Your Destiny, Doesn't mean the end

Bailey the Lopunny began to cry over Vaquanshi’s souless, dead body. “Vaquanshi* was my best friend…,” Bailey mumbled to himself, “She protected me so I wouldn’t get hurt, but the cost of protecting me was her life.” Bailey picked up Vaquanshi’s body and brought it over to Yaguanshi* to help bury her. Yaguanshi used dig, which dug a small hole for Vaquanshi. Bailey took off the necklace that she wore and put it around his own neck. Bailey began to mumble to himself, “I will wear this with pride, and for you, Vaguanshi. I’ll never forget you…ever.” Still upset about Vaguanshi’s death, Bailey decided to go cry himself to sleep. “Bailey, you might miss Vaquanshi, but she will always be in your heart,” Yaguanshi whispered softly.

The next day, Bailey decided to set out on a journey. Yaguanshi woke up in their house not seeing Bailey anywhere. Yaguanshi put a missing pokemon sign on every power pole he could find. Bailey wandered into the Ilex forest, where he met a Pichu. Pichu wanted to be friends with Bailey and he accepted. Pichu called himself Sparky. Bailey decided that his quest was to make the criminals who murdered Vaguanshi and make them feel the pain that he felt. An Arcanine in the town where they lived, said that she saw a Lopunny wandering into the horizon this morning, Yaguanshi replied with a polite thanks and he wandered off into the horizon the way that Bailey went.

-Reserved for next 3 paragraphs-

Let’s meet the characters though!
Bailey, a male Lopunny that will seek justice until he avenges his friends for their deaths.
Vaquanshi, a female Cubchoo, an awesome friend of Bailey’s, but unfortunately she died during the war from their town being taken over.
Yaguanshi, a male Shinx, although finding Bailey a confusing little rabbit, he is still his best friend. Setting off to find Bailey would be his biggest quest yet.
Sparky, a male Pichu, while drowning in a pond in Ilex Forest, Bailey saved him and they became close friends. Both avenging a loved one they cherished.

The moon glowed with a beautiful, dazzling light. Bailey sat on a tree stump and stared at the moon, as if he had no soul. He started to think to himself, ~Vaquanshi is dead now, without her, I can’t carry on, but I need to avenge her, is this the right thing to do? Is it? Is i–~ Bailey was interupted by an angry Ursaring. “We must’ve wandered into it’s territory with out us knowing!” Sparky yelled. Bailey was preparing to use Drain Punch to weaken it while they wandered away, until a Meinfoo came in using High-Jump-Kick. Meinfoo was wild, which explained to why it would use such a move like that. Bailey and Sparky ran off into the night, not knowing what was ahead.

They ran until they were both out of breath, then the sun started to rise. Suddenly, a Altaria fell out of the sky, it had a net around both of its wing, explaining why it couldn’t fly. “It must’ve been falling from cloud nine!” Sparky joked. Bailey replied with a sudden, “this is no time for joking around Sparky, we need to save this Altaria!” Bailey used Bounce to catch the Altaria, Bailey bounced back to the ground with a graceful landing. Bailey commanded Sparky to use Iron Tail to rip the net off of it’s wings. Sparky remembered that Altaria were blue, not gold. Altaria replied with, “I’m Dragonia, Queen of the Sky Dragons. I’m a Shiny Altaria by the way. The Tear Drop Army took over my kingdom. They killed my daughter, and they’ve taken my husband hostage, I merely escaped their grasp but they put these nets over my wings. May I join you until I come across them again?” Bailey replied with a soft voice saying, “Sure you can. You better be lucky that I am wanting to avenge my one of my loved ones.” So Dragonia, Sparky and Bailey continued to wander into the horizon.

The next day, Dragonia woke up Bailey and Sparky with a shrieking Hyper Voice. Bailey and Sparky woke up with a sudden act of thinking it was an intruder. “Oh god, you scared me!” shrieked Sparky with tears in his eyes. Yaguanshi was at the Ilex Forest, screaming out for Bailey. A flock of Pidgeot flew into the morning sky from all the screaming. Yaguanshi, a novice explorer started to get more worried about Bailey with every step he took. Bailey, Dragonia and Sparky, continued wandering under the morning sky. Dragonia saw a cliff coming ahead, so she told Bailey and Sparky to hold on to her talons. Sparky slipped as she was taking off. Sparky landed in the territory of a Weavile, which was very tired from having no sleep. 5 Weaviles attacked with Ice Beam, 2 attacked with Night Slash, and 1 attacked with Giga Impact. Sparky felt really hurt, he used a thunderbolt. Paralyzing the Weaviles for long enough, as he crawled into a small crack in the cliff’s face.

Dragonia, who noticed Sparky was missing nearly crash landed into a tree. They landed on the other side of the cliff, as Bailey sat on the cliff’s edge, Dragonia went searching for Sparky. Sparky was screaming out help, and sure enough, Dragonia heard him and she swooped down to save him. She used Refresh on the weakened Pichu to heal him to full health. She flew back up to where Bailey was sitting, after the close encounter, Bailey held him very tightly in his ears. Exploring abit more, they came across a Raichu, which was looking for it’s baby Pichu. Fortunately, Sparky was her baby, Raichu burst into tears of joy that her little Pichu was home, safe and sound. The Raichu gave Bailey and Dragonia some berries that heal a lot of things. They came across a poor Cherrim that was sad and lonely. The Cherrim was female and she called herself ‘Berry’. Dragonia, without Bailey’s permission to recruit the Cherrim, she let it join on their adventure. Berry, a new member of the team thought of an idea. “How about we make our team name?” Berry said aloud. ‘Sure,’ said both Bailey and Dragonia, they all agreed on the name team Destiny.

Berry, Bailey and Dragonia woke up in a dungeon. There were Team Teardrop guards surrounding the dungeon. “It seems they don’t want us to escape,” said Cherrim slowly. “Berry, you’re the new member of the team, they don’t know your moves yet. Plus, you have to be Male to be in Team Teardrop,” replied Dragonia. “Alright, I’ll use Attract, let’s see what happens,” Berry added. “Team Teardrop has fallen in love with Berry! Dragonia, use Sing so they fall asleep. Berry, you’re small enough to fit through the bars, grab the keys,” Bailey commented. “Got them,” Berry giggled as she said that, “Gate’s open!” Dragonia found an open window and she held Berry a little bit using her beak, Bailey held onto her talons.

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Sum Up:

• Space out Dialogue!
• Use description!

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