XD/Colo Phenac City Pre-Gym (PMU Style!)

Was pointed towards uploading this here earlier, so here’s my take on the Pre-Gym map from the Orre-based games XD and Colosseum! Those two are easily my favs of the Pokémon mainline series, so when the time comes I’ll be mapping more areas from the games in PMU style (hopefully I can do a city once I’ve expanded my house fully)!

Anyway, feel free to stop by at my house any time :slight_smile:

(im aware of the small mapping error on the right side of the whiteboard :x)

based on


This looks pretty good! As someone who is currently replaying both Collosseum and XD Gale of Darkness, this is looking great! Keep it up!


This is pretty cool, re-creations like this are always nice.

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