Which dungeon(s) do you think needs a change?

    • Tanren Mines (Arena Trap, Late Rock Climb, Hyper Voice Loudred)
    • Boggy Wastes (Gastrodon, Arena Trap, Yanmega, Late Dive)
    • Mt. Skylift (Too much EXP, common ambushes of Altaria, Pelipper and Talonflame)
    • Friendship Forest (Too much teamwork)
    • Sauna Cavern (Too hard for the early HM Rock Smash, never had a problem in this dungeon though)
    • Cliffside Relic (Harder/easier evolution methods: increase/decrease PKMN and boss’ levels)

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pretty sure 3-4 of those recently got fixed so idk if staff would be up to changing it again tbh

Yeah… But I still think some of them are buff/nerfworthy

ALL of them were touched/nerfed/adjusted recently! So… yeah. They are fine, it just needs players to realize how to build a team and equip. also, that they are fine at the level and position of game they have.