Wrath of Gods [Sign-Up]


In olden times, there were the Gods of the Olympus, watching over the world. Normally, they would live in peace with one another, but a war between the Gods has started and it could rage forever. On one side, there are Hades, who want revenge on his brothers Zeus and Poseidon for locking him out of Olympus, Hera, because she has enough of Zeus cheating on her, Ares, because he was the cause of this war, Demeter, who wanted to be with her daughter Persephone forever, thus fighting in the underworld, Artemis, having a fight with her twin brother Apollo, and Hephaestos, for Aphrodite cheating on him. On the other side, Zeus, Poseidon, Athena, Aphrodite, Apollo and Hermes form the opponents.

Now, all the gods have summoned their best Pokémon fighters, to stand with them. This is where you come in. As son/daughter of one of the Olympians, you must fight alongside and against others, and try to survive the war.



In case you don’t know yet, these are all the Olympian Gods and their functions:

-Zeus (Head of Olympians, God of thunder and the sky)
-Poseidon (Brother of Zeus; God of the sea and also known as the ‘Earthshaker’)
-Hades (Brother of Zeus; God and the Underworld)
-Hera (Sister and wife of Zeus; Goddess of marriage and family)
-Ares (God of war)
-Aphrodite (Goddess of beauty, love and things of that matter :>_<: )
-Athena (Daughter of Zeus; Goddess of wisdom and battle strategies)
-Apollo (God of music, theater, and the sun)
-Artemis (Goddess of hunting, virginity and the moon)
-Demeter (Goddess of nature and crops)
-Hermes (God of thieves and merchants; Messenger of the Gods)
-Hephaestos (God of fire and metal)



This is the sign-up format:

[b]Son/Daughter of:[/b]
[b]Moveset (5 moves, they are demigods so they have some kind of profit):[/b]
-[u]move 1[/u]
-[u]move 2[/u]
-[u]move 3[/u]
-[u]move 4[/u]
-[u]move 5[/u]
[b]Any other special features:[/b]

So for example this is my character:

Name: Reios
Species: Duosion
Gender: Male.
Son of: Athena
Appearance: He looks like any other Duosion, except with a more blue-ish tint to his plasma. He also wears a helmet covering his split brains. He sometimes yields a short sword with his psychic powers.
Personality: Reios loves to think. He prefers to be left alone in silence, yet he finds it quite amusing to compare his smartness to that of others. He doesn’t mind to give filosophical advice if other Pokémon need him for it. In general, he’s quite content most of the time, and many Pokémon respect him for his strategy and opinion on certain situations. His motto is: “Great minds think alike!”
-Helping Hand (This move often gives his allies a boost of motivation, to help them uplift their fighting spirits)
-Psyshock (He uses his psychic powers to deliver a heavy blow with his sword)
-Hidden Power (He draws power from his inner body to shoot an orb of energy at the opponent)
-Recover (Heals himself if he needs it)
-Mind Ray (Does emotional damage to the opponent to set it off guard and confuse it. It exhausts him so he doesn’t use this too often)
Any other special features: Nope.

Name: Anasteia
Species: Tropius
Gender: Female.
Daughter of: Demeter
Appearance: Anasteia is a bit of an odd one out. As she is Shiny, her leaves and body colors are much brighter. Her body is also slightly smaller, but she has bigger wings for comparision. She always looks healthy, as much as you would expect from a dinosaur that grows fruit. She does have a berry on her neck instead of the usual bananas.
Personality: She is quite cheerful, sometimes a bit too outgoing. Although she fights alongside the troops of Hades and Ares, she is not evil in the slightest, and preferred to fight for the opponents as all of her friends fight there. But, like she always thinks, you shouldn’t betray your family.
-Leaf Tornado (Anasteia scatters sharp leaves everywhere with a strong gust of wind from her wings.)
-Air Slash (When she is in the sky, Anasteia can make a pressurized vacuum and send it down to the enemies to inflict heavy damage.)
-Dragon Pulse (She charges up a beam in her mouth, then fires it off towards the opponent to knock them flying or maybe kill them)
-Leech Seed (Anasteia fires some seeds to the ground, and anyone that’s hit will be entangled and will feel his/her life energy being sapped out)
-Nature’s Bless (She creates a shield out of a bundle of energy to protect her and her allies from any damage, while bouncing back special moves)
Any other special features: Her enlarged wings allow her to fly more freely in the sky than most other Tropius, but she is alot physically weaker and can’t carry most Pokémon up in the air.



-Respect any of the standard PMU rules
-No swearing
-To join, you must put a period (.) after the gender, and NOT after any of the other Sign-up categories.
-No Mary Sues or Gary Stus
-No godmodding (taking control of another player’s character)
-Legendary Pokémon are not allowed for this RP
-You can make custom moves, as long as they make sense for the character and aren’t too overpowered.
-Characters can Mega Evolve, but they have to find (or recieve) their respective stone somewhere in the roleplay.
-Only 3 characters per person, or it may become a bit hard for RP’ing.


So, good luck to any of you RP’ers willing to join.

Goddess. Also, the moon is a virgin? Watch out for all dem asteroids tryin’ to get some of dat.
So hard to find a not so overgirly Gardevoir. ;-; But for some reason, it took me longer to find a good picture of Lucario. ._.

Name: Caine
Species: Gardevoir (Shiny)
Gender: Male.
Son/Daughter of: Athena

Personality: Caine is a hard working Pokémon who highly respects Athena. He is highly intelligent and is one of the best when it comes to strategy, whatever it may be. However, he is easily annoyed and dislikes interacting with others. This is mostly because he half-expects them to be burdens to him.
When he is not actively avoiding people he is usually doing research, training or thinking alone to himself. He is often practicing his combat skills, sometimes even with Ares’ warriors. Although he is skilled with weaponry, he much prefers to strategize and act from a safer position than to march proudly into, what he calls, ‘dead man’s land’. He has quite a mean streak and likes to ‘play’ with his opponents. It is probably unwise to leave him to his own devices.
-Teleport - Caine teleports to another location instantly, as long as he can concentrate enough to picture it in his mind.
-Magical Leaf - Caine attacks with multicolored glowing leaves which he can control with his mind. These almost never miss. These are surprisingly effective when used defensively.
-Thunderbolt - He attacks using a powerful bolt of electricity.
-Dazzling Gleam - A fairy type move in which Caine expels pure energy from his body as light. Can blind the targets and provide a distraction or create an opening.
-Valkyrie Rain - Caine uses psychic energy to attack by forming spears in the sky to fall down. These deal damage based on a mean between the physical and special defense. It’s accuracy is poor, but it’s main use is to change the battlefield. These spears amplify Caine’s attacks as well as his range, as he can control these spears with his powers if he has to.

Any other special features: His natural abilities as a Gardevoir are to sense the emotions of others, which he tends not to care about. As well as that, he has an ultimate ability, but it puts himself at major risk. This is to expel all of his powers at once to create a small black hole. However, he can only do this to protect someone else.
He has a limited ability to sense the future.
His ability Telepathy can allow him to speak and listen to others through their minds. He can speak to multiple people at a time, but it tends to backfire by overloading his brain. He normally uses this to listen into enemies to understand their own battle plans, if they have any. Telepathy’s distance and clarity varies depending on how much energy he is putting into it. The furthest he can go with a clear enough two-way signal is a mile. However, he has been practicing since he was a Ralts so it is logical that his skills are advanced. He is skilled in fighting with weaponry, but he prefers to keep away from any sense of danger.


Name: Kai
Species: Lucario
Gender: Male.
Son/Daughter of: Zeus
Personality: Kai is extremely skilled at combat and is easily powerful enough to be a soldier of Ares. However, we do not pick our family and Kai was fathered by the God of Olympus, Zeus. He is well known for his leadership skills and keen instincts. Despite his heavy combat training, he is not very aggressive and prefers to avoid confrontation if possible. However, he is not afraid to show off his powers for intimidation and mock aggression.
The only problem is that he doesn’t perform well without a cause. If he has no reason to do something other than orders he will not do it to the best of his ability. If he takes it personally you can guarantee he’ll be up and ready to do whatever needs to be done.
-Bone Rush - Kai creates a long bone made out of aura which he uses as a weapon.
-Aura Sphere - By concentrating aura from himself and his surroundings, he can fire it as a sphere. This is stronger the more aura that is in it. It can be strengthened if others put their aura into it also.
-Copycat - Kai can imitate an opponent and use the skill and/or technique they used, just by observing. He can recall techniques and actions, but it’s a lot harder for him to use an actual attack he’s seen previous to the last, unless they are really close together time wise and he has copied both of them.
-Metal Claw - Kai creates three long hook-like claws made out of metal from his hands. This attack can increase his attack stat.
-Thunder Force - An electrically charged attack that deals both Electric and Fighting type damage. If one type is resisted, it acts as the other instead. Has a chance to paralyze the opponent. It increases his speed and does a massive amount of damage. He must be able to make contact with the opponent and he only use it a few times without putting himself at risk. The attack itself is similar to Force Palm.
Any other special features: Using his aura he is able to see things, as well as detect and identify emotions from things over half a mile away. He has been trained to spot slight movements which help him to anticipate what his opponents will do next.

Name: Kumoshi
Species: Ariados
Gender: Male.
Son/Daughter of: Hermes
Appearance: He looks like an average Ariados, but he has splotches of brown in random parts of his body. They feel cold to the touch. He is quite bigger than most other Ariados.
Personality: He usually keeps to himself, even to his father, Hermes. He is quite silent and prefers to be alone, but he is extremely fast and has amazing wagering skills. He learned the skills from Hermes. However, once he opens up to a person, he is quite talkative and he becomes a bit too trusting. However, when someone betrays that trust, he tries to wager the person dry of money. If he can’t, Kumoshi will usually steal the money, possibly hurting the victim in the process.
-Cross Poison
Kumoshi crosses his two front legs, and lunges at the enemy. On contact, he will extend his legs in a slashing motion, sending the enemy flying while giving them a bad amount of poison.
-Night Shade
Blackish purple matter will come from Kumoshi’s body, and will pummel the enemy. He can also shoot them in random directions when facing several enemies.
-Spider Web
Kumoshi will either shoot web from his mouth or backside, immobilizing the enemy and restricting all physical moves.
-Sucker Punch
Kumoshi will dash forward, jabbing the enemy with a leg. During this, his leg is covered in a black substance, and will disappear when the enemy is jabbed. Up close, the move will let loose a small Dark-type explosion.
-Scuttling Barrage
Kumoshi will go his fastest at his enemy, covered in the black substance and poison. He charges into them, and then he will jab at them at a blinding speed. Does moderate Poison and Bug damage, and will inflict Badly Poisoned status.
Any other special features: Being an Ariados, he can cover areas with spider webs and climb walls. His ability to spew spider webs out of battle are further advanced and he can climb walls much faster then the normal Ariados.

You are both accepted.

Now, we need some more people for the ‘evil’ side to begin the RP!

Added a character since it seems like only one person is on the ‘opposite’ side.
I don’t think it’s fair to label good/evil since…well, everyone has their reasons.

Then again, we need plot.

Name: Marigold
Species: Lopunny
Gender: Female.
Daughter of: Artemis

Personality: Marigold is distrusting and prefers to work on her own or with very specific ‘friends’ in order to achieve her goals. She is an excellent fighter and is not afraid to get her hands dirty. Throughout her life she suffered many hardships so she was forced to learn how to control her emotions. She may seem to be unaffected by most emotional trauma, but she is easily angered which often leads to her downfall. Training became her coping mechanism and with her teammates she started a team of freelance assassins, famous for their high success rate.
-Fire Punch - Marigold attacks with a limb covered in fire. She can manipulate the fire of this attack.
-Ice Punch - Marigold attacks with a limb covered in icy energy. She can manipulate the ice of this attack.
-Thunderbolt - She attacks with a strong thunderbolt from her own body or from charged clouds. The accuracy of this attack is poorer than usual, but it’s unpredictable pattern can also be an asset.
-Frustration - Attacks with a powerful strike from her limbs. It is stronger the angrier she is.
-Sacred Arrow - An attack which she developed whilst training along with her mother. She has not fully mastered it yet. She creates a bow of energy and then an arrow. The arrow itself takes time to charge up. At night time, it charges almost instantly. The type of this attack changes depending on the held item. Items that change this type are: Berries (type changes according to Natural Gift types) and Gems (type changes according to gem type). If there is no item, it is of the normal type. This attack has a high chance to get a critical hit.
Any other special features: She has some control over fire and ice, but she can only manipulate it through her Ice and Fire punch attacks. Although she can manipulate it, she is not protected from it. Her Thunderbolt is wild and difficult for her to control. Her thick pelt acts as a defense. At night time, her form changes to one more slender and in return for losing the protection provided by her thick pelt, she becomes a lot faster and can deal a lot more damage.

Name: Cloud
Species: Umbreon
Gender: Female
Son/Daughter of: Artemis, predictably.
Personality: She is a bit cheerful when nothing stressful is happening, but when she is stressed she tends to get frustrated, and that frustration, if she cannot do anything about it, she will get depressed. She tends to bottle up her bad emotions (angry, sad, scared, etc.) but when she lets them loose, it can be bad, tending to throw it out in an extra-powerful Dark Pulse she likes to call a Moon Pulse. Whenever you hurt or kill someone or something she cares about, she will have an intense hatred toward you and will want to kill you, but when you hurt her, she for some reason doesn’t have the same grudge and is actually fearful instead.
Moveset (5 moves, they are demigods so they have some kind of profit):
-move 1 Assurance
-move 2 Moonlight
-move 3 Shadow Ball
-move 4 Payback
-move 5 Moon Pulse (This is basically a stronger Dark Pulse, but with a few benefits. She heals a little as if using Moonlight, and it can blind enemies for a while on occasion, but this is rare. It also can either burn or freeze enemies, if during the day, it freezes. In the night, it burns. But this is also sort of rare.)
Any other special features: She gains power from the moon, but the sun slowly drains her power if out in it for too long. She can also communicate by flashing her lights in a certain pattern, but only a few Pokemon understand this.