Since Legend of Zelda is my favorite video game franchise, besides Pokemon of course!, and i saw several people into Zelda games I figured i’d start a thread so that I could ask the community about their opinions on Zelda!
I’d really like to know:
What are your favorite Zelda games and why?
What’s your favorite song from a Zelda game?
and what are your least favorite Zelda games and why c:

As for me, I have some rather unpopular opinions in mine but just my opinions :'D
My favorite Zelda games are by far Wind Waker, Skyward Sword, and Majora’s Mask.
Wind Waker has such a nice, crisp, unique style and I love it to death. I honestly don’t think there’s a single thing about Wind Waker I dislike, the soundtrack is perfect, I could go on for hours about the graphics, the story is amazing, the bosses are fun, the dungeons are great. Overall an amazing game.
Skyward Sword is a very unpopular opinion but I loved it. I love the areas, the dungeons were fun, the plot was honestly very heart wrenching for me at least, I couldn’t stand seeing Link cry, and SS Zelda is honestly my favorite Zelda. She’s so cute. ; ~ ; And who could forget Ghirahim.

Majora’s Mask is a classic, everything about Majora’s mask is great. It’s a unique game, the time limit and plot were perfect, the characters were pretty well developed and great, the lore is so nice and leaves so much room for speculating and theorizing. It’s overall a perfect Zelda game, in my opinion.

As for song I really love the Skyloft theme in Skyward Sword :
It’s peaceful and calming and I listen to it a lot more than I should throughout the day honestly.

Least favorite games for me are Spirit Tracks and Ocarina of Time. Ocarina is a seriously unpopular opinion, but I just felt it was a little more lacking that the rest. It was a fantastic game, don’t get me wrong I love it very much, however I just don’t love it as much as other titles. It’s definitely a classic and amazing for its time though.
Spirit Tracks, not much to say about this one, just wasn’t into it D:

I look forward to hearing other people’s opinions c:

a good topic 10/10

my favourite zelda game would definitely have to be freshly picked tingle"s rosy rupeeland ( no but seriously it’s a good game i love tingle i relate to him ) either wind waker or majora’s mask ! i also really really like twilight princess and skyward sword.

i love wind waker and majora’s mask for some radically different reasons haha. i just love the cartoony, more fun style of wind waker ! it’s super unique and is just full to the brim with a whimsical vibe to it ! i also really enjoy the sailing feature a lot. it’s really super relaxing to just sail around to different islands and find all sorts of goodies !

then, for majora’s mask, i love it for all its eerie themes and how well developed all the characters were ?? like seriously, there were so many mini / side stories and none of them seemed like a drag to do because the characters themselves were interesting. also the music is fire i love the song of healing so much ; it’s so haunting, yet strangely calming to listen to ?

and twilight princess because wolf link. the end. (also midna is pretty cute and the story is pretty great, same with the music).

lastly, skyward sword. i liked it a lot. i actually found the motion controls to be kinda cool ? plus the story was pretty good and i loved the graphics style of it ! also the loftwings were so cute i want to pet them.

as for favourite song, like i said, i really like the song of healing ( same with the reversed vers ), but as for favourite song… i’d probably have to say either song of storms, dragon roost island, or the stone tower theme. the music is usually just way too good i cant really pick just one djhdhjsdhjs//////

and for least favourite zelda game, definitely zelda cdi, but aside from that obvious choice i’d have to say phantom hourglass / spirit tracks probably ? they both had nice concepts i guess, but i just couldn’t get into them personally.

unpopular opinions are my favourite: observe
my favourite zelda games are twilight princess, skyward sword and wind waker.
twilight princess is one of my favourites because the way i see it it’s a perfect game. there’s nothing in the game i don’t enjoy doing. it has such a massive overworld, immersive combat and great characters cough malo is evil cough. this is the one zelda game that there isn’t a dungeon that i disliked playing through, plus this game has the longest dungeons in the series. the story element in this game is unmatched by even skyward sword, and the intro only made me care for the children instead of feeling like a drag like it did for most people.
skyward sword because, unlike most people, the gameplay didn’t really annoy me. the combat was very difficult at times and the bosses were quite creative, well at least ghirahim and koloktos were. i didn’t like the imprisoned though.
for some reason i really struggled with the 3rd imprisoned fight lol. some of the scenarios in this game were brilliant, like when you were stripped of your weapons in eldin volcano (my personal favourite bit of that game). ghirahim’s character was amazing, as was impa’s and groose’s. unlike most people, i didn’t care much for zelda herself in that game.
wind waker because exploration. nuff said.

favourite song from a zelda game? i hope you didn’t just imply i had to choose 1 because im going on a tangent here :D
ok first of all is hyrule field (not the bland OoT version, the vastly superior TP version). there was nothing that beat riding epona as the sunset behind and you chopped every bokoblin and bulbin in sight. nothing.
midna’s lament is a quality piece as well, really adding to the emotion of that emotionally supercharged part of the game.
midna’s theme has the dark and mysterious edge that i just can’t seem to find in any other theme than zant’s. i love zant’s as well.
sacred grove is the superior version of the lost woods in music, i loved hearing skull kid toot his horn in saria’s song melody.
i’ll just add on one more- ghirahim’s theme. the battles against him were fun due to being swordplay vs swordplay (much like the darknuts in TP) and his theme only made the fights more tense. the final version with vocals was probably the best.

last of all my least favourite zelda game would definitely have to be majora’s mask. the dungeon design (other than stone tower temple) had to be the worst in the series as a whole. the 3 days mechanic got old and i couldn’t care for any of the sidequests, not even the one with kafei. they were just all boring to me. the transformations were all meh, and fierce diety was just biggoron sword with sword beams. i haven’t played the game in a few years and im going to buy the remake. i hope my opinion of the game changes, but it probably wont.