Wow! + Minor Suggestions

Hey’a! I hope everyone’s doing well. I wanted to do this earlier, but I honestly had no time, and I’m off to College in a few days so I just had to do this before I left. First of all, congratulations to all staff members! You’re doing pretty alright. I, frankly, didn’t think PMU would survive this long, but it did, and it’s all thanks to you. That said, I do have a few suggestions or things that I really feel should get some attention.

  1. Overworld Detail: As someone who spent hours each day in 2013-2015 detailing the overworld, be it Exbel, Winden, Archford, Tanren, it kind of stings when I see new dungeons with no path or entrance, or signs leading to the dungeon. Maybe it was just the dungeons I visited (if that’s the case, I apologize for generalizing!). Perhaps the newer staff aren’t familiar with these traditional practices, and that’s okay! That’s why I’m here to tell you that. I don’t expect to see beautifully detailed maps, but a path? proper blocks? that, I feel is reasonable of me to expect, given the amount of hard work I put in this game.

  2. Code Stuff: I know things often break, and it can be annoying, but I promise you, fixing stuff isn’t all that hard! You don’t need to be a coder or a programmer to fix HT breaking, update glitches, or adding Boss Buffs. All you need is 1) a bit of time on weekends, 2) the ability to understand patterns. PMU is buggy, agreed, but the idea is to minimize bugs over time, which can only happen when both staff and players are concerned! A little effort goes a long way. Avoid solutions like telling the playerbase to update their sprite folders unless you’re absolutely sure it’s just something temporary. Pressure gets stuff fixed.

  3. Advertising: PMU’s golden era, around 2012ish had roughly 60ish players online each day. Currently, there’s like 20. I feel advertising can help in this regard, and make the community more diverse, 'cause let’s be honest, PMU is just a glorified chat room. The people, the social context you are positioned in is what makes it so fun. I don’t want 100s of players, but a couple more would be awesome, is also all we need. Many people feel we shouldn’t advertise 'til the game is a bug-free, but I find that a bit paradoxical. Potential staff members or ‘bug fixers’ will come from the community only, and PMU will never truly be in a state that fulfills everyone’s defition of stable.

I can’t think of anything else, but that should be it!

Will edit if I remember something?

Edit: I share this with the community because I realize communication is a huge problem, and I honestly haven’t been playing properly, I just log in and chat a bit to relive nostalgia once a week cause I had summer vacay, but I want to know if I’m straight up delusional, or if these issues are non-issues in contrast to what other people might find problematic in PMU! I did, however, want to make extremely minor suggestions, nothing big, so. //end-rambling

  1. agreed
  2. yes
  3. hell yes
    all jokes aside these should definetly be some good goals to have going for the bettering of pmu, gj erladino :)


Hello! I’d like to sit down and clear some things up.

  1. All staff are able to map their maps and do their dungeons the way they see fit! That means if it fits their vision for the dungeon that it doesnt have paths or a sign, thats totally fine! It makes exploration in a game all about exploring fun! Sometimes adding a path or a sign breaks the illusion of something off the beaten path, or something undiscovered! Most players when a dungeon releases, instantly go hunting for the new dungeon and very few have issues with such. It may have been protocol back in the day for every single dungeon to have a path/sign, but nowdays it’s really up to how someone envisions their project! A lot of new dungeons do have a path, some however don’t. Im not sure what you saw without proper blocking, but it definitely was a mapping error As for overworld detailing that’s on the to-do list as well.

  2. Code stuff is very difficult, we are in a place however where we are updating and fixing things, and doing our best to work with what we’ve got. When we give the solution to update their sprite folders, thats because it /is/ the solution. The updater had broken (is now fixed) and people were having issues with not updating their folders for the new pokemon we’d added which caused them to bug out at the time of you making this thread.

  3. Definitely agree with this one and we are working on it and have plans in the future!