Wiki Destroyed

im not looking for attention or anything but i was really upset about what happened. for those of you who do not know. pakawaka and possibly other associated trolls destroyed the wiki. a very important source of info for many players like me. they also deleted the record pages and added homophobic an sexual content, swears, and added troll pages full of praises of themselves…

seriously. a lot of players put HOURS of work into that. why would you do such a thing. first those annoying videos making fun of staff and trolling players and now this? why isnt this person banned from everywhere yet. it should be clear no one wants him around. the whole community is upset because of this loss…


i get it. youre mad at staff for banning you but why are you dragging everyone into your problem? this bigotry is no less than stealing money from charity. players worked for hours (and get nothing) to make the wiki and you just stole everything from them. even if they are slowly restoring everything why would anyone do such a thing?

i just wanna know why such people are allowed to edit the wiki and more importantly why hasnt action been taken against them…these people should be banned from everywhere.

a very angry user

This is bull, Paka should be banned for this and never to return again, I don’t care if people hate me. Look at all the stuff that he cased for us players and staff, this is a pretty good reason why he should be banned, like he said players worked hard on that and now it’s down the void. :rage: :mad:

This is just a whole new level of stupidity. i think if someone is banned from the game they should probably be banned everywhere else as well so this stuff doesn’t happen. they shouldnt be able to create forum threads for drama either. their threads should be approved by staff before being posted like new players. and they shouldnt be allowed to edit the wiki. if they wanna appeal pm staff.

thats the only solution i can think of…

We are in the process of restoring the Wikia and we are more than aware of the situation.

Thank you for your report. If you would like to send us more screenshots, that would be appreciated. This applies to ANYONE. Please PM me as I will lock this topic.

Thank you for your cooperation.