When i log on no one has lag but me!

i see everyone chatting perfectly and then i was in HC then for some odd reason i saw a corpish attacking my sceptile! i couldnt attack it back using absorb (9 pp Left) then i logged out then i barely can log on! andi f i do log on i couldnt speak in chat nor goto the next stair in HC!!! please help me!

And when sometimes im in the main page it says the server is offline!

GREAt it was stuck on the logging in screen now! i have no idea what to do i cant get on the game!!!

It might be your own internet connection that’s lagging, or it may be the game. I’m unsure as to which it is, seeing as I can feel a bit of lag on the game.

Your may want to either A - Reset your internet router / modem, or B - Wait for a server restart depending on if it’s actually the server lagging or if it’s just your internet connection lagging.

By the way, I don’t think it’s just you lagging, I have other reports of lag issues, so it may just be the server messing up again. Many apologizes for the inconvenience.

kk. when it will be server restart? i wanna go on my acc D: