Family Item Trading Houses

What is a Family Item House?


A family item house is a player house where people trade family items–items which give certain Pokémon evolutionary families various benefits just for being kept in the bag.

The method of obtaining these items can be a bit tricky, though. Enemy Pokémon have a 2%~ chance or so to drop a treasure box when defeated; boxes dropped by enemies will always contain a random family item pulled from the entire pool 1* and 2* rarity items. This means if you say, want a Charizard item, you have a very low chance to get it instead of something else, and will likely open tons of boxes full of items that you don’t actually want or need… But someone else might! After all, every Pokémon has its fans. This is where family item houses come in!

Everyone needs different family items, so what you can do in a family item house is drop off ones you don’t need, and take the ones that you do! This way, far less go to waste, and it saves people time hunting for items that someone else has already found and would have discarded if they didn’t have a family item house to put it in.


There are a few agreed-upon rules people follow when using family item houses:

  • Don’t take more than you need
  • Spread items you drop off out so people can click on all of them to check what they are without picking them up
  • If you are just looking for 5 random family items for a generic Croagunk trade, don’t take them from a family item house
  • Don’t just be a taker; drop off some unneeded family items of your own occasionally if there’s room


And what you’re all here for–a list of family item houses!

  • LeoFam
  • LeoFam2
  • LeoFam3
  • LeoFam4
  • LeoFam5
  • LeoFam6
  • SnowFam
  • Familia De Ikia
  • XeriFam
  • SoulFam
  • Ask For
  • DemoFam
  • Rocketships
  • DamFamCornucopia
  • DamFamAttic
  • DamFamGarage
  • IsaFam
  • StormyFam
  • Omaki
  • Too Many Fami Tems
  • Lumiose City
  • Purgatory
  • spamfam
  • TooMuchWater
  • RBYfam
  • RBYfam2
  • RBYfam3
  • GSCfam
  • GSCfam2
  • GSCfam3
  • RSEfam
  • RSEfam2
  • RSEfam3
  • DPPtfam
  • DPPtfam2
  • DPPtfam3
  • BW2fam
  • BW2fam2
  • BW2fam3
  • XYfam
  • XYfam2
  • XYfam3
  • SuMofam
  • SuMofam2
  • SuMofam3
  • SWSHfam
  • Fake IKEA
  • FreeCardsFam
  • FreeFangFam
  • FreeClawFam
  • FreeFam
  • ChuPrimaFam
  • Silvally
  • Tiny Pet Vulpy
  • Cya
  • Ceci nest pas un usager
  • KlTSU (lowercase l)
  • KlTTY (“*”)
  • Altessa

If you have a family item house not listed here, let me know and I’ll add it! feel free to edit it in yourself without waiting on the lazy ex-honey tycoon, because this post is a wiki. Hooray!