Gen 3 Dragon that I actually grew attached to.

Fairy : Togekiss - Welp, another tough choice, because I love Togekiss and Sylveon evenly. Both of them ended up being a great help in my team, but in the end, I have to give my favorite to Togekiss.

Normal: Bewear? Dual typing but shh.

Water: Piplup. Because Penguins.

Fire: Braixen because it’s super cute~

Fighting: Hitmontop, because Beyblade. :b

Ground: Sandslash, because spikeyyyy

Rock: Rockruff, RUFF RUFF

Grass: Venusaur, absolute beast in PVP

Poison: Beedrill, one of my first poison types ever used despite it being dual typing.

Ice: Weavile, used it as my partner on many occasions

Electric: Pichu!

Psychic: Reuniclus, jelllyyy. ~_~

Steel: Klinklang, just generally love it.

Bug: Yanmega, just an absolute beast

Ghost: Dusclops, loved it since generation3~

Dark: Umbreon, first dark type and super cute. <3

Dragon: Dragonite, looks like a fun hug. :3

Fairy: Sylveon, first fairy and really cute. :)

Normal: Linoone, this guy was the first normal type pokemon to ever stay on my team; when i played Alpha sapphire it’s pickup and not too shabby speed and attack made me really like this pokemon.

Water: Mudkip, initially i liked mudkip because of pokemon ruby, and that ‘vote mudkip’ meme, and then i seemed to always get mudkip as my pokemon in the pmd series of games and swampert’s 'roided mega evolution is pretty cool too.

Fire: Charizard, my favourite pokemon, this guy was awesome in the anime, and for years it’s just been my favourite pokemon, i mean even the pokemon creators think it’s awesome because they gave it two mega evolutions.

Fighting: Infernape, i had to fit this pokemon in here, it was my first level 100 pokemon when i played pokemon diamond, it was just a great pokemon and ash’s infernape was awesome to watch in the anime.

Ground: Garchomp, the diamond and pearl games were just awesome, the design and everything about garchomp (except maybe the x4 weakness to ice) are just awesome.

Rock: Tirtouga, i got one in ORAS and idk when or how but it became a vital part of my team and i just started to like it.

Grass: Serperior, initially i usually always go for fire types when choosing a starter and in B/W i did choose tepig first, but after restarting my game i chose snivy, and although it’s not got great coverage, it has a nice design and i just really like it.

Poison: Muk, it’s so cute, especially in the anime

Ice: Mamoswine, it’s a mammoth…

Electric: Magneton, i always seem to get them in every game, ad i like magnezone but magneto was still powerful without evolving, it has a nice typing with few weaknesses, and usually ends up being on most of my teams, not to mention it’s incredible bulk when you have it with an eviolite.

Psychic: Claydol, it’s a powerful pokemon i don’t see used a lot, i wanted to try it out in ORAS because it has a unique typing and it was just incredible.

Steel: Lucario, my second favourite pokemon, after i watched the movie following that lucario i just loved this pokemon, it became a vital member of my team in pokemon x, nearly soloing the E4 in my first run.

Bug: Scolipede, it’s a giant Millipede that you could ride into battle…

Ghost: Dusknoir, just look at it.

Dark: Umbreon, favourite eevelution, i like the design and i got attached to it during soul silver as it was what my eevee evolved into.

Dragon: Dialga, my favourite legendary, the design, the cry, the roar of time, the typing, everything about it is awesome. Even it’s HA: telepathy, basically because it controls time it sees into the future anticipating the attack and dodges it, more or less. Plus, the primal dialga in PMD sky was OP.

Fairy: Xerneas, i didn’t like this pokemon to start with, it just looked like stantler (if you were on acid or something) but then i was given pokemon x, i caught this legendary, and it grew on me, fairy types are definitely not my favourite, they were brought into the game just to make dragons less OP, but the point of dragons are that they’re OP (mini rant over). Xerneas ended up winning me over, it was good in battle, it had a nice movepool and yeah, not too bad.

Flying: Rayquaza, it’s in a league of it’s own, literally. it’s one of the best legendarys, it stops Groudon and Kyogre fighting, and it looks awesome.