yume's art // 2016

heya! i"ll be posting random doodles and works i complete here of pokemon and maybe some other stuff. comments are welcomed. :heart:

i finally created a mini reference for my pokesona yume <3
tried a new shading technique, and i can say i"m really happy with it. uwu

i was gone for a while, but now i"m back! i"m super hyped for pokemon sun and moon (as i"m sure a lot of people are), so i made a new trainer + his pokemon on a reference sheet! ?
click here to see! warning: large image!
here"s his original concept:
click me! large image warning here as well ?

Wow, that’s amazing, good job! Hope to see more from you! :la:

Very cute art, and loving the pokesona :3!!
Meowstic is one of my faves, so it’s nice to see another fan of them :joy:
Cant wait to see more art from you :heart: :la:

thank you guys, i"m glad you like my art!

updated with more~