AHK script to auto check family Item houses

There are over 50 “family Item houses” by players to share family Items In the game. If you want to check them In search of something you need, It takes forever.

I made an AutoHotKey script to ( semi ) automate the process:

Downloadeleca: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/448390633183510528/977878813579018260/Family_Item_house_checker.ahk


  • 3/31/2021 - Changed the bottom left click to top left since the battle log can potentially get In the way.
  • 5/22/2021 - Esc + Ctrl now terminates the script rather than just esc ( who knew that people might use It when they want to drop off Items ). Sendinput over Send. Added the latest names from the family Item houses thread.

To do eventually:

  • Add an option to cycle starting from the end ( not hard I’m just lazy ).
  • Add an option to choose what name to cycle from.

How It works

Be In this position before starting the script.

Launch the ahk script. If PMU Is minimized or not active the script will go to It for you. From there, It will go down to bring up the house prompt and enter all the house names, starting from LeoFam, and once It clicks the Visit button It will wait until you press the ` key. This gives you time to click the Items and see what they are. When the ` key Is pressed, It will automatically click the chat box and type “/lh” for you and send It. Then It will press the up key and repeat this loop.

Press Ctrl + Esc to terminate the script. Press Del to pause It.

It requires the program AutoHotKey to be Installed In order to run. Download the Installer here: https://www.autohotkey.com/download/ahk-install.exe ( It’s a very small and lightweight program )

The function used for the cycling of names can be found here no one cares, but I have to link It.