What's your favorite Pokemon of each Type?

Hello! I made this just to see what your favourite Pokémon is each type is.~ Nothing special, just thought it would be a nice place to tell eachover, so here we are!
So, here’s my favourites:

Normal: Bidoof (I just generally like it. It’s so durp and adorable. ;u; )

Fire: Arcanine (Though I don’t use it much, I love it! Doggy’s are my style. /shotdead )

Fighting: Hitmontop (Been a fan of it because it looks awesome in my opinion, just like using it. xD )

Water: Piplup (Again, don’t use it much nor show it, but love it. It’s a Penguin. So… ;D )

Flying: Pidgeot (Love it’s PMD Sprite - and it has a nice moveset, also first ever flying type I got.)

Grass: Roserade (One of my all-time favourite Pokémon, great moveset and looks awesome!)

Poison: Scolipede (Not a big fan of Poison Types, but love using Scolipede for competitive battling.)

Electric: Minun (…No explanation needed.)

Ground: Torterra (It’s cool, bulky, and is like that turtle thing from Majora’s Mask. xD )

Psychic: Gallade (One of my all time favourite Pokémon, looks amazing, use it in every game I can associated with
Pokémon. xD )

Rock: Roggenrolla (ITS AWESOME AMG)

Ice: Weavile (…Once again, one of my all time favourites)

Bug: Weedle (…No explanation needed. :'D )

Dragon: Goodra (Awesome in PVP, so durp and so freakin’ cute!)

Ghost: Rotom (Funny to use, like it’s forms and find it a massive troll at times.)

Dark: Umbreon (Amazing tanky Pokémon which I find cute, and fun to use.)

Steel: Aggron (I really don’t know why)

Fairy: Sylveon (First Fairy I came across, came to like it a lot in battle. o: )

I have the best reasons ever. /shot
So that’s my favourites, what’re yours? o:

Hmm… I’d have to say that these are my favorites:

Normal: Porygon-Z (Back when D/P came out I already had a Porygon 2 and I was so glad that there was another evolution!)

Fire: Chandelure (I’ve always liked chandeliers and I found this pokemon to be no exception. c:)

Fighting: Meinshao (I dunno. I just kinda like it. :p)

Water: Relicanth (Back in the R/S/E days it took me so long to find one of these, so when I found one I was very happy.)

Flying: Ninjask (I’ve always liked insects, and when I first got one of these in my Sapphire game I was delighted!)

Grass: Sceptile (It’s the pokemon I’ve always gone to in terms of starters, ever since I got Sapphire.)

Poison: Beedrill (It was the first pokemon I ever fully evolved, back in Red version.)

Electric: Plusle (My brother gave me a plushie of one, and I liked it ever since. :p)

Ground: Claydol (Used it back in Sapphire, and I never stopped liking it.)

Psychic: Espurr (…he is the Bestpurr. But seriously I loved the pokemon the first moment I saw the art. I’ve always liked scottish folds. :D)

Rock: Bastiodon (It was one of my better pokemon back in Pearl, I like it’s design. c:)

Ice: Froslass (It was my first shiny, I transferred it all the way up to AS! c:)

Bug: Ledian (It was my favorite back in Silver.)

Dragon: Mega Sceptile (I dunno if this counts, but man I like that mega evolution. :p)

Ghost: Golurk (It helped me through the elite four quite a bit back in White.)

Dark: Umbreon (Actually this is my favorite dark type too. My bro gave me one a while back and it became my favorite eeveelution. Plus it looks like my cat I had a while ago)

Steel: Klinklang (I like machines and mechanical parts in general. c:)

Fairy: Clefable (I had one back in Red, and it stuck with me the whole way through. :D)

I’m disappointed.

Normal: Linoone.
I did a Pokemon Emerald run where I only used one Pokemon family to battle and I did it with a Linoone named Tanni. It took a lot of revives with Elite 4 Phoebe and many brave Zigzagzoon martyrs, but we did it. <3

Fire: Arcanine.
It’s like fire Luxray, just a heck of a lot more viable…

Fighting: Pangoro.
When I first saw it, it instantly reminded me of Kanji Tatsumi from Persona 4. I like Kanji, so I liked Pangoro.

Water: Totodile.
It was the starter that carried me through Pokemon Silver when I first got it from my cousin. (That was like… 9 years ago or something.) I also have a plushie of Totodile. His name is Roscoe!

Flying: Altaria.
It’s a flying pillow. Come on!

Grass: Breloom.
It just looks so wonky. It has a mushroom cap for a head, tiny T-Rex-esque arms, and it can apparently punch with those tiny arms. I’m sold.

Poison: Scolipede.
It has Speed Boost! Run!

Electric: I think this one’s self explanatory. It"s Luxray. What a surprise.
PMU 7 rolled around and I swapped in-game usernames. I thought Luxray would be the one Pokemon to represent the sneaky coolness that is the Phantom Thief Dark. (From DNAngel, if you don’t get the reference.)

It wasn’t until Easter 2011 or something that I started using “Ren”. Me and Levy, my good friend, were trying to get each other our respective starters (Totodile and Shinx). We ran Easter HC a ridiculous amount of times. We got our own starters in eggs, but not the other’s. It took another whole year (and kept promises) to get Levy a Shinx. I was okay with my extra Shinx, and Ren was born. :P

As for Luxray… It’s fluffy and fierce. I kind of just want to disappear into its fur and take a nap or something. I like sleeping and Ren likes sleeping. I think we’ll make a good combo.

Ground: Trapinch.
It looks really silly. Also, Nuck!

Psychic: Xatu.
Another one of my trolls in regular lunchtime Pokemon battles. It just doesn’t die.

Rock: Tyrantrum.
It looks really cool. I always wanted a giant dinosaur Pokemon to destroy my opponents.

Ice: Abomasnow.
Obamasnow, Fat Snowman, I … yeah. Its PMD sleeping sprite gives me life.

Bug: Scizor.
Great revenge killer … or anything else really. This Pokemon’s really flexible.

Dragon: Flygon.
It’s been one of my favorites ever since I got Pokemon Emerald!

Ghost: Golurk.
I really like big robots and this is the closest I’ll get to it.
(And yes, I built that. uvu )

Dark: Honchkrow.
It’s the one Pokemon I’ve trolled the most with when battling with my friends over lunch. The Moxie / Substitute / Sucker Punch is too good, man. You can’t stop the crow.

Steel: Aggron.
Its head looks really cool. The horns are a really nice touch.

Fairy: Azumarill.
I have a 5 IV Azumarill named Mitsukuni. (I"ll give you a personally baked chewy chocolate chip cookie if you get the reference.) Mitsukuni wrecks face like no tomorrow.

PS. Here’s a copy pasta of all the types for easy posting.
[spoilerJust hit Select All and Ctrl / Cmd + C. :):1vf7o6jg]

[b]Normal: [/b]


Normal: Lickitung/Lickilicky and Sentret/Furret.
Yes, four Pokémon. Lickitung was one of the first Pokémon I saw, and Sentret was one of the first Pokémon I ever caught.

Fire: Arcanine.
Fluffy dog is cute. much fluff

Fighting: Hitmontop, Hawlucha and Mienshao.
I don’t really like Fighting-type Pokémon, but I like these three. That’s it.

Water: Spheal.
It’s cute. Most of my reasons are these short and dumb, yes
Idk, I always liked Spheal since I first saw it, because it’s pretty cute.

Flying: Togetic.
[Insert reason here]

Grass: Cherrim.
It’s… cute. Yeah.

Poison: Garbodor and Dragalge.
“ew garbodor isn’t cute, it’s ugly and not cute and ugly, why does it exist”

  • some garbodor hater

But I like Garbodor. I just, I don’t know why, I just think it’s a cool Pokémon. (Also kinda cute)
And Dragalge, because, look at it! A Poison-type dragon who lives underwater and looks like algae. I like underwater related things.

Electric: Luxray and Rotom.
Luxray: Check Arcanine.
Rotom is a pretty cool Pokémon, because it can possess the motors of appliances and that’s cool. My favourite form is Heat Rotom.

Ground: Sandshrew.
I just… for some reason couldn’t choose a favourite Ground-type. I mean, I like most Ground-types, but I couldn’t choose a favourite one. Sandshrew is really cute, that’s why I ended up choosing it.

Psychic: Unown.
It was one of the first Psychic-type Pokémon I caught, and I thought it was cool a Pokémon that had different forms that looked like letters.
But it was hard just choosing one Psychic-type Pokémon. I also like Jirachi, Solosis line, Gothita line, Chingling line, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf and the Espurr line.

Rock: Shuckle.

Ice: Vanilluxe.

Bug: Burmy line.
My favourite generation is Sinnoh (sorry guise), and I like this line a lot. All three Wormadam forms are pretty nice.
Escavalier and Accelgor lines are also pretty cool, and the evolution method is nice. 8)

Dragon: Altaria.
fluffy birb
I really like the mega. my reasons are the best

Ghost: Pumpkaboo/Gourgeist and Phantump/Trevenant.
Yea, I already put Rotom in Electric because I prefer the Rotom forms over normal Rotom.
These Pokémon are pretty new, but I liked them since they were revealed. I tried to use them both in my Y run, but only used Gourgeist since having both was a bit of a waste of a slot. #PoorTrevenant #NeverForget

Dark: Zoroark, Purrloin line and Inkay line.
… I give up. I try to put reasons, but all they’re is just me repeating myself and saying “cool” or “cute” all the time. That’s exactly the reason I like them.

Steel: Registeel.
Not even gonna try. Just a cool legendary. Bye.

Fairy: Aromatisse.
Yas. Save the best for last. I’ll actually try to tell a story for this cutie.
Back when Spritzee was released, it was my favourite Pokémon from XY. A lot of people were expecting something like, a big flamingo or plague doctor as it’s evolution. And they probably got disappointed by Aromatisse. Well, I didn’t. I was so hyped for an evolution, I didn’t care how it looked, I just knew I was gonna love it. I remember waiting and waiting everyday for it to be revealed. Then, one day, Blood skyped me telling me it was revealed. I was so excited to see it! But, when I saw Aromatisse, at first I was confused because I wasn’t sure what it was, but then I started to love it, because it was something different. Something I didn’t see before. And, I just, really liked it. And it’s probably one of my favourite Pokémon ever.
I don’t care what people say, I really love Aromatisse. Everything about it. This doesn"t make much sense but don"t judge me, my first language isn"t English



I may have used cool and cute a bit too much… oh well.

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Mad. You give me life.

Normal: Slaking
-Despite Truant, most slept on Pokemon.

Fire: Camerupt
-Not much to say about this one, just rather cool-looking.

Fighting: Hitmonlee

Water: Lapras / Kingdra
-Couldn’t decide between the two; Lapras takes priority as far as PMU goes, due to it learning Refresh, however I prefer Kingdra as a Pokemon.

Flying: Honchkrow
-One that’s stuck with me for quite a while. Rather cool-looking (s/o to Mad, this is difficult).

Grass: Tropius
-Read above.

Poison: Drapion
-Same as with Honchkrow, I recruited both first of all during the 2012 Halloween HC, and they have both stuck with me since.

Electric: Electabuzz
-Despite having trained Electivire in-game, Electabuzz is an old favourite, and most probably my favourite Pokemon in general.

Ground: Pupitar
-What is there not to love about it?

pyshicPsychic: Alakazam
-Wasn’t sure what to put here, as I don’t have much to say about any Psychic-type.

Rock: Armaldo
-Most slept on.

Ice: Bergmite
-I wasn’t too impressed with the majority of Gen 6, but Bergmite is one that really caught my attention.

Bug: Scyther

Dragon: Garchomp

Ghost: Lampent
-There were a few others I could have mentioned (Dusknoir, Sableye, Trevenant) but Lampent takes the cake for me.

Dark: Cacturne
-Alas it’s still not available on PMU, but one day. One day.

Steel: Bastiodon / Probopass
-Another one I couldn’t choose between, but both are some of my favourite Pokemon.

Fairy: Xerneas
-As with Psychic, not much to say for this type but of the available choices, Xerneas would probably be my favourite.

This is a great topic for discussion! Here are my favorites, but my explanations are all pretty long so bear with me–

Normal: Kangaskhan

(Ever since I was younger, I was always fascinated with kangaroos. In fact, “Joey” used to be one of my favorite movies. I love Kanga for many reasons beyond that, such as its motherly nature, its unique mega evolution, and the conspiracy theories about it being the mother of Cubone, but the biggest reason why I like it so much is becaaause… it"s my HM Slave LOL)

Fire: Isn"t it obvious? Charizard

(When I typed up all my reasons for liking it, I had almost an entire page. For now, let"s just say that I like it because I wanted to be one in pokemon mystery dungeon. One thing led to another, and he became my favorite pokemon of all time. I might go further in depth if I decide to make a favorite pokemon topic.)

Fighting: Lucario

(Now, I know what you"re thinking… another overrated pokemon. But I"m not one of those people who thinks that it"s a legendary pokemon, nor have I even watched “Lucario and the Mystery of Mew”. But I will say that I like its anthropomorphic canine design, and it has unique abilities I find very appealing. It can sense and harness the power of aura, which can prove useful in many situations. Its power over aura allows it read the thoughts and movements of others over half a mile away, and it sometimes has the power to speak to humans through telepathy. And it"s not even a psychic pokemon! Pretty cool if you ask me.)

Water: Blastoise

(Okay, I don"t know whether people would expect this or not after I mentioned I like Charizard, but Blastoise is my favorite water type for two reasons: One, it"s a turtle. Two, it"s a tank. What"s not to love?!)

Flying: Staraptor

(4th generation is my second favorite generation, second only to sixth. The reason why is because Diamond and Pearl is what brought me back into pokemon. After seeing my friends battle each other with these versions, I decided to play it again, and I fell in love with the first pokemon I caught: a female Starly. I knew that having a flier was essential to any game, so I raised it up to a Staraptor, and I was amazed by its power. And after I found out that it"s a great pokemon competitively, I was instantly sold.)

Grass: Grovyle

(I don"t know if Explorers of Sky influenced me on this decision or not, bur Grovyle is the only middle evolution pokemon I like more than its final form. Something about it seems very appealing to me. Rogue-like characters always seemed the most interesting to me in stories, and Grovyle can play that role very well with its speed and dexterity. Maybe it"s the leaf-like blades on its arms that make me like it so much… I don"t know.)

Poison: Nidoking

(I don"t exactly love Nidoking, but I"m not a fan of poison types in general. Nidoking is interesting to me because it"s a large reptile-like pokemon, which is a quality I like in most of my favorite pokemon.)

Electric: Luxray

(While I can"t say I like this pokemon as much as Agunimon, I will say that it has intrigued me, in a way similar to Staraptor. It was the third pokemon I caught in my Pearl Version, and the third pokemon to go on my team. At the time, I liked electric types, so finding one so early was a satisfying feat. After raising it to a Luxray, I realized that I chose a great pokemon for my team. I also loved the move Spark, even though it made me decide to change its nickname to somethint different from “Sparky” lol.)

Ground: Garchomp

(This used to be my best friend"s favorite pokemon, and it"s tied for my second at the moment. I didn"t learn of its existence until my friend mentioned where to find it, and after evolving it, I instantly learned to love it. LAND SHARK FTW! Also, Cynthia, my favorite champion, uses this as her star pokemon. More reason to love it.)

Psychic: Metagross

(This giant supercomputer used to scare me in 5th generation when it would pop out instead of an Audino. However, I learned to instead appreciate it after using it to win the most epic double battle of my life. My friend and I were doing the subway, and we lost all of our pokemon in the first few turns due to flinch hax, except my Metagross. The fact that Metagross had to face four full hp pokemon (Archeops, Honchrow, Aerodactyl, and Mandibuzz) all by itself made me nervous, not to mention the fact that it was a double battle. However with the use of leftovers, rock polish, hone claws and meteor mash, I was able to secure the victory for me and my friend, forever earning Metagross a place in my heart.)

Rock: Archeops

(This was a tough one. I like a lot of rock types, despite hating the type itself. But this one wins. Why? Because of how much I used to win with this thing! Place a sky gem on this bird and acrobatics, and you"ve got yourself a monster! This was before I got into serious competitive battling though.)

Ice: Weavile

(Ah, Weavile. How I love to use you as a lead… Give this pokemon a king"s rock and beat up, and watch the magic happen…)

Bug: Scyther

(Scyther brings back many memories. He was the third member of my first mystery dungeon team, and I couldn"t wait to evolve it. It looked so awesome with its design and it complimented my team well with its movepool. I was disappointed to find out it evolved into Scizor, losing its glorious scythe arms, but oh well. At least it becomes a great asset to competitive battling.)

Dragon: Salamence

(Tied with Garchomp for my second favorite pokemon, I love Salamence because it looks like an actual dragon, unlike some… other dragon types… Anyway, I also like this guy because of his pokedex entries. He evolved out of pure desire to reach the skies, and personally, I think that"s something very beautiful and inspiring, especially for such an intimidating looking pokemon. On an unrelated note, this thing brings back painful memories of Harmonic Tower…)

Ghost: Dusknoir

(Unlike Grovyle, I know that this choice was NOT influenced by explorers of sky. Instead, I like it because of its defensive capabilities in battle, its awesome design, and the fact that it acts as a bridge between the world of the living and the spirit world. I know most ghost types have tied to the spirit world, but Dusknoir is literally the one who receives transmissions from the spirit world and takes people there himself. It"s a bit of a dark concept in pokemon, but that"s what makes it interesting.)

Dark: Hydreigon

(If you can"t tell from this list, I like pokemon that look like dragons or other fearsome mythological creatures. Hydreigon is based off of a hydra. I also think Dark/Dragon is an awesome dual type, at least until 6th gen"s fairy type comes in…)

Steel: Aggron

(Although it"s ironic considering my name, I don"t like many steel types. When it comes to pokemon, I usually only like those that are based off of animals. The steel type is made up of many machine-like pokemon, which is okay in Metagross"s sense. However, I chose Aggron as my favorite because of his superior defense, his reptile-like design, and most of all, the fact that he was the one I finally decided to add as the last remaining slot on my pmu team, which consisted of Charizard, Blastoise, and Salamence.)

Fairy: Azumarill

(This was an easy choice, because I hate many of the fairy types out there. You can probably guess why. Anyway, what makes Azumarill different is the fact that in 6th gen, she became the perfect addition to my team, having access to belly drum, aqua jet, pure power, and even play rough. She is probably the best priority user I could ever hope for, because of her great synergy with my Mega Charizard X. Her competitive power has served me well in many battles.)

Well, that took FOREVER. It was even worse since I was doing this on mobile and decided to put spoiler tags on everything when I was done…

Normal: Eevee
Look at it! It’s so… cute! Gaah.

Fire: Vulpix

Fighting: Timburr
It’s so cute and strong it looks like those working dolls. :>:D:

Water: Froakie
Wasn’t it a bit TOO obvious?

Flying: Drifloon
It looks like Balloon Boy’s balloon but way more cuter and realistic it’s so awesome and cute and HASUIHAS.

Grass: Snivy
It’s so bada** and so cool, I swear. I even have a OC named Kaleb the Snivy. :>:D:

Poison: Venipede
I don’t like Poison overall, but Venipede is like a cute little happy pillbug that looks for bugs and fruit it’s just so cute. :joy:

Electric: Shinx/Emogla
They’re both so cute and small and cute that I can’t pick. Nope. :heart:

Ground: Diglett
Diglett-dig-diglett-dig… TRIO-TRIO-TRIO. More like: You’re so-cute-you’re so-cute, very-very-very. :heart:

Psychic: Solosis
Look at it! Look-at-it! It’s like a blob of ectoplasm and beauty and it’s so cute, just, LOOK AT IT.

Rock: Shuckle
LOOK AT IT. It’s like one of those cute slugs in a shell that you want to hug if you can, but you can’t. :cry:

Ice: Cubchoo
I have no words. Really. :heart:

Bug: Joltik
It literally looks like one of the cutest, smallest things you could keep as a pet. Like… whoa.

Dragon: Goomy
It’s a slug, that you want to hug. Period.

Ghost: Litwick
It’s a deadly candle but it looks so cute.

Dark: Zorua
This was clearly obvious, like, IT’S SO CUTE. OMG.

Steel: Jirachi
Since there was literally no cute Steel-Pokemon, why not Jirachi.

Fairy: Sylveon
Since it’s apart of Eevee and it’s so cute, gaah. owo It’s my pet.

That was tiring but worth it. :joy:

Really interesting topic you’ve got here, Sharky! Here’s my favorites:
Normal: I like lots of Normal-typed Pokémon, such as Raticate, Zangoose and Cinccino. There is absolutely nothing that beats Diggersby tho. I like to use it in competitive battling, due to its sheer strength and it looks pretty cool as well.

Fire: Typhlosion, probably. I’ve always thought of it as one of the coolest Pokemon existing. It looks just so awesome!

Fighting: Chesnaught. I don’t know why I like it so much, but this has been my starter in XY in almost every run I did. Its bulk is unbelievable and it can make use of that too, along with its generally amazing movepool it can be a real tank.

Water: My favorite Water-type has got to be Clawitzer. I mean, it’s a shrimp with a giant friggen bazooka as an arm! :>:D:

Flying: This has been really hard for me, but I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I really like Braviary the most. Even though it’s not as fast as the other bird Pokémon, it can really pack a punch and besides that, it looks awesome too! MURICA! [Honarable mentions: Togekiss, Honchkrow, Talonflame and Hawlucha]

Grass: This has got to be Tropius. There’s a reason I run around as one in-game all the time. I think it looks great and its movepool is honestly not too bad. I don’t think it’s one of the best Grass types around but I still love it. I also think it deserves a Mega.

Poison: Toxicroak, I guess. I don’t really like Poison types in general, but they make a great Monotype team and Toxicroak is just one of the thing I use and like most.

Electric: Bzzzzt… Zzzzap! Electivire has been my buddy for years, one of the few Electric types I like too. It looks cool, is strong and has been a reliable team member for all of my PMU career.

Ground: Flygon. It deserves a Mega. 'Nuff said.

Psychic: Tough one, really. I like a ton of Psychic types but Metagross has proven to be a very nice Pokémon. I also like its Mega a lot.

Rock:Omastar, because Hail Helix! (Just kidding, I liked Omastar a long time before the Helix Fossil became popular. Besides, it’s just totally fabulous:

Ice: Swinub. It’s just so… so cute! I need to have one irl :heart: :heart: :heart:

Bug: Heracross. It’s been a solid member of my team for a long time… until the big rollback came and wiped my account. It’s pretty strong as well.

Dragon: Tyrunt. It’s the only dragon (besides Flygon) that I like. It’s like a baby T-Rex, how cute is that!

Ghost: Trevenant… It’s very mysterious and it gives the creeps sometimes. That backstory is pretty horrifying too, if you ask me.

Dark: Cacturne, it’s really cool. I would not want to encounter that thing at night. Although, I kinda do. I want one in PMU, now! :mad:

Steel: You probably guessed it already, but my favorite Steel type is Scizor. It’s nearly 150 kilograms of pure awesomeness and not to mention it’s great in competitive play as well.

Fairy: Wigglytuff! I always have taken a shine to this adorable cutie since PMD Time and Darkness, and I quite like its derpiness.
So there you have it: As you may have noticed, I like quite a lot of Grass types.

Aguni, Mitsukuni… hm… Ouran Host Club? I love Usa-Chan ;3

most of these will probably be the pokemon I’m currently trying to obtain in my current run of Pokemon Yellow, as I can’t think of much else.

Normal: hm… I once had a Raticate that single handedly took down Karen of the E4 in Silver.
Grass: Victrebel
Fire: Ninetales I have a Ninetales in almost all my games.
Water: Starmie
Bug: Vivillon
Flying: Dodrio
Electric: Luxray
Psychic: Hypno
Ground: Marowak
Rock: Golem (my first shiny!)
Fighting: Hitmonchan
Ghost: Gengar
Poison: Seviper
Ice: Galice
Dark: Zoroark
Fairy: Wigglytuff
Steel: Magnezone
Dragon: Mega Charizard X

Normal: Furret
Furret was a Pokemon I came to like because of PMU. It’s just a cute long scarf :<
Fire: Arcanine/ Charizard.
Yes, there’s two. I love Fire types a lot so it’s super hard to pick. Overall I love the design of Charizard. As for Arcanine, it’s a floof doggy.
Fighting: Riolu
Because who doesn’t like small ninja jakal things?
Water: Wartortle
I really like the design of Wartortle, it’s a really cute pokemon.
Flying: Pidgeotto
Don’t really know what to say about this one, i’ve jsut always really loved Pidgeotto.
Grass: Torterra
Giant tortoise with an island on his back, literally the coolest thing ever. Torterra was technically my first starter.
Poison: Nidorino
Another one of my all time favorite pokemon since I was a child. Cute little poison rhino bunny.
Electric: Raichu / Jolteon
This was super hard since electric is my favorite type, but I narrowed it down to Jolteon and Raichu. Raichu was my childhood favorite pokemon of all time. It always stuck with me from the anime episode where it fought Ash’s Pikachu in Vermilion City. Raichu is a fat cute mouse, and honestly I think that is the best kind of pokemon. It’s design and colors are pleasing to look at and all around I think it’s the cutest pokemon B)
Jolteon is my favorite eeveelution of all, I love its spiky design and it’s definately one of my all time favorites.
Ground: Phanpy
I’ve honestly loved Phanpy for the longest time. It’s a tiny blue elephant what’s not to love ?
Psychic: Meowstic male
Another one of my all time favorite pokemon, he was my leader in my alpha sapphire game and was the third pokemon I got to 100 in my time of playing trainer games.
Rock: Rhyhorn
Rhyhorn is just plain adorable. :<
Ice: Lapras
Lapras is one of my all time favorite pokemon since I was little. I can’t play a pokemon game without having a Lapras. :<
Bug: Scollipede
I just think Scollipede has a pleasing design and color schemes. You go little horse bug thing. You go.
Dragon: Tyrantrum
Tyrantrum is one of my favorite mons as well, they’re just so cool and I literally love dinosaurs.
Ghost: Rotom
Rotom is super cute, and I like that it can turn into lots of things. Lawn mower Rotom best Rotom.
Dark: Houndour / Umbreon
I really love a lot of Dark types it’s super hard to pick. Houndour was the first pokemon I got to 100 in PMU, and will always have a special place in my heart. Umbreon is a pokemon who I really like the design of as overused as it is.
Steel: Klefki
Small fairy keys.
Sylveon was the second pokemon I got to 100 and my leader in my pokemon X playthrough. It literally was a destroyer of worlds with its fleshy ribbons of death.

Normal: Dunsparce-- he’s derpy and I love him >:U

Fire: Larvesta-- look at the cute lil’ fire bug

Fighting: Mienshao-- Look at this thing; it’s flippen majestic. Also a tank from what my friends say~

Water: Oshawott-- I fell in love when I first saw Osha ;u;

Flying: Pidgeot-- I just like how it looks cx

Grass: Shaymin-- It’s a little grassy hedgehog, what’s not to love about it ;u;

Poison: Scolipede-- I don’t really care for poison types, but Scolipede is pretty cool~

Electric: Elektross- This thing kills >:U

Ground: Camerupt-- I actually managed to get a shiny Camerupt and now its one of my favorites <3

Psychic: Meloetta-- And it’s one of my favorite legendaries too~

Rock: Tyrantrum-- I’ve always wanted a T-rex pokemon <3

Ice: Glaceon-- It’s cry man, it’s cry


Dragon: Goodra-- Tis’ a gooey dragon … and really cute xD

Ghost: Dusknoir – Though he was a jerk in PMD, he’s still a good powerhouse to me in PMU xD

Dark: Absol or Hydreigon-- Can’t decide ;-; Hydreigon is a tank but Absol is cool looking. lol

Steel: Lucario-- Mostly because my favorite movie was Lucario and the Mystery of Mew … xD

Fairy: Gardevoir-- I mean if you’ve ever seen me in PMU …

PS. Here’s a copy pasta of all the types for easy posting.
[spoilerJust hit Select All and Ctrl / Cmd + C. :):v9zgj5vo]

[b]Normal: [/b]


^Thank you for this.

This seemed fun to think about, so… Yeah. Thanks.
Normal: Blissey.

I"ve trained one or two before, and they were pretty sweet. Plus they"re quite adorable imo.

Fire: Volcarona.

Fire types never liked me… But Volcarona is one of the few that never lets me down. (Ninetails is also pretty close, perhaps for a second.)

Fighting: Mienshao.

These guys are awesome… Not only do they pack a punch, but they"re weasels. And weasels are pretty dang cute.

Water: Mudkip.

Yes, I do like Mudkips. My first starter - but I actually adore just about all of the water starters. Mudkip just happened to be my first… But probably still my favorite because Swamperts are pretty strong.

Flying: Mantine.

They"ve been growing on me lately… I trained mine in Pokemon Shadow Colosseum, and although compared to the rest of the team she was kind of at the back, their Sp. Def isn"t something to laugh at, where they can even tank up to three hits from special electric moves. (And their smiling face is just the cutest thing ever…)

Grass: Bellossom.

Training one in PMU. And I must say, suddenly Bellossom is near the top with grass types. Mine has been super helpful thus far, especially when playing with friends. Not only do I find her powerful to use, but again. She"s really cute.

Poison: Tentacruel.

I dunno why… They just kinda earned a favorite spot after I trained one. The one I trained wasn"t even the /greatest/, but I still adore them for some reason.

Electric: Ampharos.

That seems… Obvious. But in almost every game, I tend to train one. They"re rather tanky and yet can pack quite a punch… Plus, they learn pretty sweet moves. (And Mega Ampharos… That hair, man.)

Ground: Quagsire.

Pokemon Colosseum… Despite their cute derpy looks, mine ended up being a monster when I"d carry a good number of Flying types and using Earthquake. (Two was enough… Mantine and Altaria.) I even taught a few of my other Pokemons Protect just to use Quagsire and Earthquake to his best potential. He was pretty great.

Psychic: Espeon.

Pretty sweet for battling, as Espeon can hurt pretty bad when facing one. I also just find them… Really pretty yet cute.

Rock: Cradily.

It"s been a while since I"ve had one… But they"re great for being a tank. They"re one of the few Rock types that I"ve actually really enjoyed with having on a team.

Ice: Weavile.

If I say Mienshao, Weavile should be on this list too. For the same reasons: hard hitter, and a weasel. (Kamaitachi, to be specific.)

Bug: Galvantula.


Dragon: Altaria.

Yeah, your other Dragon types are nice, but… I always tend to have an Altaria. And they never let me down. (Plus they"re so fluffy…)

Ghost: I… Just. All of them.

Ghost types, I tend to love them all. They"re all amazing. My tops would be among… Chandelure, Gengar, Spiritomb, Dusknoir, Jellicent… But there"s too many to choose for me.

Dark: Umbreon.

Of course, really tanky. My favorite Eeveelution as well, definitely. I can always count on Umbreon to take a hit, and he"s yet another Shadow Colosseum favorite.

Steel: Ferrothorn.

Again. Tanky. I love using these guys with Ingrain and Leftovers. I usually can"t… Do very much. But they"re always great for wearing an opponent down.

Fairy: Mawile.

They are super cute. Plus, they"re based off Futakuchi-onnas.

Normal: Furret
I once used a Furret in a Crystal Nuzlocke and it helped me out tremendously. RIP :cry:

Fire: Typhlosion
Surprise, Surprise! It’s another pokemon I used in my Crystal Nuzlocke. I hold all the Johto starters dear to me because of the nostalgia.

Kill me. I love a lot of Pokemon because of nostalgia. I grew to love Lucario because of one of the anime episodes from the DP series. I don’t remember what it was exactly called, but it involved a Riolu that knew Aura Sphere and Pokemon Rangers. Oh yeah, Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. :cry: Let’s face it, Lucario’s pretty good at battling too.O3O

Water: Feraligatr
More nostalgia! :D Feraligatr has to be my favourite out of the Johto starters. I pretty much solo’d the Johto half of Pokemon Silver with Feraligatr, and it’s the first starter I used that beat the league. <3

Flying: Talonflame
Talonflame… That majestic, powerful bird. Need I say more?

Grass: Trevenant
Trevenant was always pretty nice to use in my Ghost Mono team, and I love it’s typing. :P

Poison: Nidoking
When I first played Pokemon Yellow, I had caught a Nidoran Male, and for some reason, I just liked the pokemon. Ended up soloing the whole game up until the Elite 4, where I quit the game with Nidoking.

Electric: Luxray
What can I say? I loved how Shinx went fro cute to freaking badass. It was pretty useful too in Platinum. O3O

I have to admit that ground types aren’t personally my favourite, but Swampert was just so memorable, because of how strong it was, and how useful it was. <3

I once had a UU team with Alakazam in it before it was moved to OU. It was just so powerful. I remember it sweeping whole teams. :joy:

It’s powerful and has a strong typing. O3O

Ice: Froslass
It’s great in my Ghost Mono team. <3

Bug: Dustox
Dustox is just a personal favourite of mine. I remember I used to want a Beautifly, but got a Dustox instead. Dustox grew on me, and became my favourite bug type, though. :joy:

It’s cool. That’s pretty much the main reason I like dragon types.

Ah, Sableye. I have to admit I wasn’t too fond of Sableye before my Ghost Mono team. It was just so powerful, and Sableye is just a pretty cool Pokemon in general. It’s rivaling Lucario as one of my favourite Pokemon.

I remember watching Zoroark: Master of Illusions. The movie stuck with me, and made Zorua a Pokemon I’m pretty fond of. While, Zoroark is a pretty good Pokemon too, I find that Zorua played a better role in the movie, and was a pretty good charatcer. <3

It’s cute, a wish granter, and a pretty good battler too. What more can I say? :joy:

I remember when I first played Hoenn, I tried to get a Ralts, and I loved the evolution line. :la:

Looks fun :D so heres my list!
-Grass: Snivy
-Fire: Heatmor (I hate fire types above all other types)
-Water: Octillery (Harley is epic)
-Electric: Jolteon
-Bug: Ariados (Harley is epic)
-Normal: Bibarel
-Dark: Cacturne (Harley is epic)
-Rock: Golem (I don’t really have one)
-Ground: Krookodile
-Dragon: Druddigon
-Fairy: Wigglytuff (Harley is epic) and Aromatisse
-Ghost: Banette (Harley is epic)
-Flying: Tornadus
-Psychic: Celebi
-Fighting: Hitmontop
-Poison: Bulbasaur (Not May’s Bulbasaur tho)
-Steel: Ferrothorn
-Ice: Lapras

Oh and did I mention

I feel like adding my own list. So here it goes:

Grass: Serperior: Honestly? It´s the only 5 gen started i like…

Fire: Ninetales: Always liked it since the beginning.

Water: Gyarados: It’s a beast…Literally.

Electric: Electivire: Don’t really like that type. But, i guess that’s the best of the worst for me.

Bug: Scyther: Always prefered that one over it’s evoltuion.

Normal: Bibarel: All time HM Slave.

Rock: Tyranitar: Not much to say. It’s another beast.

Ground: Rhyperior: One more beast.

Dark: Houndoom: Always liked it’s design. Not to mention, it has a nice type combo.

Dragon: Altaria: It was my first dragon type in the 3 Gen.

Ghost: Dusknoir: One of my main teams pokemon, ever since the 4 Gen came out.

Fairy: Gardevoir: Again not one of my favorite types, but best of the worst for me.

Psychic: Alakazam: Liked it since the 1 gen.

Fighting: Machamp: 4 arms = 4 times the destruction. Haha.

Poison: Scolipede: Another one, that is hard to chosse. It was either this, or Drapion.

Flying: Skarmory: Love the typing, and the design.

Steel: Aggron: Another one of my main powerhouses, ever since it’s release.

Ice: Froslass: I like it more then Glalie.

So yeah. I think i got all. Those are the ones i prefer, out of all the types.



Ok now who else would I pick? I love my foxes man…


I love all the eeveelutions, but out of all of them Leafeon is my favorite. I really love to imagine it having different leaf types for each season.


Charizard has been a big part of my life ever since I was little. He was the first Pokemon I bred to get a shiny.


I love this dudes shiny. The black shiny definitely makes him more ninja like also Ash Greninja from the Anime was one of my favorite things.


I really just loved the concept of a giant centipede as much as I hate bugs I really fell in love with this guys evolution line.




Pikachu was the Pokemon me and my boyfriend have bonded over. To me this guy means a lot more than just the mascot of Pokemon. I have fallen in love with him on another level.


For some reason I always loved the look of Xatu as well as Natu. I had one on my team during my playthrough of emerald and I have been in love ever since.


Ok I put this guy cause I love his whole evolution line. I found it pretty cool to find a place of purely just Gibles when I played Diamond and just always kept one on my team.


I very much love prehistoric times and Archenl is one of the few pokemon that remind me of it all the time. Not to mention… ARCHEN IS ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE




Oh little haunted tree stump show me your cute adorable ways…


Ok now… I oh so very much love this sprite… it has been one of my favorites for a very long time. Nidoqueen was one of the first Pokemon I evolved EVER with a stone. I never evolved my Eevee with a stone until I started playing FireRed. So seeing a Pokemon evolve with a stone when I was little was amazing.


I love Weavile and Pokken Tournament only made that love stronger.


Soo… the first legendary I put on this list and honestly love the way he is based off of blood and sucking life from others… yes.


Well… she is fairy type now. Psychic Fairy MOM! Gardevoir is so majestic.


I love moles… and I love the fact that this mole has the blades on its claws purely for digging. The design is great as well I even like the shiny!


As much as I love Dragonite Salamence was one of my first holofoil Pokemon cards I remember getting and it was once sick card.

I’ll just plop this picture here.

Normal: Porygon Z [Twitchy and weird, I also like the sounds in the later games.]

Fire: Entei [This was a hard one, between Charizard and Entei but Entei won since in the movie he was first shown in. He was the best doggo.]

Fighting: Riolu [Skittish fighter, based around purity and willpower.]

Water: Greninja [After breeding my first shiny Froakie with Protean, he became a regular. All my edgy and ninja dreams in one pokemon. Also the first time I went water start for any gen.]

Flying: Aerodactyl [Giant pterodactyl with rage issues, 10/10.]

Grass: Venusaur/Serperior [First pokemon I ever picked was Bulbasaur, I even have a 16 year old Venusaur in OR/AS, even if it isn’t legit since to trade it up I had to modify code with a gameshark. It’s been data for 16 years and I refuse to leave it, so many memories. Regarding Serperior, I’ve always done the grass starter in each gen and in fifth gen I loved the look of Serperior. It looks cocky, it’s a snake, and has power to match it.]

Poison: Seviper [It’s a viper, one day I want to have a viper as a pet. Specifically the Atheris Hispida but it’s gonna be a long time before that. One day!]

Electric: Manetric [i]

Ground: Rhyhorn [i]

Psychic: Solrock/Lunatone [i]

Rock: Onix [Rock snake, did I mention I like snakes?]

Ice: Lugia [Lugia holds this spot because of the movie in 2000, watching it with my siblings was an amazing memory. Thinking about it is tugging at my heartstrings.]

Bug: Scyther [Praying mantis + large blades for arms? Deal, loved the look of it. I’m not a fan of Scizor, and will always prefer Scyther over its evo.]

Dragon: Rayquaza [Sky dragon god snake, don’t think it could be any more self explanatory. That AND Rayquaza in both the games and movie slapped down Kyogre and Groudon both.]

Ghost: Gengar [Creepy look with no, I want to say exaggeration or gimmick. It’s tongue and story is pretty sweet too. Gengar is a regular on most of my teams.]

Dark: Liepard [Tis a leopard, and I love cats as much as I love snakes. Maybe. Anyways Liepard fits the stereotypes of cats too perfectly.]

Steel: Steelix [Who saw this coming?]

Fairy: N/A [After breeding a perfect Eevee with HA/Shiny for a friend to surprise him, and he turned it into a Sylveon. I strayed away from Fairy types. Alongside not liking their design/theme. That Sylveon still genocides dragons to this day, I created a monster.]

Sorry but i’m a very fan of Gen 5 since it was the only real pokemon game of i played. (sorry my inglish)

Normal: Patrat
Used this pokemon a lot and i loved it, i also used it in elite 4 :D

Fight: Gallade
I never got one but i when i saw it they look very interesting.

Flying: Swana
Beatiful, cute and powerfull.

Poison: Beedrill
i just dont know why i like this pokemon so much.

Ground: Excadrill
Maybe because anime.

Rock: Geodude
I actualy dont like any rock types, but geodude for me can be a option.

Bug: Leevany
I had one and this completely helped me in dark and fighting types in elite four, her is awsome pokemon.

Ghost: litwick
like geodude i have no likes to ghost types yet.

Steel: Metagross
Apeared to be a fery strong pokemon for me and my first metal poke too.

Fire: Rapidash
Well not gen 5 but i loved this pokemon since i first saw it.

Water: Oshwoot
Apeared to be a very unique pokemon when i used it, it also conflict me whit wingull.

Grass: Snivy
My first pokemon ever, what else to say? i love it.

Eletric: Emolga
I aways wanted to get a pikachu but since i never go one the emolga got my hearth instead.

Psychic: Grumpig
Not much to say about this one.

Ice: Vannilite
I loved this pokemon but they apeared so later in game so i ended up not using it.

Dragon: Axel
Anime love, and its very cute.

Dark: Purrloin
Cuteness, ever not having good moves i still used it until the end of elite four too.

Fairy: Silveon
I’m not familiar whit fairys but this one seens cute.